Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat waiting in the car for Urmi and Ishaan to die. The weather starts to change and it gets really windy. A tree falls on Samrat’s car. He is unable to open the doors and oil is leaking out from the car.

Ishaan saves Urmi and they both come out safely.

They see Samrat stuck in the car, and Ishaan decides to save him.

Meanwhile, everyone at the party are waiting for Ishaan and Urmi. Sashi is praying for Ishaan and Urmi.

Ishaan breaks the wind shield to let Samrat out but Samrat’s leg gets stuck. Ishaan gets in to help him.

Samrat is able to get out with Ishaan’s help and Ishaan is about to follow when a piece of fire falls on the oil, causing the car and Ishaan to burn with it.

Samrat amd Urmi stand there shocked.

They bring Ishaan home on a stretcher during the party. His parents are totally shocked and unable to digest that Ishaan is dead. Damini is in shock and keeps thinking it must be a prank. Tani asks Samrat what happened to her bhai but he is silent.

Everyone hears Ishaan’s voice but it is not coming from Ishaan. It is recorded and probably a surprise Ishaan had planned for his parents.

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  1. why the hell Ishaan did not leave samrat to burn in the car he deserved it Ishaan you have urmi to live for why did you give your life to save samrath the rat no Ishaan why why why you should have left samrat he has to pay for his crime look what he did to you wife urmi he was willing to let her burn in the fire if you did not reach in time to save her now look what happened I cannot believe it I am so shocked I don’t know what else to say why writers why leave urmi without her husband it is best she had died too and why could you not replace Ishaan with another actor all you writers have me asking is why why why this had to happen

  2. aprilangel

    Oh no ishaan you should have left the rat there to die. Writers why did you have to kill off ishaan character
    Ishaan and umi is such a lovely couple now she lost her husband trying to save that rat, this makes me so sad

  3. What the hell with this can so a good man like Ishaan died.what do you eat before you write the serials.shame on you.

  4. Ibu

    What the heck!!!! Why didn’t they just leave samrat in the car. That’s what I would do!! You got to be kidding me. After all they been through they just decide to kill ishan. What is this. ?????
    Why would they try to help samrat . If he is alive he will still try to kill urmi n ishan ..

  5. Why did the writer killed our Ishan we love you ? character very much today onwards I’m going to stop watching this blo*dy serial and I cried when Ishan dead

  6. SR

    So very stupid to kill Ishan. No rhyme or reason. I guess they wanted to chase the fans away and they succeeded. Good bye show.

  7. Lisa

    What the hell is up with this series.. urmi is having a hell of nightmare for her life..and the writer makes her happy now take everything away from her..stupidest series ever

  8. Lisa

    What is left of this series to watch now? Absolutely nutin… its completely full of crap… share nonsence

  9. writers I actually cried with this script why did you not kill samrat off instead why a nice person like Ishaan you could have easily replaced him with another actor but to kill him off that was terrible what sought of lesson you writers is sending to the viewers that is only the bad survive and it is better to do evil than good no writers what you did was not acceptable why the hell you keeping samrat that evil b*t*h around so long we want him gone if Ishaan could loose his life so could samrath the rat this script has everyone sad and disappointed just read the reviews what I cannot understand is why take him off when urmi suppose to be happy now especially as they are having a baby no you all decide to save evil one samrath and take poor ishaans life come on best you take urmi too now urmi and shauyra are back to square one with no one to love or be there for them writers you all miss the whole point of the serial the point was to make samrath pay for his deeds and expose him to everyone and throw him in jail for life while he is in there only to see on the outside what he is missing and seeing urmi shauyra and Ishaan and the baby as a perfect happy family see writers this is the script you should have written good by Ishaan we love you I must say though very good acting from all the actors in this serial

  10. that was a perfect way for samrath to go he tried to set urmi ablaze well Ishaan should have left him in the car to burn that would have been poetic justice the trap he laid for urmi bounce back on him but no Ishaan had to be a hero as usual and risk his life for samrath leaving his lovely wife urmi and his child who he will never see this script did not make sense I know Ishaan was leaving the show so what I am saying is could have been replaced by another actor this would have been a more sensible script which we would have accepted because this makes more sense you writers need to be taught how to write good serials and make we the viewers happy instead of sad damn it you writers put away your pens and go back to writing school

  11. I still want to know the purpose of saving samrath is it that he can give urmi more hell in her life as Ishaan is no longer around because we all know he is evil and he will still try to kill urmi and her baby just for the satisfaction I am soooooooooooo hurt that is why I cannot stop expressing my feelings forgive me but I have to let you writers know how I feel about the whole situation and the shitty script you wrote

  12. Jun borah

    Kya ghatia kahani banaia hai aapne. Samraatko jailme bhejne k bajai ishaan ka dead karwa dya? Very bad ishaan k shat ye show v mar gaya h humare liye. Aajke bad ye shamrat ka bad character dekne kelie ye show dekna bame

  13. Ali

    Dear Writer, I think you are the most saddist person in the word……..I think you are real vilian …shame on you…please stop this nonsence writing….

