Doli Armaanon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Annu’s residence
Granny is tensed and angry that gaurav further aggravated the situation. others too reprimand him for his, but buaji favours gaurav, that he did the right thing. Saroj asks what happened there. gaurav says how he silenced samrat. gaurav again expresses her anger, and saroj says that this is the problem she is talking about. But devi and granny advise her otherwise saying that urmi is wrong in coming back eher, and that she shouldnt have left her home to come to her own home. Buaji is shocked. saroj asks what should she tell urmi that she should go back where she has been insulted. granny asks her that she shouldnt air this too, till the timke its beyond salvage.

Later, in the night, on the roof, Urmi apologises to trisha for

mistaking her so deeply, remembering what all she hasd told her, and that when she had advised her against marrying samrat, she never heeded to her advise and instaed lashed back at her and insulted her. trisha is emotional and crying too along with her. urmi breaks down lamenting at the state that she has brought herself in, and how everything is over now. Trisha asks her to stop crying as that is what she had been trying to prevent the first time around. urmi cries describing the dreams that sdhe had conjured about their marital life, and what has happened and how deeply they got shattered.

the next morning, urmi tells everyone, that she cant spend her life with such a man and she has given it much thought, and wont go back. Granny advises her about it saying that marriage isnt a joke and its for eternity. urmi says that she also thought like this, but when life turns hell in such a relation, it cant be kept, and its better that she forgets it as a bad dream.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat tells shashi that he’s going outside, and wont eat food. shashi silently agrees, while his father asks where is he going. he turns back and says that he is going to play holi with his friends. His father asks how can he be so unfazed. samrat rudely asks what should he do then, should he lament that urmi has gone, and that he wont stay back. His father says that even death wont bother him now. Samrat gets angry and asks him not to give dialogue, just like gaurav did in the morning. His father says that he did such a thing that all have to hear from everyone. samrat is angry that he is siding with gaurav. His father asks him to think about urmi, and how sad would she be right now, asd he prefectly maligned her first holi. samrat comes to him and says that he should keep his advise to himself, and let him go. shashi composes him and asks him to go. He tells shashi to give some advise to her husband. He leaves. His father is angry that the way he is hurting urmi, the lord would never forgive her. shashi doesnt bother.

The next morning, shashi gives her husband meds, and asks him not to worry. He again gets into a rant as to how samrat shoudl get back to his senses and get back the respect of this family, and with much adorement and by apologising to urmi. She asks him not to buckle, and let her do the talking.

As samrat comes down, shashi asks if he is going. He rudely replies back. samrat instructs the servant to get the room in order. she exclaims that he must be having difficulty

He is shocked when she suggests that they should go to get urmi. He asks her why do they even expect such things and tease her about it. She asks him to forgive and forget

his father tells him that he wont become

He taunts that he is missing her more, and that she would come back, and herself only, as her own family would send her back, by telling her that this is the rightful place.

Shashi talks to rashmi who informs her that she is getting much support from everyone and they all know what trisha would advise her. Shashi tells her to tell urmi and her parents that they should get back to their senses and do the right thing, as it would be too late otherwise if samrat gets really angry and doesnt allow her ever again in the house.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
Trisha finds urmi sad and upset. she comes upto her, anbd says that she can understand what she is going through, but she has top face it with much strength and bravery, and that she shouldnt weaken herself so much, that life becomes a burden. she tells urmi that only she can undersdtand whats right or wrong for her. She asks her to understand it completely, and not have any doubt about anything and only then take a descision and not to ignore if she finds anything wrong. Trisha advises her that with a compromise, life becomes more of a hell. trisha tells her that if she isnt happy there, then she shouldnt spend a single day there, as she deserves her happiness and she has to always remember that. Urmi nods in compliance. urmi looks at her with crying eyes. trisha wipes her tears and asks for her leave. urmi denies and tells her not to. Trisha gets emotional and says that she would have to go. urmi still denies. Trisha says that she has to promise that she wont trouble herself or cry anymore. Urmi manages to say yes, and asks if she would visit soon. trisha complies, and says that she maynt be here, but would talk everyday on the phone and if she needs, would come to meet her too. they both hug each other tightly. the screen freezes on urmi’s crying face.

Precap: On the road, Trisha tells samrat that he shouldnt be mistaken that urmi would come back to him, as those days are gone and now he would start realising her importance, as the time would come, when he dreams of urmi, and she wouldnt even want to see him in her dreams.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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