Doli Armaanon Ki 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Akash kumar’s residence
ishaani continues ogling at akash kumar, while he gets his fitting done, for his next red carpet appearance. he asks for ishaani’s opinion, and when she commends it profusely, he fixes it as final. For the next dress trial, ishaani herself makes him wear it, and they both feel the electric sprak, while he is amused, as she blushes. she then retreats aftre having done the trials. He says that he is done for the day and is about to leave, when he comes to ishaani, and then untangles her hair free and loose from the clutcher in her hair, and says that he likes it like this, referring to her as Ishi. she is in a romantic dream world, that she imagines for herself and akash.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence

says that damini is right as she has a social circle, and that after the case is over, she can fend for hsrelf now. urmi refuses saying that anirudh is right, as she cant be left alone in a situation like this. Just then, ishaani comes bacl extremely happy. shaurya picks on it and asks her whats the matter. She asks him to call a better nick name, like Ishi. he understands that akash kumar’s blind love is getting on ishaani, and she blushes and goes inside. A person called Sumit Prajapati comes with his family, while all are tensed as they dont know him. He introduces himself, while anirudh says that he didnt recognise them. he says that he has come here to accept diya’s hand in marriage, as he wants to marry her. they are all shocked, while diya is boggled herself. Shaurya says that they dont know him, and why this request all of a sudden. urmi stops and then asks them herself. Sumit’s father introduces themselves, and then they are seated. sumit says that he wants to explain. he says that diya isnt a stranger, and he has been following her case closely, and he has been vastly impressed by her confidence and determination. Anirudh says that they look good and genuine, and they felt nice with the simplicity of the offer, and that the fact is they dont know about them much, and cant decide on marriage in a second. urmi says that diya is the daughter of this house. sumit’s father says that he understands the severity of the situation, and then asks them to enquire to their satisfaction about them, their family and their background and only then come to a decision. the mother says that they need diya asap, as sumit has selected a person with much difficulty. He gives anirudh his business card, saying that they shall wait for their response, after they confirm everything about him and the family. damini eyes them curtly.

on the roof, shaurya finds diya lost in thoughts, and comes to her. He asks whats she thinking, if such a stranger can come and ask for marriage. she complies, saying that she feels weird. he says that its right, and she can refuse if she wantss to, as it isnt a compromise or helplessness that she has to, as her happiness is paramount, and hence she always do that which makes her happy. she says that the biggest pain in life, is not heartbreak, but breaking of trust, and since thats done once, she doesnt want to take hasty decisions like this, and then finds him lost. She then asks him that she can see something in his eyes. he is taken aback, whether she sees feelings for her in his eyes. she asks if he has a wish. He is boggled. she shows him that his one of the hairs of the eyelashes has come out, and he shall be granted a wish for that. he is relieved and asks if she believes in this stuff. she draws it out of the eyelid, and then gives it to him, while he takes in a stance, while she instructs him what to do next. he stares at her, while she excitedly tells him what to do. he says that he shall do it just for her, and then makes a wish. She asks him what he wished for. he addresses her as diya, and she is surprised. then he composes himself, saying that this is immature. She says that she hopes his wish comes true. He eyes her lovingly, while she smiels, and goes inside. He smiles to himself, wondering if whether he is in love.

Later, in the night, ishaani is torn between whether to send a message or not, and then decides against it. But just then, she gets his messagem, wishing her goodnight, calling her nickname. She is overjoyed and goes into a dream sequence with akash kumar.

The next morning, all settle down for breakfast. anirudh says that he enquired about the prajapatis and then found everything clean and that they are a nice and respectable family. sandhya and urmi are happy. They are all tensed, as suddenly damini’s voice calling out to diya, alarms them all. in front of everyone, damini apologises to diya for having said whatver she did the night earlier. They are boggled and still unconvinced, while diya is tensed. shaurya is shocked at this sudden change. Diya asks her not to say all this, while damini is utterly apologetic about what she said, and says that she doesnt know what came over her. Diya says that its okay as she is elder. damini says that age dont make a person senior, but by the ideas, just like hers and her heart. and thanks diya for forgiving her. She has tears in her eyes, as she then addresses urmi and anirudh and apologises to them too. urmi says that seniors look good nto apologising but blessing the juniors. Damini caresses diya and says that diya too is like ishaani for her, as the house, this family and the relations are hers too. Alok says that she got the permanent visa to stay here from now on. damini excitedly says that she should be very clear if she wants to marty this suitor or not, as noe her badi maa, shall see to it, that she goes with much pomp. She says that if she doesnt like it, then she should stay here, with them, as she belongs to them now, and can stay as long as she wants. Damini goes inside, while diya gets emotionally overwhelmed.

