Doli Armaanon Ki 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s hotel room and sushma’s residence
Sushma tells the name of the lawyer to ishaan, on phone, and then he cancels the phone, hearing the doorbell ring. He finds annu waiting outside, and is surprised. she is in a romantic daze, as she gets him food. He asks whats in it. She says that she got him homemade food, and then also offers him to serve coffee. She says that she wont let him eat outside food, when she can make it for him. he asks her not to bother. she says that its no botheration, and he teases her if its even edible. She gets angry at him, while he says that he was just joking. He then presents her with a gift, and as usual she gets starry eyed, dreaming of it as a romantic gesture, while he gets busy with his work. she starts dreaming

yet again, about their life together.

Urmi revels in her maternal glow and instincts, while talking to her unborn child, as shaurya plays. he asks if she made it for him, and then finds that its short. She is amused. She too plays along, and says that she forgot he had grown, and wonders what to do now, and that shaurya would have to be small to wear this. he says that this is impossible. Sushma comes in, and shaurya shows her the small sweater that urmi has made. sushma too plays along, and reprimands urmi for making so small sweater, and how can shaurya get small. While shaurya is baffled, urmi asks what if they get a small baby for this sweater. He agrees. Sushma too starts reprimanding her to bring a small baby soon. They are all amused, at shaurya’s excitement. Sushma informs urmi that they both are going to the jagran, and ask urmi to rest here only, and call them if she needs anything. urmi agrees.

Scene 2:
Location: In a bar and sushma’s residence
Samrat remembers what he has been hearing, and seeing, and his meeting with ishaan and urmi, and his supposed illicit affiar between the two. He starts breaking the glasses, in anger, and the manager comes in asking whats his problem. Samrat lashes out his frustration at him instead, saying that he would ruin everyone, who tries to come in his way or irk him. He thinks that ishaan didnt do this right, and that they both betrayed him so badly, and starts insulting urmi that she showed her true character and her hypocritic charade. he gets angry and says that he wont let it happen, and that he wont spare either urmi or ishaan. He decides to teach them a cruel lesson. As he drives out, he starts ranting out his frustration, comparing urmi to the roadside pr*stitutes. He calls urmi on the cell phone. Samrat asks urmi what kind of a woman she is, and starts bad mouthing her. Urmi asks him to think of the world what he is, but she wont entertain him. She cancels the call. he gets enraged and asks how dare he cancel his call. He then dials the landline, and urmi wonders if its sushma. She picks up hastily, and then again starts hearing to bad mouths and slangs and abusive words by him. She slams the phone, and gets tensed. He keeps dialling yet again, but this time she dosnt pick up. He gets enraged and she goes inside. He decides to show her, her limits.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s and amrit’s residence
Shashi starts lamenting that the jewelleries became all fake. All are tensed, while shashi keeps ranting about her loss of real jewellery. Aditi is tensed, and wonders what Samrat would do once he finds out about this, and thinks that all of that jewellery is fake, that she lent amrit, and decides that she would have to talk to him about it. As they starts looking for the police as an option, aditi gets tensed, that once the investigation begins, her pregnancy might be unravelled too, and that would lead to more trouble. she tells rudra to wait, citing hastily that once diwaker and samrat come back, they migh get upset that Rudra went alone, plus once it gets to the papers, it would cause them huge infamy. They are convinced and decide to wait for samrat. She thinks that she stopped them, for now, but wont be able too for long.