  14. aisha

    what.s the hell is this why did u kil ishan what will urmi do now dont say that she will go back to samrat how can u do urmi like this she suffered enough now iam waiting samrat suffer but u have taken the story another turn bullshit stop it idont now what urmi will do now poor urmi always zee tv serial are going down writter we are not expecting like this good by iam not going to watch it again all are exceting

  15. aisha

    what.s the hell is this why did u kil ishan what will urmi do now dont say that she will go back to samrat how can u do urmi like this she suffered enough now iam waiting samrat suffer but u have taken the story another turn bullshit stop it idont now what urmi will do now poor urmi always zee tv serial are going down writter we are not expecting like this good by iam not going to watch it again all are un expecting

  16. ami

    Why the f**k did u have to kill ishan ? He was urmi love and maybe the new charachters love why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why curse u curse u curse u

  17. aisha

    what.s the hell is this why did u kil ishan what will urmi do now dont say that she will go back to samrat how can u do urmi like this she suffered enough now iam waiting samrat suffer but u have taken the story another turn bullshit stop it idont now what urmi will do now poor urmi always zee tv serial are going down writter we are not expecting like this good by iam not going to watch it again all are un expecting iam feeling sad

  18. I jst hate dis show now this show is become bullshit jst stop this why ubdo always to suffer urmi u have make this show to always suffered women I hate writer who make this show

  19. selian

    ISHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Why olways taking urmi’s happiness u dumb writers. shame on u’r self why ishaan, ol u know is taking samrats side. i HATE U WRITERS!!!!!

  20. baysy

    Why are we all being biased here….in real life,death is inevitable……no matter how kind,honest,good you are…..when it’s time….we would all return to our creator …. the main reason of every soap is to show real happenings in life…..not to showcase what we want in life…..

      • fan of the show

        I think the main reason for soap is to keep viewers, for the advertisers, and leave them wondering what will happen next. Most episodes finish off the 20 minute story with some event that will leave the fans wondering what will happen next.

      • fan of the show

        So you come back again and again and buy buy buy their products (not soap these days – mostly food (makes me hungry at night) money exchange services, astrologers, upcomig shows and movies and festivals, real estate, etc. etc. etc.

  21. paballo

    This is complete bullshit!!! R u writers teaching us that the bad always wins against d gud????? Samrat always wins!! N now u kill Ishan!! This serial is full of crap!!

    • fan of the show

      Think about it. Who will remain living at the end of the mass exodus? Good Urmi, Good Shaurya. Bad does NOT always win against gud.

      • Fan ,this question is very interesting—-Yeah—-Interesting.Not the good alone will be standing for the mass exodus but both the good,bad and the evil.Only the ruler of the universe will determine who will remain according to his standards and not ours .

  22. paballo

    Come on baysy, if d shows r to reflect wht hpns in real life, why then has samrat never been caught. N y is tani so flipping stupid? U cnt tell me tht women r as stupid n blind as tani. This show is getting rediculouse by d minute. Urmi deserved happiness n they took tht away by saving d devil.

    • fan of the show

      The rat has been caught several times. His brother in law decked him so bad he was bedridden three months. Urmi caught him in a hotel with another woman. James and Kiran caught him trying to seduce a married woman and blackmailed him handsomely for it. Urmi caught him giving bad meds to Shaurya. She also caught him keeping Shaurya out of school. She also caught him burning Shaurya’s hand. The law also caught him and threw him in jail for 5 years. Ishaan caught him in a fake marriage with his sister in laws cousin and used it to win the divorce lawsuit. Ishaan caught him trying to burn Urmi. Whaddaya mean he’s never been caught?

    • fan of the show

      I think you might have meant that the rat has never been punished to your satisfaction.

    • fan of the show

      Many women are as stupid and blind as Tani. That’s why they put it in the script. So you could understand that it’s part of an abusive relationship in many domestic violence cases. Women admit later that they did not see the signs at first, then when they did, they didn’t want to believe it, and then when it was right in their face they realized it’s time to get out., and sometimes they made it out before they were murdered, sometimes, not.

      • Fan I agree with you because you have understood what abuse is really about.Some are able to get out and live another day and some are brutally murdered.Some are left with dangerous scars about their bodies and someare ruined and have to go underground inorder to survive especially when children are involved.