Scene 3:
Location: Akash’s residence
Hurriedly ishaani reports to her job late, and akash’s designer gives her a thrashing that this isnt her college project that she can afford to be casual and frivolous. he then asks simran to be polite, as she must have been stuck in traffic. ishaani says that she reported late, since she couldnt sleep the whole night, not due to traffic. he interrupts the designer commenting that she is so cute and then asks her why she got so late. he addresses her as ishi, while she fumbles to say something. Just then, a married woman hollers out to Akash Kumar, and all look at her surprised. the screen freezes on ishaani’s tensed face.

Precap: damini tells diya evilly that anirudh and urmi wont let her go anywhere and she herself wont be willing to leave the house, hence she has other plans now. She asks diya to get ready to pack her bags and leave. damini threatens and says that if diya doesnt act according to her, then she would harm her precious urmi and shaurya sir so badly, that she can even barely begin to imagine. she says that she has no idea to what level she can stoop down, and asks diya tauntingly if she remembers the rape. Diya is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What nonsense is that this Damini is sick or what is her problem

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t remember that they ever gave damn-mini’s backstory, about why she is so vengeful and evil, like some traumatic childhood event or something.

      1. Fan this could be truth .Abuse sometimes when not taken seriously and kept hidden within the dense and dark part of one’s memory becomes explosive at times. It could be that really something happened to her during her child hood that is causing her to be so mean to people.

  2. a leopard cannot change its spots and I knew something was wrong damini could not have change her ways so quickly she had to be up to some evil I hope whatever it is she is thinking of doing urmi or shauyra backfires on her damini I give you the cake and the award for evil imagine you are a woman and a mother how on earth you can treat another persons child like that do you even know the meaning of the word LOVE this young girl has been through so much already and yet you are determinied to destroy her even more what has she done to you to deserve this kind of treatment from you you are an OLD EVIL WICKED b*t*h and anurudh needs to throw your ass out of his house and give you something good to worry about he should marry urmi and give you real hell seeing that he choose someone far younger and not evil like you take that damini because you are pure hate and sometimes acting normal wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa damini what is your motive greed money or just evil incarnate LOL


    1. Let us remember we should not be promoting abuse in one area and in another area trying to stop abuse in another area.

  4. Nice episode.

  5. sonya what is nice about this episode the wrong things damini is doing like taunting diya for instance or shauyra and diya hooking up

  6. Nice episode…diya will be happy in the presence of shaurya…like urmi in presence of ishaan….

  7. what bullshit! i don’t know why the writers of this serial keep making Damini worse in personality and character after all the comments that Damini should realize and accept that she is wrong. I’m glad she got slapped in the previous episode. Well deserved indeed.

  8. fan of the show

    If Shaurya and Diya get together, he will have to take Diya and Urmi away from that house so that they all will not have to put up with damn-mini, who already considers Shaurya and Urmi as non-relatives anyway. It’s not wise to forget that when you are going to marry, you are marrying a family, not just a partner. While every family has its good and bad people, when you know there is someone in that family you will be living with who is openly hostile, forget about marriage or any future happiness. Urmi’s life was filled with hostile people, and it was very difficult for her to find much happiness, even though she turned most of them around.

    That’s one of the worst things about “correct” behavior in the Indian household, that you have to show retraint and respect to the elders even if they are wicked. Otherwise, Urmi could learn Idiot, so she can tell her mother-in-law off in her own language.

    1. I agree with you whole heartedly.

  9. fan of the show

    Diya should call a house meeting and tell what damn-mini did to her behind everyone’s back, and ask her to tell everyone why she did that.

    1. I think so also.Let them stop hiding the wolf than exposing the wolf.

  10. There was a song played in this episode when Diya and shaurya were alone. Would like to know title of song and from which picture. Thank you.

  11. KartofflMuter

    Damini wasn’t the the victim of a childhood trauma.She was siply written this way.Remember she must have been halfway normal to have 2 children but one lived for 10 years in Pune and never once mentioned his parents in Mumbai or his sister and his sister was a spoiled brat. Why didn’t she have at least the same education as Ishaan and and why is her I.Q. at least 40 points lower? The writers. A real rich man who lives in the ugliest house ever,would never have put up with Damini’s plots. But we have to. Don’t feel sorry for her.Just don’t wait for her to reform.

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