Meanwhile, Amrit is on a rant of boasting and gloating about his debauchery, in the mirror, when he gets aditi’s call, and gets irritated. He picks up lovingly, and aditi tells him angrily about the fake jewellery. He gets shocked, and asks how is this possible. she too asks him the same thing, adding what did she do. He is speechless, and says that he too doesnt know. She talks about the police coming in, and he asks why is this needed. She says that the police shall come to investigate, and he tries hard to desperately conceal his concern, and asks if the police came. she expresses her desire to come, and insists on it, and he says that its getting very late, and to convince her, he makes her swear on the child’s name not to come out at this time of the night. He thinks that he got rid of the problem for now atleast. She agrees to come the first thing tomorrow morning.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Samrat waits outside urmi’s house, in his car, thinking irritatedly that she is sleeping having completely shocked him. urmi puts shaurya to sleep. The lights go off, and she gets tensed. she thinks that if shaurya woke up, he would be scared. She starts to search around for a candle, scared herself too. She fumbles through her way in the kitchen, while the silhouette of a person is shown progressing closer to the house. she is startled by a noise, but doesnt find anyone. she rummages through the drawers looking for a candle, and is continuously aware of someone”s presence. urmi comes out of the kitchen, and in the living room, she finally makes her way to the temple. She alights an earthen pot, and as she turns around with it, she lets out a huge scream. But soon she is shushed by ishaan, who asks her not to be scared as its him only. she sternly asks him whats he doing here. He says that he was passing by and he found the house dark, and got concerned. She says that the lights went off. He says that only her lights are off. He points out that the door too is left ajar, and the rest of the family isnt to be seen. she gets tensed, and resignedly tells him everything. He asks her not to be careless like this. She asks him why are only her lights off. He says that he would find out the main switch to see if the fuse went off. They check the main circuit. once he solves it, she smiles, but then composes herself again, and he asks her to take care of herself atleast. He asks about shaurya and is told that he is sleeping. She tells him that sushma and her husband would take sometime to come back. Ishaan leaves, and she asks him to close the door. she noids, and then he asks her to do it first, and then he shall leave. samrat watches all this, in the car and is enraged. He decides to take his revenge on ishaan too. Samrat calls up someone, and asks him to do whatever he has been instructed and tells that ishaan is leaving from this lane right now. ishaan leaves, oblivious of samrat’s intentions.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Ishaan is cornered by hooliganbs, sent on Samrat’s orders, and tell him that they have come here to kill him. he eyes them tensedly. He tries to tactically fight with all of them, and starts taking them out one by one. But one of them takes a rod and hits him hard on the head, catching him offguard, and he falls semi-conscious on the ground, and they all gang up on him. They start accusing him of betraying his friendship, and then having an illicit affair with his childhood best friend’s wife. He remembers samrat accusing him of the same, and deduces that they have been sent by him. Ishaan is shocked, when he finds having been cornered, and gets up somehow, despite his dazed state, and the leader takes out his knife, to stab him with a fatal blow. He evades one, but the leader strikes again. The screen freezes on Ishaan’s face as he lets out a scream.

Precap: Samrat confronts urmi and reprimands her, that she branded him as character less, and where was her character, when she was sleeping and spending the night, with ishaan. She is shocked at what he is insinuating. He says that he wont let ishaan’s child develop in his wife’s womb and that the child would have to die. He points a pistol at her belly, and she is dazed and shocked. The sound of the gun shoot, reverberates everywhere, while urmi stands speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I have no comment on this script it is going to shitty and I am fed up with samrath getting his way bul…………………………………….

    1. Yeah… but as always… The villain will win for some time… But then the hero(ine) gets back and wins…
      Remember when Samrat was cheating and played the loving husband Urmi always wanted, but then Urmi found out the truth…

      So I’m waiting for the major comeback from Urmi… I wonder what that will be… But it may only happened at the end of this month or next month… They drag the storyline a lot

    2. fan of the show

      It’s other people’s problems that keeps viewers coming back to see what happens next, I think, the age-old formula for soaps. Ever notice how each episode ends on mostly shocking note? To get you to come back and see what happens next. Even though it’s just a story, you still want to see what happens.

  2. Please may someone help Ishaan. I really like him and Urmi together, hope Ishaan will always help Urmi. Anu is too in love and honestly hate her for promising not to meet/talk to Urmi ever. I know its bad that (sam)rat is going to shoot Urmi, but this may help her win the case for divorce.

    I really want (sam)rat to lose everything his has:
    money (I really like Amrit for taking the jewellery away… No more money for Shashi)

    1. Me too, me too!

    2. fan of the show

      Unfortunately, Anu is doing the same fantasy trip Urmi did before her marriage. For some unknown reason women fall for a guy who is nice to her, or tells her she is beautiful, or gives her presents or compliments. Women should have enough self-esteem to not need ego strokes from others, so that they do not become so vulnerable to people who just want to use them for selfih motives….

    3. fan of the show

      Shashi doesn’t use the jewelry sitation to realize that her jewelry is not her security, her family, which she tries to tear apart, is what makes her life more secure. She understood this once, when the rat threatened to throw her out, but that lesson did not sink in to any depth, because she doesn’t have much depth.

  3. The suspense is killing me! Did that (Sam)rat shoot Urmi? The devil!!

  4. I want the same thing for Urmi as well, I do!!

  5. Love Urmi and Ishaan together. I hope Samrat pays dearly for what he has done. Karma should come his way soon.

  6. Y does Indian serial always drags til one gets fed up? The villains always control til the end n victims wins just when d serial is ending . We never enjoy them 4 so long is Annoying. The concepts is d same in all serial is just frustrating!!!

    1. fan of the show

      We get impatient for things to be right in real life, too. But things don’t always go the way we want them to. The trick to peace and happiness is to do your best not to get sucked in to frustration and annoyance while you deal with the bumpy roads. Unless you enjoy living like SamThe Rat does. He really makes his own life a painful journey from one catastrophe to the next.

  7. Hey guys, just chill, suspense is good for dramas, LOL, if it doesn’t drag, we will have nothing to watch……

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