Doli Armaanon Ki 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan and urmi are highly boggled as to how samrat managed to arrange eht emoney. they are furious at taani’s naivety and plan to teach him a big l;esson, as soon he shall be exposed with all his lies in front of the entir world, and especially tani. urmi says to ishaan that the money shall come back to the house, and she shall get it, and thats her promise.

Meanwhile, shashi comes to tani, with some peer baba’s taveez, that would ensure soon maternity for her. she tries to instigate tani and is happy to have the desired effect. But she is alarmed when tani talks about leaving when samrat sets up his business. shashi sees the paeradox, amnd not willing to let go of these luxuries, she tries to coax her into staying back.

But tani is insistent that they shall move the minute samrat’s business is set up. shashi is tensed. In fact, tani reprimands shashi for not having the faith on samrat, when in fact shashi knows better.

While urmi is working, damini comes in her room, and shows her pics and other collectible memories of when ishaan was a child. soon the topics of discussion drifts to how tani was always misbehaved and arrogant, even as a child. She is very tensed for tani, while urmi asks her not to worry. She is still alarmed, and begs urmi to free tani from samrat’s evil grip. urmi vomplies and extends her help wholeheartedly, since tani is family to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Gym and on the road
Samrat is shocked to see that the girl wasnt Kiran, but riya. He jots down the address, and when he goes there, he finds out that its a fake too. He is thoroughly frustrated that a girl befooled him, but isnt able to still understand the motive. Just then, samrat, in his car, comes across, kiran waiting for someone at the other side of the road. he is reminded of her fraud,. and decides to confront her regarding the same. he angrily gets out of the car, and begins to go, when he finds a motorbike stopping by, and kiran throwing a loving smile to the rider, as he takes off his helmet. Seeing the person, samrat is shocked, as its James, behind who, riya sits and they both drive away. Samrat is left too stunned to react.

In the parking area, samrat confronts riya, with all her lies, and is about to hit her, when his hand is stopped by james, who asks him not to dare touch his wife. He is shocked, and asks what a big fool they made out of him. While riya watches evilly, james taunts and ridicules him. samrat gets into a rage and tries to get into a scuffle. They warn him that he shouldnt even dare to go against them. Riya mocks him that they should go to the police to complain against james. Samrat again begins to vent out, when she says that he isnt as innocent as it seems, as he took advantage of her, and reminds him of the conniving ways to get her laid. She says that he isnt as smart as he seems, and that he got paid for what he did, and just like him, she has taught a lesson to many guys like him, who have a wife at home, and yet go around snooping outside. samrat is frustrated and shocked. Riya mocks him, tht he has an option here, and thats to go to the police. But she tells him that here he has only lost 1 crore, but if hiss family and wife get to know about it, he would be on the streets having lost everything. They both leave from there. samrat stands dejected. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat talks about the way he was befooled, by the fraud cople, to shashi, who is shocked to hear this. urmi hears all this from outside and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samrat THE RAT, u hav been taken for a ride by Kiran, she is working hand in hand wit JAMES!!!!!! U FOOL

  2. Thank you Rimjhim for the lovely and timely update! I just hope that Urmi does not get her nose into the mess of Samraat-James-Kiran especially now that she is bearing a child

  3. fan of the show

    Good. The rat knows he was fooled. And they also have something over his head which is the threat to expose him if he makes trouble. He just may get exposed yet. And now Urmi heard the whole story. Too bad she didn’t record it on her phone so she can play it back to Tani.

  4. Thank you Rimjhim, you are the best?

  5. Samrat thought that he could never be fooled by any one but there is alwats someone smarter than you or him.James is still a puzzle as to why he is behind Samrat.Urmi has to be really careful because Samrat could always try to harm her.She and her husband should be cautious.Damini seems to be happy about her soon to be grand child.Shashsi is jealous because she wants to stay there to enjoy the mansion.Samrat is still not boxed in as yet.You never know what he can do.

  6. what will happen now?

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