      • Even though there are women who are blind sighted by this type of love as Tani I agree that not all men who are abusive to the first wife is also not abusive to the second wife or a girlfriend.But let us also know that abuse is not only done by men but also by women to their husbands or boyfriends.

  23. paballo

    Good must always prevail against bad!! Bt u writers show us s***t!!! Women deserve better thn ur giving them. Why d hell didn’t u let Samrat burn n stay in a comma atleast! Uv totally killed d show now. Damn u writers. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. me

    The writer seems to enjoy urmi suffering… dis show gives people the wrong impression no matter how hard to work towards a better and happier life evil always prevails… end this stupid show

  25. me

    The writer seems to enjoy urmi suffering… dis show gives people the wrong impression no matter how hard to work towards a better and happier life evil always prevails… end this stupid show.!!!!!!

    • fan of the show

      I think the bigger better message is that when you stay strong inside and don’t respond to evil people with evil., you can survive anything life may throw at you. The rrat didn’t always win, Urmi did. He was in turmoil his whole life. She found happiness in all her other relationships,

      • The writers also try to prove that Urmi was a perfect example of what a woman should do whenthis crisis arises.Urmi’sintelligence and humility helped her to walk through this tragedy that was beset her in her life.Therefore no matter what Urmi has won the fight of an abusive husband.He eventually kiled himself.She will move on even though she lost the man who gave her love for a short time.

  26. No name

    What is wrong with this writers evil always win in Indian series ishan can’t die pls pls pls pls

  27. nilakhi

    Wat d hel is dis…why why got damn d writer kill ishan…if people lyk ishan die,its useless watching it…why d cast and crews r being changed???why??

  28. Farhana Abuu

    In real life Samrat wuld have been jailed long time ago,dont think anyone in his senses wuld have save him….the writers made Ishaan act stupid…after all the evil thing Samrat has done to them n Ishaan had da guts to save him at da expense of Urmi n his unborn child,bullshit!Ishaan shuld have let nature tek it’s course.Urmi was destined to b sad throughout dis serial!

  29. Farhana Abuu

    Was hoping Samrat wuld b crippled in da accident n left to lead his life in regret……according to da spoiler later Samrat will kill himself,so wat’s da use of saving him now n then killing him later….

  30. fan of the show

    I think even the audience who threatens to leave will keep watching to see what happens to Urmi and Shaurya.. This episode got a lot of people who don’t usually write to say something. It’s a good thing,

  31. amanda

    I think the writers of these soaps are all criminals, and this is there way of letting the world know that they always get away with their crimes…they are so sick that we might see umi for giving samrat and going back to him…I am not watching zeetv again am done.

  32. tamanna

    The crux of this serial is that if u are bad u will not get anything from it…& if u are bad u can get away with all ur crimes. Totally sick !!! Is this what these daily soaps are trying to teach us ? They should ban this serial !!! Seriously ridiculous !!!

    • fan of the show

      The purpose of this soap is to show that while young girls are all starry-eyed about their upcoming wedding, the family arranging the marriage should get their head out of the stars and do some due diligence on the future partner. If the person the family is interested in shows some serious character flaws, it’s far better to bite the bullet, cut off the wedding preparations, and take a loss, than shoving daughters into the jaws of certain danger. Hoping things will be ok does not cover up the eventual emergence of serious problems. Daughters are not cows to be sent off to slaughter with anyone who happens to make a proposal, no matter how much money they may have. Money does NOT equal happiness.

      • Fan this is great and well written with a sense of truth and maturity.Money does not equal happiness. Amen.LOL.Many of these serial shows us that with money you can buy any woman you want irregardless of their age .It sems to me that their parents only see dollars but not happiness.

    • fan of the show

      Urmi’s parents should have been less worried about their standing and reputation in society (lower class) and more worried about the rat’s obnoxious behavior, and Shashi showing up on the scene before the wedding and demanding gold for all the relatives on her side who would attend the wedding. Do you want an obnoxious husband with a greedy mother for the rest of your daughter’s married life?

      • do hope many young women who viewed this show grb the examples that they read and viewed in this serial.This was an eye opener for many women who are in this position right now.Think about the consequenceswhen behaviors are by past and be mistaken for love.

  33. witer y did yew kill ishan nd let samrat alive i jst cnt believe it nd yew leave samrat to gv urmi another hell. ishan is a gud person cnt yew leave urmi to hv peace. yew knw wat jst put to d end serial nthg remains

  34. khushi

    I think this writers…bullshit stop this nonsense.if Ishan dies I think no one gone see ts serial.i think samrat will change.and urmi ad samrat will b together.writers u can make story without killing Ishaan also.

