Doli Armaanon Ki 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s office and hotel room
One of the employees call up samrat, while he is getting ready in his hotel room, to remind him about an important meeting today. samrat hollers at him instead and taunts him. A girl comes in, trying to be physically intimate with him, while he keeps getting tensed. he asks the receptionist to be prepared for the meeting. As she continues to hang around him, he gets irritated. Finally, he shoves her away, while she asks how rude is that. Samrat asks her to get lost, now that the work has been done. she leaves in a huff, while samrat continues to mumble in frustration.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi’s residence
urmi comes to the Temple, and remembering tauji’s advise, she sits in front of

the deity, dazed, dishevelled and distraught. She is determined.

In the drawing room, all are tensed. Finally, the phone rings and shashi hurriedly picks it up, and is tensed to find thsat its saroj. all are tensed. She tries to talk normally, as saroj asks about everyone there, and says that she is trying urmi’s number, and isnt able to talk to her, and that she is feeling a little uneasy. shashi lies to her that urmi is completely okay. Saroj insists on talking to her, but shashi makes up an excuse and says ythat she would get urmi to talk to her, once she is free, and asks her not to bother at all, as they are all here to take care of urmi. she cancels the call. she turns around and is tensed to find everyone angry with her and watching her sternly.

As saroj cancels the call, devi and granny ask her to be calm and composed, and not overthink and bother herself while she is highly tensed not being able to talk to urmi. granny says that urmi would call herself if there’s anything wrong. devi says that she has gotten into a habit of doubting everything and that urmi must be perfectly fine as usual. saroj says that he is always indifferent to urmi’s interests as if she has become a stranger after getting married to samrat. she stroms inside. Devi gets furious, while granny asks him not to prolong this any further and calm down.

Shashi tells kanchan to get urmi down from the temple, as she has made panjiri for her, so that she gets her strength back. kanchan complies and leaves. shashi hesitatingly approaches rudra saying that urmi shouldnt tell what happened to her family, even though its wrong, as its between a couple and there’s no point in trelling this to everyone, as it would lead to insulting them only. she asks rudra to manage to convince urmi to keep this a secret. Rudra asks that this is the reason she made panjiri so lovingly for urmi, so that she manages to lull urmi into silence. tauji thinks that shashi can never change. kanchan comes and tells that urmi isnt inside. Shashi gets tensed and asks aditi to look where’s urmi. rudra reminds shashi not to talk to urmi or force her into hiding this from her family. Aditi is tensed and rushes down to tell shashi and others that urmi is nowhere to be seen. shashi laments as to where could urmi be, if she isnt in the house. Rudra asks shashi to go and find urmi. they all begin searching. rudra calls the servants and ask about urmi. they say that they dont know and begint o search for her. all come and say thsat urmi is nowhere. shashi gets tensed that she may have gone to her famiuly and that would lead to a lot of trouble. kanchan is tensed, that urmi might take a wrong step in her disturbed state. All are shocked to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s office and residence
samrat comes tired, and finds that everything is set for the meeting, and gives instructions to his employees. One of them asks if he would give the presentation, while samrat snubs him off, by insulting him in front of everyone. meanwhile, Shashi hurriedly calls up samrat, that she has been trying hard for his number. she tells him that there’s a huge problem and that urmi isnt at home. He gets tensed, and she says that she doesnt know where she went, as she looked very tensed. But samrat wards her off saying that she must have gone to her family. shashi tries to tell him that urmi might do something drastic in her state. But he discards off the idea. He shuts the phone. Rudra asks what did he say. She says that samrat is in a meeting. shaurya comes asking for urmi insistently. aditi tries to distract him by talking about video games, but he continues to rant about his mother. shashi reprimands him asking him to shut up, saying that its due to his mother that they are all so worried. rudra asks why is she shouting at the child, and says that they arent tensed for urmi, but due to her animalistic son, samrat. shashi is silenced.

Samrat begins with the presentation, and tries to convince the clients at his peak of conviction. The clients are impressed and decide to sign the deal straightaway. All congratulate each other. Meanwhile the police arrives. The police goes to samrat’s office and while he is busy in a meeting, they storm inside, and demand to know who samrat is. samrat is shocked, while all others are baffled. when he identifies hismelf, the police comments that he is very aggressive and that soon he shall be cooled down. he tells him that he is under arrest. samrat is shocked and embarassed. he fumblingly asks whats the matter and why is he under arrest. the police places him under charge for domestic violence, against his own wife, recounting what he did with his own wife. the clients are shocked. the police asks the hawaldars to handcuff him. samrat says that he cant arrest him just like that. the police says that he came with full prerparation and shows him the arrest warrant that has been issued against him. But samrat still denies to comply and tries to call someone, but the inspector snatches the phone from him, referring to him as an educated illiterate. The police says that he shouldnt botyher about wasting his time. the inspector grabs him by the neck, while samrat is shocked, and stands helpless, as they handcuff him. He tries to get the inspector to talk with him, but he drags him out in front of all of his employees, who are shocked. samrat is utterly frustrated at this insult.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
The hawaldar drag samrat by the collar and get him down the jeep. as he is taken to the entrance of the police station, the people identify him and start commenting as to what he must have committed that he has been brought here. As samrat is dragged in the police station, he is shocked and bewildered to find urmi, in her wounded and bruised state, sitting there, confronting him with determination in her eyes. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: Granny tells urmi that what happened is very wrong. she instructs urmi to take back her complaint tomorrow morning. urmistoically denies that she wont do anything like that. all are shocked, including granny and devi, while shashi is concerned for her son.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg..can you update fastt plsss!!!

