Doli Armaanon Ki 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat gets disbelieved and fumes finding out about urmi’s pregnancy. He thinks they have not been living together, then how did Urmi get pregnant? He tries to go to her, but is stopped by a guy. He says he came to receive him as elevator stopped working. Urmi picks up her stuff and leaves. Samrat goes for his meeting then. He can’t seem to concentrate on anything and keeps recalling the lady telling urmi to take care in her pregnancy.

Shaurya is left alone outside school as all kids go home. He starts crying. Ishaan is near there and he sees him. He goes to him and calms him down. Shaurya first says his mum said not to talk to strangers, but Ishaan starts conversing and asks him to tell his problem. Shaurya says his mum still didn’t come to pick him up. Ishaan says she must be stuck

in some work and until she doesn’t come he decides to spend time with him. Ishaan asks him if he’s hungry. He says yes and he wants a burger. Ishaan goes to get it. Just then Urmi comes and leaves with Shaurya. Ishaan comes back and thinks he must have left. He already starts missing his new friend.

In an auto, Shaurya tells Urmi he was so scared. Urmi says she will never be late again. He wants to eat burger and they go to a café.

In meeting, Samrat is asked to give his opinion, but he’s lost in thoughts.

Urmi and Shaurya are in café. Shaurya needs sauce and he goes to get it. He sees Ishaan and introduces him to Urmi as world’s best mumma and both are surprised. Urmi gets little mad, but controls her anger. Shaurya tells her he’s very nice person as he took care of him earlier. Shaurya tells him to sit with them. Ishaan says if his mum doesn’t mind, then he can join them. Before Urmi says anything, Shaurya says she doesn’t mind. Ishaan joins in which Urmi doesn’t like. Shaurya asks Ishaan where he stays. Ishaan says he just came here for a reason and is living in hotel. Shaurya tells him to stay in their house saying there’s an extra room. Urmi gets mad but calms herself down and tells Shaurya it’s Tiwari uncle and Sushma’s house, they can’t decide who can stay there. Shaurya doesn’t listen. Ishaan then interrupts and tells Shaurya he’s very good kid, but he can’t live there. Urmi tells Shaurya to finish eating fast. She removes ice from cold drink. Shaurya demands he wants ice and Urmi gets mad. Ishaan again interrupts and nicely explain it to Shaurya. Urmi feeds him and Ishaan wipes his face. Kanchan sees them together and gets shocked. She’s disgusted with Urmi. She calls Samrat and says Ishaan took his place, she just saw 3 in a café and they were like a happy family. Samrat gets mad. His associates tell him what is this. He doesn’t pay any attention and is also receiving his personal calls. They also get calls, but they don’t pick up. Samrat fumes at them and says he doesn’t want any deal with them. He tells them to leave his office. They remind him that he’s at their place. He then quietly leaves from there. He thinks if his fear about Urmi being pregnant with Ishaan’s child comes true, then she will have to pay big price.

Sushma helps Urmi to put all stuff in kitchen. She then remembers Ishaan asked her to find out who is Urmi’s lawyer. She asks Urmi about it. Urmi remembers how someone fooled her and took her money promising to help her in case. Urmi tries to change topic, but Sushma asks her again. Urmi says it’s some Sharma and gives a name to her. Urmi then says in her mind how to tell Sushma that she has no lawyer nor money.

Shashi has called a jeweler to check jewelries. The jeweler tells her they are fake. She tells him to check again. Radha comes there and Shashi fumes at her asking how she can come inside like that. Kanchan sends her away and tells Shashi why she’s behaving like that with her sister. Those jewelries were there before Radha came and if it was like that, then she had to be careful. The jeweler finishes checking and confirms some of the jewelries are fake. Aditi remembers she gave those to Amrit.

Samrat remembers Kanchan telling him about seeing the three together, Shashi filling up his mind with Urmi’s possible affair and kid with Ishaan. Just then he sees Urmi and stops his car. He follows her deciding to make Urmi confess all that she did and then show her.

They come inside a hospital. Urmi goes to see a gynecologist. Samrat sees it and goes to the desk and questions nurse why Urmi came here, how many months are done in her pregnancy. The nurse asks him who he is. He says he’s her husband. Nurse asks him if he thinks she’s mad. She saw her husband last time and if he’s her husband, how he would not know about pregnancy time. Samrat says he’s her husband and he has rights to know what’s going on. The nurse takes out file to see father’s name. She shows him it says Ishaan there. Samrat is shocked. The nurse tells him to leave now before she calls security. Urmi comes outside. He hides and stares her with anger.

Precap: Samrat is fuming in a bar. He says to himself, they didn’t do good with him and he intends to take revenge such a way that no one will find out any information about them. Some goons attack on Ishaan with a knife and stabs him (probably in samrat’s imagination).

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. All these programes has the same story line the loser never comes out a winner.The writter is so f**k up in this head that he has no ideas to show women that they are not cheap.It is sad that Indians in India are happy with all this stupid and all the storie lines are the same borring borring please start watching top tv all the best actors are going there it is the best to watch that in time zee tv will have no viewers.Please change the writter(f***K up)

    1. Marlyn b*t*h u need help u dont get these programmes that’s the main reason

    2. u r fre to watch…. OR NOT

    3. fan of the show

      What? You’ve got to be kidding, rght?

    4. fan of the show

      same story line – nope, tension, the essence of soaps, yes, but same story, no
      loser never winner -nope, Urmi still has her self-respect and courage is the winner
      doesn’t show women that they are not cheap – wrong, Urmi is a role model for women in her situation, has never resorted to cheap tactics; other women in the cast, yes, Urm, no
      storyline boring – some may agree with you, but I think they choose not to watch

  2. Too bad for same at. He is becoming mad everyday. Lyk urmi and Is an together

    1. Yah, he’s a real loser.
      So the lesson is that all would-be’s should watch their future mate in many different, and especially in difficult situations, to break through the dating facade of always nice and loving .Urmi did not want to break her fantasy of the perfect happy marriage. Being hopeful should not make us blind.

  3. Nice epi & what a precap! This serial is getting even more interesting!!

  4. ur free to watch or not watch – and to agree or not agree with the material – so what’s the problem and why all the foul language? if you can’t state your opinion with reasons why, why bother? you may be helping yourself by letting of steam at a fictional story, but you’re not helping anyone else understand why you think it’s so bad

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