Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s office
The lab technician waits for samrat on the road, and he comes to him. He asks why the rush and need. The technician says that he doesnt trust him. Samrat taunts him and then gives him the money and shoves him away. he too leaves. Samrat then casts his eye on girls enjoying roadside snacks, in skimpy outfits. He begins to fake talk, on the mobile, glaoting about his luxurious cars, and also dealiong with the purchase of another. the girls are irritated. After cancelling the call, he eyes the girls, and again begins to boast. The girls see through his lies, and then address him as Uncle. he is disgusted. The vendor says that he has lost his sheen, as the girls fall for six packs now. just then, he gets shashi’s call, asking him, to come home

soon, as its for his benefit only. She tries to hint that planning is going on against him. He is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Ishaan drives while urmi is going through the papers. She asks him to come to the restaurant, after finishing his meeting, as they have neglected the restaurant for long. he agrres. he brings the car to a halt in an isolated location. they stop and she asks whats the matter with him. He starts to romance with her, while she is amused. She says that supposedly he was running late. He says that his meeting was postponed. But she amusingly tells him to concentrate on work, and not on romancing. they have a hearty laugh.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
urmi instructs the manager about the party arrangements. Asha comes to her and starts crying. urmi asks her to come and sit down and relax first. she gives her water. urmi asks her whats the matter. Asha continues to cry, citing about gaurav’s alleged illigitimate affair with his secretary, being highly melodramatic. Urmi is shocked. Asha contineus to cry, while she says that maybe she had a misunderstanding. Urmi says that she shall call and find out. Asha asks her not to tell gaurav, and makes him swear on it. asha says that now she shall teach him a lesson. urmi is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Shashi goes and tells samrat, about damini and sandhya’s planning about his exposing in front of tani, and how he shall be thrown out with much insult and disgrace. samrat is shocked and furious and angered too. She asks why he always thought damini was on his side, and what would he have done without her. He frustratedly asks her if she is sure that she heard it, or else there would be dire consequences. she swears that she did, and on him only, and asks him to believe or not. He is set to thinking. While damini and sandhya are working, trying to decide for a dress for kitty, samrat comes and confront damini why are they preparing as if they are celebrating. Damini says that she wasnt doing anything of the sort. he confronts her pointblank about their planning. She is tensed, but doesnt express it. Samrat reminds damini that if she tries to throw him out, he would show the signed bonded papers to tani, and she shall fall flat. she still pretends to be unawares, and asks what does he try to implicate. He reminds her about the stamp papers that she had signed, and guffaws. damini is unfazed and amused too, as samrat asks her to think again, before trying anything against him, or trying to throw him out. she smirks and tells him why would she be such a fool, knowing that he had such papers. he says that he heard about the planning. She asks sandhya to confirm if they had any such talks. Sandhya says that they dont, but they do think about urmi, as they hate her. Samrat is tensed. damini asks who planted such an idea. Samrat doesnt respond. damini asks him to stop thinking on these lines. samrat warns her that if they havent thought, its good, and they shouldnt even try to, reminding that he has these papers. After he leaves, damini is tensed.

In his room, samrat warns shashi not to indulge like this, in his affairs, saying that they denied outright. Shashi sayss that they are liars. He doesnt understand who to believe and who not to. She tries to keep reinforcing that she didnt lie. he is tensed. he continues to reprimand, when tani comes in and findfs him misbehaving. she comes and asks whats he doing, when he is frustrated with her presence. he makes an excuse that she told him that he has become fat. tani remembers that day she haad said that samrat has gotten skinny. samrat and shashi are boggled.

In her room, Damini thinks that samrat is acting real smart, and wonders how she forgot this. tells sandhya that they shall have to find and retrieve the papers somehow, and once she gets them, she would throw samrat out of this house, unmistakably. the screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: samrat collides into a girl, who has tears in her eyes, and a grieving past, in the health and fitness centre. She leaves rushedly, after an awkward encounter with him. samrat leeringly eyes the girl, and thinks that this girl shall easily become his, and asks himself to concentrate on her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. The time is coming when Samrat will be paid with his own coins.He needs to be taught a lesson that he will remember all the days of his life for what he has done to his own biological son ..This man is so unkind and wicked that he believes his own lies and wickedness.Let us see the fight between Damini and himself.This should be a good piece of drama to sit back and relish.This should be a cock and hen fight ,fighting for their territory.