  2. ^ The show just started…. She can’t update what she doesn’t know

  3. Ya i agree wid u Asha

  4. Tat samrat shud be hanged to death seriously :@

  5. Seriously that granny shld be hanged first. How could she say urmi to take complaint back after all this.?

    1. i hate that granny !!! She’s a fool !

  6. Samrat u got way u deserved

  7. Thank God. This is just the beginning samrat

  8. This urmi and her family are most fool people i ever head on earth how can she took her complains back

  9. kill devi and granny first please

  10. well done urmi. i hate this granny and devi these characters are pulling down there own girl. Shashi she is …………………dont have words. Samrat is a egoistic, self centered fool.
    Many women in our country can relate to this Urmi’s character and most of the times the mothers will side with their son only. It is the mothers wrong upbringing along with all that male ego which creates these problems. Urmi has taujis support but most of our women dont have any support so should stand up for themselves.

  11. Samrat went to the extreme for abusing Urmi. Cheers to you Urmi. Do not take back complaint. Women need to stand up for their rights.

  12. Granny is blo*dy stupid cow…..samrat must get wats coming to him…all his dirt must start filtering out n urmi must humilate him badly in front of the whole community. ..his a evil devil …after humalaiting him she must leave n him start a new lufe without him…

    1. I agree granny is a stupid cow, and very traditional too. They must have experienced such horror/wife beating during her era and probably accepted it as a way of life…. how sad and awful!!

  13. Good work urmi each that animal a lesson and start new life with ur son show him how a women can live happily and freely from a husband like him.
    MEET someone good with some ethical values and fulfil your dreams

  14. Let’s be realistic…which decent indian married woman would go to tjos extreme? Yes we have heard of an abused wife killing her husband or leaving him or running away somewhere but who would go to the police and expect the husband, espec one like Samrat to change?
    This show needs a seriois writer or this writer’s head should be properly read before the show goes on.

  15. I guess granny husband never beat her like dat other wise she wudnt dare to ask urmi to withdraw her complaint. She prefers urmi to b beaten up instead of samrat being punish for his atrocious behavior. Which century is she really in?

  16. Women r human beings wit equal value as men in d eyes of d creator. We were made to b side by side of our husband’s not to b at his feet. So I’m totally wit urmi in taking a stand against domestic violence. It’s totally unacceptable an all women shud b supporting urmi instead of critizing her.

  17. Granny is a fool that’s why she choose an idiot for her grandson….how can we expect any better from her.

  18. I heard that Urmi is going to withdraw her complain to save her marriage…does she really think Samrat is going to change….silly girl and sillier writers if there is such a word this serial will even make the most inteligents persons have to build words.

  19. Since the writers have decided to take on the topic of physical abuse, I hope they have the courage to develop a realistic storyline. Abusers do not magically change overnight nor do they stop the abuse without professional counseling. Please do not portray that all can be forgiven and everyone lives happily ever after . A more realistic storyline would be to
    address the consequences of abuse and what the abuser stands to lose. His respect? His career? His family?
    It would be more beneficial to our current day society if this show can somehow offer guidance to women in this situation, instead of making them believe abuse is acceptable and should be tolerated and forgiven.

  20. Loved it when Police dragging Samrat.He deserves it.
    This time Urmi should be firm in her decision.

  21. Abuse physically (he beat her), verbally and emotionally. He is also keeping a hotel room where he carries on with his numerous affairs. They should now expose his hotel room and affairs.

  22. That granny can accept this and is not traumatized, all for the sake of finding a husband material and staying married at all cost stinks,! This is desperation of the highest order and is truly pathetic!!

  23. samrat is a pure devil..urmi is sweet and caring and he’s jus a devil..he should go to jail and shashi needs so licks from her husband.. instead of correcting samrat while he was growing up she encouraged him to do wrong things…

  24. Whenn will thy update 2nd july episode?????!!!!

  25. update for the 2nd July, 2014

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