Doli Armaanon Ki 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Tani tries to wake up samrat, but he seems to be relishing a nice, sensual dream. tani is angry. samrat doesnt want to wake up, when tani alarms him by saying that he must be dreaming of urmi. he vehemently denies, while she accuses him of dreaming about urmi. he denies and asks if he said anything or so.but she adamantly asks him to accept that he was dreaming of urmi. but he says that he wont since he wasnt doing it, and he only dreams of her, the love of his life. She then caresses his face, and asks him to be clear if he wants to go back to urmi, just for saving shaurya. he assures her that he wont go, and not sacrifice her love for his son. She makes him promise that he wont do what urmi wants him to do. He promies, and then makes her

promise that she wont ever leave him. they hug, and samrat thinks that he is born for breaking promises, and that he doesnt have a self respect, that doesnt have a price.

while anirudh is tensed, damini comes in with coffee, eyeing him. she asks whats he thinking. he talks about the moral dilemma, that the lord has placed them in, and particularly urmi’s plight, with shaurya’s life on one side, and this challenge for urmi on the other side, between which ishaan is being sandwiched. She says that she cant even begin to imagine urmi’s plight, so desperate she must be to save her son. He says that urmi loves ishaan dearly too. She says that they cant compare wifely love to motherly, as motherly always triumphs, and that she should think only and only of her son, as a mother. He is shocked, but he says that urmi cant compromise her self respect and boundaries. She says that a mother cant make any compromise, however disgusting, and places herself in urmi’s shoes, saying that she would have done the same. he says that the ball is in their court, and urmi and ishaan’s descision shall be final, and as far as she thinks, she wants urmi to choose her motherhood over her wifely obligations.

Meanwhile, while laying out clothes for drying on the roof, urmi clutches at shaurya’s clothes, and relives his memories with her, laughing and crying incoherently at the same time. Ishaan comes and finds her apalled and distraught like that, and gets extremely concerned, while she is in uncontrollable tears. he places a reassuring shoulder around her arms, and she breaks down all the more, while he asks her to control hjerself, and even though he understands her pain, he would have to ask her to be strong for shaurya’s sake. he says that he does understand. samrat comes saying that he doesnt at all, as he isnt shaurya’s father, and asks ishaan to stop the drama. ishaan asks him to not say such things, but samrat hollers at him to shut up, surprising the couple. Samrat says that whatever is happening today is somewhere his fault too, as his intervention spoiled everything, and now asks him to look at the outcome, as he stands helpless, even having understood everything, but not being able to do. He says that he stole his wif, by his fake sympathy, and asks if he wants to do the same for his son too. He then turns to urmi, to stop crying, as whats happened has been done, and that she has always wanted to drive her own life, without realising the cost. Samrat tells urmi, in front of Ishaan, that the lord is repaying her back for the show she threw him out of her and shaurya’s life. He says that now shaurya would have no other option but to die, as the lord did punish her, and her mistakes are being penalised on shaurya, and had she not left him, this wouldnt have happened. he asks what can she do now. She asks him not to talk like that, while samrat says that even if she wants to, she would just stand and see shaurya die helplessly, and she wont be able to do anything. She hiccups unable to talk, while he says that he cant run or cry like her. he says that its too late now, looking at ishaan and urmi, he cant help them at all. urmi is struck in grief. samrat leaves but his haunting words stay with urmi, ringing in her ears.

