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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya comes in Shaurya’s cabin and transfers halwa from box to a lunch box and hides the box. Shaurya comes in and gets surprised seeing her. She gives him halwa saying her mum made for him. She asks him to taste and says she had to go so far to buy carrots. Shaurya likes it. He sees the box, but stays quiet. Diya then reminds him that her gift for covering one of the cases is still pending. He asks what he can do for you. Diya, with slight hesitation, asks him to let her handle the hit and run case. He says Rakesh, other reporter, is handling it and that’s final. When leaving, he tells her to take her box too that she hid. Cheeku gets shocked Diya. He asks she resigned right? What she’s doing there then? She says, so? that was yesterday. Today she joined again.

NGO group

is waiting for Urmi as cops are not listening to them about handing over s*x workers to them. Ishaani comes there instead Urmi and tells the cops that they are registered NGO group and they have right to involve in such cases. The cop says they raided here and first they will take all of them to police station. Ishaani shows permission from commissioner and then finally cops let NGO group handle the case. Ishaani asks NGO ladies if they need any help, but they say no. Ishaani leaves. Soon after Urmi comes there. NGO ladies inform her Ishaani came and solved everything. Urmi gets surprisingly happy. NGO ladies say she is like Urmi’s shadow. They take all ladies to their place and call their relatives to take them. The ones that don’t have any relatives or don’t care, Urmi tells NGO workers to send to woman rehabbing center. One lady asks Urmi to tell her what they will do with her as well. Urmi asks her if any relatives. The lady says she has no one, and she got this profession from her mother. She’s born to do this only, so she better leave her alone. Urmi asks she must know some relatives. The lady says all she knows that her mother was from Jhansi and shows her photo. Urmi gets shocked seeing Gaurav’s first wife, Rashmi’s, photo.

Later, she meets Gaurav and hesitantly shows the photo to him which shocks him as well.

Diya is still not giving up to let the case go. She tells Shaurya that driver is not responsive for the accident. They are just trapping him in that. Their servant knows and that is why they are not letting her take his interview. Shaurya asks how she knows? Was she sitting in car that day as well? Diya says it’s not funny. Today they tried to threaten her. Shaurya asks how much she will lie in one day. Diya says she’s not lying, but he doesn’t believe her. Rakesh comes and gives the case file to Shaurya saying the driver is responsible only. Diya can’t believe. She asks if he took servant’s interview. Rakesh says yes. Shaurya stares at Diya and gives the case file to Cheeku to print it in tomorrow’s edition. Diya still can’t digest this and decides to find the exact truth as it’s about their newspaper reputation.

She calls her friend to get Rakesh’s calls logs, but she doesn’t pick up. She decides to meet her personally. Her bike doesn’t start. Shaurya sees and asks what problem came in her life now. She says she has to go cover some story. Shaurya says he’s going to same side and says he’ll drop her. They are going in car and someone stops his bike in front of their car. He removes helmet and stares at them.

Precap: Ishaani tells her family that she got selected for Paris Fashion Institute. Urmi congratulates her, but she gets all serious and turns her face away.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Ishaan was such a nice loving and caring person and urmi also a caring and loving mother who would do anything for her children why on earth ishaani is behaving like this she is a grown woman and should know right from wrong and after seeing how her grandfather and grandmother always fight she should be able to sense that something is not right in the family and talk to her brother shaurya and the other and she will see that urmi did nothing wrong in the past and so she will see that grand mother is the evil one I know Ishaan would not have like this feud that is going on between mother and daughter all because her grandmother is filling her head with lies

  2. yes its true ishani is not at all good serial is not interesting without ishan and samrat they should come back to the series

  3. it is not that ishaani is not good she is behaving this way because of that grandmother from the beginning she did not like or appreciate urmi for her son ishaa first she said urmi was toooooo old for Ishaan then she said that she was a married woman and that she wanted a younger person for her son and so she tried everything to get rid of urmi but Ishaan put his foot down and he stood up to his mother this is something that one should heed where love is concerned age does not matter as long as you have a clean and pure heart you might not agree but then again each person has their own beliefs what can I say

  4. yes its right true love is not at all selfish lets see what happens in this series later on

  5. any update about tani and samrats mother

  6. ishani’s behavior is actually very irritating, she isn’t growing younger so why can’t she face facts and investigate the past events herself, after all its just Damini that is accusing her mum in the house, that too can arise her suspicion. the fact is that she do not like her mum because the relationship between a mother and her children is beyond believing accusations about her. she should be defending her mother no matter what after all her mum isn’t rude towards her, so why should she accept negative allegations towards her mum. Ishani’s behavior is just unjustifiable.

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe Damini started really young and Ishani just doesn’t know any better. I don’t understand why the rest of the family hardly make any effort to shoot Damini or Ishani down when they misbehave. Anirudh tries, feebly, and quietly reassures Urmi behind the scenes, but Shaurya was really afraid to say anything to Damini or Ishani.

  7. Owhh…how much i miss urmi, ishaan n samrat in this serial…seriously…

  8. true even i miss samrat,ishan and urmi too please its a request bring them back to the show.

  9. fan of the show

    It would be a nice twist if they could bring back Mohit Malik as a secret mentor of Ishani – teaching her how to be a better human being and teaching her how to respect her mother.

  10. i miss samrat,ishaan and urmi alot but karan is doing a great job but i do not like ishani

    1. fan of the show

      There’s a hint of hope in Ishani’s taking care of the s*x workers before Urmi arrived. Interesting timing – she left after Urmi and got there before Urmi. Also Urmi left with Shaurya and got there by herself.

  11. though I like the person playing Urmi, don’t you think Damini should look a lot more older than Urmi?.

    1. fan of the show

      Yes. I also though they did not age Damini at all. She is so negative, I would think she would look like an old wrinkled up witch by now.

  12. waiting on update please

  13. fan of the show

    So who’s the new guy on the bike?

  14. Nice episode. Good replacement for Shaurya love Kunal’s acting he is a natural and Urmi’s replacement – love her too very mature.

  15. the new urmi is nice she has the same disposition as the old urmi the only thing is as there was a leap of twenty years they should have put some slight greys in her hair to depict some aging the hair style suits and older person which was good but that did not cut it the little greys would have done the job and urmi was always quiet but when she could not take it she will blow up at samrat so lets wait and see what happens with damini shauyra was very quiet too now with age he is a bit hasty and displays some aggression maybe he will mellow in when he gets involved with the reporter because with all this aggression I am 100% sure that this is love now cheeku he suits his part kinda mischievous anyway lets see what happens

  16. do something bring mohit malik back to the show please

  17. what happen no update as yet

  18. even i am waiting for the updates no update yet

  19. I’ve stopped watching this serial. Just came to check the updates…. seems that most of the usual people that comment here aren’t watching either. It is a whole new serial… with the same name and a few people from the old cast.

    On the first episode… after the change, that new character (Ishaani) is so obnoxious. Like how can anyone carry so much anger in their heart after 20years?? Time heals…. the story lost my attention from that first conversation Ishaani had with her mother.

    From just a quick browse through the story… Without the intricate details… seems like Urmi is a Black Widow…killed her husband & her ex husband…. Hahahahahhaaa….just kidding!

  20. even i stopped watching i just came to watch the updates with a hope that samrat will be back to the show .

  21. fan of the show

    DAK is the orphan who never gets taken care of – every other Zee serial has the july 2 update done. But not DAK. Some of them by Rimjhim.

  22. yes you are right even i clicked on contact us for getting the update but it is showing an error.

  23. I think refused to receive input from the readers.

  24. they have accepted for the reviews.

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