  2. what is wrong with samrath this man has no respect for his age and his marriage to tani anyway look how he treated his own son so who the hell is tani samrath your days are numbered and what got into tani to bring this witch samraths mother into their home well now is confusion as you see she has already started doing what she does best evesdropping and carrying news this could only happen in india because in Trinidad no mother-in-law could just walk into another mother-in-law house with two suit cases fully loaded as if you came to stay for good no way she needs to be thrown out on her ass luggage and all and she even looks like she ready to make mischief with urmi too but she better not mess with urmi writers it is about time samrath pay for his evil doings so spice this serial up fast

  3. I forgot this imagine samrath flirting with the young girls who do he think he is no respect
    for his age and the young girls who could be his daughters samrath definitely has a problem and he needs to address it he is a sicko only going behind pr*stitutes and young girls he feels that he is the biggest macho man there is well samrath I have new for you your face is toooooo big and long and your body is toooooooo small for your head or is it your head is tooooooooooooooooooooo big for your body LOL anyway lets put it this way you are not macho so get back in you que and act your age it is a good thing that urmi divorced you and marry Ishaan a man of class and integrity and who has ambition and is also rich so samrath rot in hell

  4. i don’t understand one thing. Samrat was meant to pat the goons a million ruppee or is it five, and till now they’ve talked nothing on it. I really hope Damini exposes Samrat in front of Tani

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe because the goons were back in his home town and don’t know where he is?

      1. No, it’s the goons in Mumbai. The money he used to buy clothes and woo Sanaya.

  5. the writers should also know that the thing of Shaurya should be exposed and that lab technician should say th truth. Honestly when i saw the precap, i thought he was going to say the truth but instead he just pointed at him and that was all. I don’t like this serial at all, even satrangi sasural that iu used to hate is better than this excuse of a movie. Seriously, Neha Marda, you could have refused the part!. Even servicewali bahu(its a nice one but…) that i don’t know the main line is far better than this. They should make viewers proud of their work also. Samrat should be exposed, Urmi and Ishaan should have their child, Damini should like Urmi back, Sandya should stop talking of the fair and blacks(though its cute).

    1. fan of the show

      From the reviews I have read, Neha is proud to plas this series because she believes it is relevant to girls in India who have abusive husbands or other domestic violence

  6. Amidst this SamRat’ prattle, it is so pleasant to see Ishaan and Urmi back on smile track and having lite moments. Big thnks to Damini and SamRat’ grudge, they dont hav enuf time to trouble this couple.

  7. I totally agree wit all comments postd above.does grrrr srat tinks he Gods gift to women???lollll.yes writers i tink its tmy for blond srat n blondie tani out eishhhhh.
    N yes i too was wondering wen goons cum for there mny?writers skip n move story line too long….

  8. The goons are in mumbai. They told him he couldn’t hide, they have his phone number, and they also told him that they will find him no matter what. Its been a month. They shold look at their story lline, or the next one before they do the next. Neha is okay but the show well, i can’t say thew same. Thos ones when samrat beat urmi i liked it when she arrested hgim but then she realsed him(no fair!), he deserves bad things. I wish a black cart passes his front early in the front or or he should see a grumpy old wicked lady in the morning. He knows how to act i’ll give him that. Maybe its his rewal character.Mohan Malik. Ishaan and Urmi they’rre cute but not as Abhigya or Jolal. Or Sidni.

    1. fan of the show

      Thanks, I don’t remember any of that part of the story – I must have skipped it for a few days. Don’t remember wooing Sanaya,,,,

  9. because she was rich but urmi was her bestfriend and urmi went to goa to save her from getting married to samrat. She relished all the memories of her and samrat in goa(during their honey moon).

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