Later in their room, urmi tells ishaan that samrat was right, but ishaan asks her to not react like this, as samrat waits for the chance to taunt her, and she shouldnt be affected by that leech’s statements. She collapses yet again, while he asks her to stop crying, and listen to her, as shaurya’s reports have been sent to the best labs abroad, for a perfect match, and they shall try their level best. She asks if everything would be okay, and asks him to assure that shaurya would be okay. Just then, Rati rushes in asking them to come, as shaurya is very sick and behaving weird. they are alarmed and rush to shaurya’s room. In his room, shaurya gasps for breath, and urmi rushes to him, asking whats happened to him, behaving berserk, while ishaan tries to give him water. others come, and are shocked to find him being breathless. Ishaan immediately keeps his calm and calls the ambulance. but samrat says that he shall not wait and rushes out, carrying shaurya in his arms. tani is left behind, boggled and tensed, not liking samrat’s concern. Shaurya is taken in the ambulance.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
As all wait for the doctor to come out, they are all tensed and worried, while samrat pretends to be dishevelled in shaurya’s concern, frustrated and anagered. ishaan and urmi watch from outside the room, shaurya being given treatment through IV, in his unconscious state, Urmi breaks into tears, as saroj comes to comfort her. All wait in tension and anticipation. finally the doctor emerges, getting everyone’s attention. urmi asks whats the matter with him, and if he shall be okay. The doctor says that he has administered the temporary treatment, and he is right now okay with the nebulizer for oxygen. samrat starts to say that had he not gotten shaurya in time, anything could have happened. the doctor says that such unpredictable attacks shall happen. Ishaan asks everyone to calm down and asks whats the status currently. he says that the actual treatment is not in his hand, but theirs, and whatever has to be done has to be done asap, by them, and that too within time. He asks them what have they planned to do. Samrat, ishaan and urmi hear this. All the family stands shocked, while urmi is distraught. the doctor says that he hopes they have understood what they were asked to do, and if they have planned, as thats the only viable solution. He asks them to understand the seriousness of the situation, before its too late, as the child’s actual treatment is that only, which isnt in his hands. The screen freezes on urmi’s distraught face.

Precap: gaurav asks them whats this course of treatment that the doctor is talking about, and what do urmi and ishaan have to plan together, and start implementation. Tani points out crudely that urmi and samrat shall have to sleep together, to sire a child, shaurya’s sibling, whose bone marrow transplant shall happen to shaurya. All are shocked, and struck into silence. tani angrily says that it wont happen at any cost, as she wont let it happen. Ishaan and urmi stand shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This is bull, crap… everything that goes with these words.

  2. this show should just die instead of shaurya
    f**king boring and samrat must be joking when he said he don’t to sleep with urmi

  3. Bone marrow transplants can be Autologous or Allogenic. Autologous transplants are from the same person specially if the problem is detected early. Allogenic transplants involve stem cells that come from another person whose tissue type “matches” that of the patient. Most donors are relatives — preferably and most often a sibling. In fact doner banks are maintained to find a food match.

    The specialists know it. The writers should be aware of this before sending Urmi to Samrat.

    1. Excellent

    2. madhuja mukhopadhyay

      exactly….scriptwriter shud read d articles and journals before starting this melodrama

  4. PS: really impressive

  5. The writer did not do her/his homework for research on the disease before writing this nonsense episodes related to cancer treatment. They should finished this story in January 2015 when Urmi won the custody for Shaurya.

    1. Exactly….

  6. Even if this crap were the only treatment, what about artificial insemination.

  7. hy
    evn if De nid a 2nd child 2 save shaurya no nid 2 slp wth samrat just do gt pregnant via ivf. big deal

  8. PS,thank you for that statement.I have written about it when the episode came out with this disease.I explained it to viewers to update people who are not familiar with this cancer.These writers write things which are not the whole truth.Even though this is a fictious story ,the disease is real.When I see the trauma Urmi was going through this hurt my heart as a mother.I placed my self in her position and start thinking about my own niece when she was diagnosed with this same cancer.Urmi is placed in a position to suffer from her son’s illness and suffer from the taunts of this uncircumcised she-goat-He is not a good example of a father.Samrat words to Urmi was so rigid that I cannot comprehend if he is human.Tani does not understand the woes of a mother because the Lord has not opened her womb as yet therefore she has to be careful.Why can they not use the marrow of Samrat to do the surgery?.How do they that this child if conceived will be a perfect match?.What is bothering me ,they have not given her any other option.These writers need to go back to the table and write the correct thing and do not mislead the viewers who do not understand this dangerous disease.My point is that the nature of Samrat’s personality as the character is influenced by his writers and writers fellow comrades.We cannot escape the impact and influences that surround the script .Therefore Samrat’s impacts upon us as if by osmosis penetrates our skin and becomes part of us.This is how I feel about this and this is my thought process.Samrat is always winning with his evil deeds.Why is his evil deed are continued to be shown as machoism?.Urmi is always be shown to be unhappy when Samrat is the god-damn monster.When will she be ever happy.

