Doli Armaanon Ki 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode begins with Dia’s mum putting poison into four glasses of milk after writing a letter that the whole family is going to suicide and that no one is responsible. She convinces Dia’s father and brother to have some milk. She goes upstairs to give Dia some milk too.

Shaurya comes and stops them from drinking the milk. He runs upstairs to stop Dia’s mum. He questions her why she would do this. Dia’s father says they can’t blame her; even they are finding it difficult to live.

Shaurya tells them to be strong and to take Dia to the hospital. Her mum says what will society say. Shaurya says society didn’t spare Sita either, then why are they giving more importance to them than Dia?

Meanwhile, we have some cute scenes between Asha, Gaurav and Rashmi’s daughter.

Shaurya says if not medical treatment at least to allow him to visit Dia. He will do all mental/psychological research to help cure Dia.

They hear a noise. Dia has locked herself up in her room.

The next day, Shaurya asks how Dia is and asks to see her through the window. He tells her father to console her and try to make the situation sound as much small as possible.

Meanwhile, Anurudh asks if it’s true Ishaani wants to get married. She says yeah. Anurudh asks Urmi if she is okay with that. She says sure and that she will start looking for some boys, and that the wedding would be grand.

Ishaani looks irritated. Anurudh and Urmi give each other a thumbs up.

Precap: Shaurya tells Dia through the door that he considers her a friend and that’s why he has been visiting her daily, but that she doesn’t consider him a friend; that’s why she’s not opening the door. He pretends to leave and never come back. Dia it seems has opened the door, before Shaurya is out of the house.

Update Credit to: Stubborn

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  1. fan of the show

    Hooray for Shaurya. This is the beginning of Diya’s recovery.

    1. I may say that type of recovery takes a lot of detailed time and caution. This leaves scars which takes a good amount of years to recover and this is according to the supports that surrounds her.Therefore if she starts cooperating that means she is starting to realize what is the depth of her scars .

  2. fan of the show

    And Urmi has started reverse psychology and it’s working – Ishani is irritated that Urmi is no longer upset by her desire to marry. Looks like Anirudh is also in on the trick.

    1. I like the reverse psychology trick. I hope Damini doesn’t find out about it and tell that silly girl.

      1. fan of the show

        If Urmi starts agreeing with everything Ishani says, then Ishani will get confused how to behave because Urmi agrees with both sides of the war. She won’t be able to continue the personal war with Urmi. And Damini will also get mad that her trick is not working.

      2. fan of the show

        In a way, Ishani has been doing reverse psychology on Urmi – whatever Urmi says, do the opposite. Right?

    2. Reverse psychology is a good challenge for Ishani when used in the proper way.Remember she has a mind like a steel vice therefore if this method softens or melts the steel in her then Urmi is unto a good path.

  3. Why written is so small what happen I was expecting better episode today

    1. fan of the show

      The updater who signs in as Stubborn does not do full updates, just gist.

    2. fan of the show

      Let’s see – a lot of color was left out, but as far as the story line with Shaurya and Diya goes, the family is now in the hands of Shaurya who has tried to convince them to either take Diya for medical help or let him help her. They have all settled down a little bit, as Shaurya visits every day. Diya has regained consciousness, Shaurya climbed on a table and saw her through the transom window above her door and got her father to talk to her through the locked door about this is just an accident and now it’s time to move on with her life.

      The story line with Rashmi’s daughter living with Gaurav is that she has crass behavior (sitting in the family room combing lice out of her hair and killing them with her fingers, teasing and embarrasing Gaurav, taking about her former life and mkaing Gaurav nervous that his family will find out) and Gaurav trying to not let her divulge too much to his son Chiku and wife Asha. Asha is so simple she does not suspect the truth at all. The girl tells Gaurav that her mother didn’t know which man was her father.

      The story line with Ishani, Urmi, Damini and Anirudh is that Anirudh and Urmi are playing reverse psychology with Ishanin and Damini and neither of them know it yet, but both are disturbed by it.

      1. fan of the show

        I think Gaurav will discover that she is his daughter.

      2. Thanks for your information.Appreciated.When Gaurav discovers that this is his long lost daughter don’t you think that this will make him react to the fact. Why was he not told before hand.For a father to be looking at his own blood doing these disgusting behaviors and do not know is his when he finds out his reactions could be devastating.

  4. Lovely episode.

  5. Precap amazing. Superb

  6. I do not understand this your daughter has been raped and instead of her brother and father roundsing up some relatives to go look for the culprits you as a mother is more interested in your pride and self respect and is ready to kill your whole family out for me this is utter nonsense up to now diya is only in a bed getting injections and sleeping and what kind of a doctor they have who has not informed the police or demand them to take diya to a hospital to get medical attention wayaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is unbelievable shaurya will have to take matters into his own hands and get diya the help she needs I know it will take some time but eventually they will come to terms with what happened to diya and diya will get the help she needs from shauyra and and we know that she will never be able to get over what happened to her but in time too she will be able to better deal with the situation time heals all wounds and this is coming from a person who did psychology and counselling repressing what happened is not good for her she needs to have all the love and support she can get from family and friends and see a counsellor who can assist her

  7. true thanks for the update guys.

  8. I am glad this show is still focused on showing real issues. I hope they don’t fictionalize it making it silly and unbelievable.

    1. fan of the show

      I agree with you Kristelle. I have seen almost every episode and they have a lot of story lines going, but each one has a purpose and a lesson for the viewer. It’s bigger than the usual war with mother in law or messed-up-love story. It’s a tough subject to tackle in a serial format – it seems that most people just want a nice love story with a happy ending, and really don’t want to be informed about real issues, so they bash the actors, they bash the writers, they bash the producers. They are looking for vanilla entertainment, not to become informed on an important issue, or to be shown how their own views could be updated a bit.

      1. U are absolutely right.

  9. fan of the show

    I predict that Shaurya will continue to taunt Diya because it tricks her to be more intense. Plus she loves a challenge.

    1. Diya is in a place where it will be hard to trust anyone especially men therefore do you think it is wise for Shaurya to taunt her to bring on intensity.

  10. fan of the show

    It’s goinng to be a delicate balance between getting her to move forward, but not making her feel like anyone is forcing her to do anything, But she should not stay in this state too long, or she will forget what normal is like.

    1. Yes it is a delicate situation but she has to be ready. Diplomacy and care is important in this situation.

  11. hurry up with todays update please

  12. Please update the written episodes ASAP

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