  35. soraya

    this is plain and simple bull shit how can a writer think so low of women and children.i will never watch this series again.even kumkum is a lot of bull now .

  36. fan of the show

    There are hate mails being posted. People are clamoring for (the rat’s) death. There’s a whole lot of swearing going on. I am amazed that educated adults really resort to such behavior over a fictional story? Wow.

    • This is what you call passion.Is not this what life is about when someone is passionate about certain issues and when one cannot accept what is done well what do you get —hatred and ultimately death threats.

  37. I don’t understand why zee tv assume certain scripts. Amateurs are even better than these writers. These writers head is made to carry empty bottles. You writers are the symbol of samrat. you give humanity a bad picture of life because it seems that the bad always beats and wins the good. If Ishaan wants to leave the series than this had to be done differently. I’ll tell you again…………’ll never win a award with this bullshit stupid series. Even the series Tom and Jerry is better than this an wins all respect. Have u ever been to school? Did u lern to write? What do u teach your children? Why didn’t you let Ishaan and Urmi leave the series on a dignified and respected way?
    My advice, go learn how to write. Go do your home work better. Find people who can stay a series long and don’t stop in the middle of it. Everyone would like to get a compliment on his work. You are so low level, so low from the principles that you don’t even know wat a pat on the back is, much less to want one. You worthless writers. Get a brain surgery done !!!!!!!!!

  38. Nishaanth

    What the hell
    Such a stupid ending climax i have ever seen lol ?
    So much troubles dat rat given fo Urmi n Ishaan, den y director left alive Samrat I cant understand such a stupid director
    I really dislike dis ending of doli armaanon ki

    • fan of the show

      Nothing lasts except your character. There will be laughs, there will be cries, but if you land on your feet with your character intact, you have WON.

  39. fan of the show

    I wonder now about the plastic surgery storyUrmi is supposed to undergo – she walked back into Ishaan’s house looking singed but not burned.

  40. Parvathy Vaidyanathan

    I have a feeling that this might be a drama by ishaan and urmi to make him realize his mistakes. Gaurav was not acting properly and ishaan’s relatives not showing as much sadness as it should be. Think that it might be for samrat to tell all truth to the whole family…also saw ishaan’s eyes moving…hence thought this…

  41. zaliha

    Shame on this writer. Why did you have to kill ishaan? There are many ways to catch a fish.this is the worst series with sad ending ever seen.Allah ya isa ma.Mmmtssss

  42. SA

    This Stupid Write wanted to suprise us !!!!!! Hell were we Suprised!!!!!!!!!! Why did allow tat RAT to come out of the car, shud hav let him burn to death,,,,,,,, WHAT the ________ I’m PiSSED of , nonsence an Innocent person is taken away in such a heinous way?????? WHY, what did Ishan do so bad tat he deserved to die in tat manner ,,,,,,,,,,,, ur a total MORON writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U need ur head read, !!!!!!!!!!!!! U just wanted to prove sumthin?????????????? . Pls that RAT shud hav died, U hav now shown all the Low lifes tat Evil rules ova GooooD, what shit!!!!!!!!

  43. Di

    Good Lord! Ishaan dead?? I’m gutted, utterly speechless. Did anyone know or guessed he’d die? Good grieeeeef!!!? Why Ishaan??

  44. kha

    So sad writers killed my ishaan instead of the rat so I guess samrat will be a changed man since ishaan is no more , but one thing i agree with writers of taking happiness from urmi is that happiness doesn’t suit urmi she looked great in that miserable life

  45. fan of the show

    I miss Gaurav’s wife – she used to add a lot of comic relief when things got heavy and serious in the story.

  46. I must say Ishaan really did look his part dead he is a good actor but I give samrat and urmi the award samrat though he is acting could make anyone hate him to the point of wanting to see him dead that is how good he plays his character and urmi she is an actor with many different sides to her when she is sad you can feel the sadness when she is happy you see the happiness and when she is angry you can actually live it urmi is truly a good actor she should not have bowed out from her part so in the future what will happen if she wants to be close to her husband some thing should be arranged for them but leaving the serial should not have been an option sorry to say anyway we love you urmi hope to see you in other movies

  47. Ishaan you will be greatly missed too you and urmi did complement each other I did not believe that you were really leaving the serial because it was said that umi would get burn in the fire and she did not so I was hoping that yours was just a rumour but when I saw you last night in your final script I cried you really did look the part dead anyway good luck to you too

  48. Samira

    why IShan is dead?? the leading character gets out of the show. it’s not fair. the fans get too much shocked -‘(-‘(

  49. SA

    Very sad Episode, why did they hav to kill Ishan in such a horrible way!!!!! Urmi, very heartbreaking !!!!! To see her like that.

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