  9. Victoria Olatokunbo

    The writers of this show are trying to keep their show on by writing bullshit. If they did their research properly they would have know that there are other options than what was offered but I have an advise for them except if they are monsters, they need to change this line of story and make Urmi happy for a change instead of allowing Samrat and Ishans mother who has no control over her stupid daughter to keep on disturbing Urmis happiness cause it’s getting sickening and inhuman

  10. Writer should be careful when passing on such information. We know it’s a show but the matter is of a very sensitive area.

  11. Cm on evn if sh needs a xhild frm samrat… thr r othr ways too.
    Not tht sh has to sleep.. evn IVF is done.. seriously its jus bullshit..

    Pulling th matter too much.. all thy cn think of is s*x.. cnt these ppl smtimes be realistic

  12. you know why this serial is sooooooooooooooooo much shit in this day and age there is a medical procedure called artificial insemination so urmi do not have to sleep with samrath all urmi and Ishaan have to do is pay that murdering b*t*h a lumpsum of money and he will do anything for money we know this so come on writers do not try to fool us in this day and age write over your script letting samrat sell his sperm to the lab for urmis retrieval so that she can get pregnanat without having to let that murdering criminal b*t*h lay on her Ishaan you know what to do now do not let samrath touch urmi he is to wicked even the thought of urmi having to carry his child in her is disgusting but then again what a mother would not do for her child so I guess that is the only option go for it urmi artificial insemination and all will be happy for that so big face crooked teeth tani stop your worrying now are you happy I informed you writers of this solution LOL

  13. this serial is sooooooooooooooooooo much shit end it now

    1. fan of the show

      It’s getting lots of feedback. It means lots of people are watching.

  14. Did anyone remembered that Samrat used to sleep around with a certain pr*stitute and also he had married an innocent girl who used to live at his house.Eventually she was chased away from there and ended up testifying against him? Why don’t the writers bring any one of them having a baby for him and then they can use the marrow.Also, Tani will find out the unfaithfulness of that snake.Artificial inseminations are also fragile procedures and sometimes do not work that easy.The best solution is his father,himself or other relatives.Bring that woman back with a child because he slept with her by forcing her into a stupid marriage which was not real in-order to indulge with her s*xually.

    1. fan of the show

      But then, instead of the worng father, it will be the wrong mother if Radha had a kid. It’s the doctor’s story that it has to be the same bio;ogical parents.

  15. fan of the show

    Maybe it wasn’t sam-Rat or damn-mini that cooked this up maybe it was Sandhya… to get Urmi out of the house…

  16. I’m hoping that this cancer storyline,was made up by damnimi and standby or sam d rat,

  17. Sorry ,damming and sandhya

  18. This show should just end nw, really ridiculous..smfh…that Doctor is a fool and the writer…do some research…

  19. this is extremely stupid n f**king serial..pls stop it..writer u r useless..

  20. Have anyone realized that until now they haven’t test Urmi or Samrat if they r a match r not smh

    1. No they haven’t. It would be really nice if Ishaan was a match. It’s not impossible. A stranger can be a match and genetically speaking, Ishaan & shaurya are strangers.

  21. haya rehan forever

    Samrat should have cancer not shaurya!!! He is just a little kid he did not do anythingff wrong. This makes me angry and sad.

  22. I said this before but I’ll say it again hopefully the writers will see this: 4 slaps need to be given soon: one to Samrat by urmi/Ishanfor being the nasty serpent that he is and let’s not forget how he burned Shaurya and traumatized him during the court case. Second one to Tani by urmi/Ishans for being an idiot and so uncaring she needs a stinging one! Third one to Damini by Anirudh CUZ if she cared about her son she would know that Urmi makes him happy she plots too much. Fourth one to Sandhya by Anirudh for getting involved unnecessarily and being a stupid loud-mouth. Hopefully you all will see this and edit your script because it’s bullshit how someone can take so many insults. And do research on cancer before you add it in your script and screw up the plot!!!! This is an easy to detect lie of samrats he bribed the doctor!!

  23. what.s this nonsence what is wrong those pple this serial is going into nonsence why urmi does.nt have eny happiness in this serial what is wrong with the writter urmi just now she got a happeness is doen.t last long i want to see urmi happenes back and stop nonsence or stop this stupid serial nowdys ztv serial is so borring the good pple is seffering and the bad pple are injoying inthe life what kind punishment is urmi suffering instead of urmi samrat should suffer why is she always caring if urmi and samrat back together ishall stop watching

  24. Wow I see a cartoon profile picture here? Nice one…..

  25. please asap end this serial…..fed up with the storyline…..sound no sense……No one is going to watch this….waste of time

  26. The purpose of my earlier note is to impress upon the script writers the seriousness of Bone Marrow Cancer. This is a discease which no one wishes for any one. Here is an extract on Bone Marrow Statistics which I picked up on the internet. (Institute for Justice)
    “•This year, more than 130,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a serious blood disease.
    •Leukemia (a blood cancer) will strike 44,000 Americans this year, including 3,500 children. It will kill about half of the adults and about 700 of the children.
    •Only 30 percent of patients who need a bone marrow transplant have a matching donor in their families.
    •The remaining 70 percent must hope that a compatible stranger can be found using the national registry.
    •Asian patients find a donor about 40 percent of the time.
    •At least 1,000 people die each year because they cannot find a matching donor.
    •Donating bone marrow is safe: More than 35,000 people have donated bone marrow to a stranger without a single donor death.”

    So, do not play this game loosely without understanding its full implications.

    1. The writers use this callously on the show but do no understand the repercussions it may have on families who have families suffering from it.People have to understand that the information given in the script ,if taken by some one who does not understand the disease properly will believe that that is the only solution to cure this disease and this is wrong and misinformed.I think writers should research these things first and try to help the cancer society with information that will help the people who are going through this disabling and horrific disease.They are continuously using abuse as a n entertainment and not as a serious matter.USE THESE THINGS TO ENHANCE PEOPLE’S MINDS AND EDUCATE THEM ABOUT IT.

  27. fan of the show

    I think Urmi and Ishaan should take Shaurya to America and to heck with the rest of the family. Let them rot with samRat.

    1. Yes I agree there someone will hopefully tell them the truth about shauryas illness

  28. Please send your feedback to ZeeTV. Go to their website and send them your feedback on cancer research. This show maybe be extreme fiction but must educate the general public and not misinform. It should give hope to cancer victims and not kill all their hopes.

  29. I hope Tani’s pregnant with a sick baby. Would never wish this for anyone but for her I’m making an exception.

  30. Are these writers for real? How much pain, trauma and suffering are you going to put this character through? Why doesn’t Urmi say that a sibling would be there if the heartless bastard Samrat didn’t kill the child?
    I agree with u guys- too much bullshit!

  31. Agree 100% with Vins….could not have said it better myself…bye the way, I have stopped watching this show, only reading the updates..cancelled my subscription to Zee TV.

  32. Agree 100% with Vins….could not have said it better myself…by the way, I have stopped watching this show, only reading the updates..cancelled my subscription to Zee TV.

  33. Agree 100% with Vins….could not have said it better myself…by the way, I have stopped watching this show, only reading the updates..cancelled my subscription to Zee TV.

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