Doli Armaanon Ki 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan is shocked at shashi’s revelation. he rushes out to be able to trak urmi’s whereabouts. ishaan drives frantically on the road, to get some news of urmi.

In their room, damini and anirudh talk about how lucky they are to have ishaan and urmi, instead of shashi, who got a vicious son like samrat. they discuss about the evning party and if anybody is left to be invited. She exclaims that she doesnt even have a dress to wear. Anirudh mocks her. the buzzer rings again, and to their surprise, sandhya walks in and asks them to close their eyes. they comply excitedly. sandhya comes and then gets a gift. they open their eyes, while sandhya shows them the dresses that ishaan has selected for them for the party in the evening.

they love the dresses, while commenting as to ishaan won their hearts today, by making every moment a memorable one for them.

Scene 2:
location: Warehouse
urmi finally arrives at the isolated location and goes inside, boggled at the weird place that she got the address for. She screams for anyone, and suddenly hears the doors shut. then the flashlights are turned on, and after being blinded by them, when she is finally able to open her eyes, she sees that samrat is standing before her. she asks whats he doing here and whats all this. He says that he has trapped her finally. she tries to duck and escape, but he tugs at the rope in his hand, and urmi is trapped in a wire mesh, hanging from the ceiling. she desperately tries to tug free, having been caught unawares, while samrat smirks at her. He comments as to how she who is on top of all things at all times, is now trapped by him. He remarks as to how the tables have turned, the person who he was expecting mercy from, is at his mercy now. She asks what does he want. he says that finally, he is here to settle all scores. urmi asks if he actually thinks he shall get away with everything. samrat says that he feels so duly, and that she wont be able to change a thing. urmi says that all devils think they are undefeatable, until they are finally destroyed. Samrat ridicules her, saying that she wont bring his end. she asks him whats his reason to lock her here like this, for forgiveness, as he wont ever get that forcefully or otherwise. samrat laughs and says that he is here to give and not take anything. urmi gets scared and asks whats he doing. he says that he shall give her salvation, and begins to spill the oil around her in a circle, while she is petrified, as she keeps struggling in her trap. he says that he shall have to die, as she has made life unbearable for him. She says that he wont be able to save himself, as for his information, he should know that ishaan knows everything. this stuns samrat, while urmi says that even ifshe dies, he would expose him. samrat says that he too shall have to die then. She asks him not to even think. he says that they shall be together in death too, and asks her to die peacefully. He then lights up the matchstick, promising her ishaan’s death too, and she asks him not to go nuts. He finally drops the matchstick, and bids her a final goodbye, and drops it on the ground, which immediately flares up in flames. urmi screams out ishaan’s name, shocked and horrified. samrat guffaws loudly.

ishaan keeps asking for the address form strangers but isnt able to get through. Finally, one of them gives him the right direction, and he surges through hastily, praying fervently for urmi’s safety. finally, he arrives where urmi is trapped. ishaan finds samrat walking towards the car, and lunges at him. samrat thinks that he too came, and this is the right chance, to send him too to urmi. ishaan frnatically asks where’s urmi. samrat shows him that urmi is burning, and asks him to save her if he can. ishaan warns that he shall kill her if anything happens to her. he rushes inside. samrat thinks that he should first save her, and then think about avenging from him, as he too shall die in the fire, in his bid to sdave urmi. he banks that urmi and ishaan shall definitely be burnt alive today. ishaan rushes in. urmi keeps screaming that she shall burn, and begs for ishaan to save him, while he desperately tries to makee his way through the drastic fire, trying to avoid getting burned, to be able to reach to urmi safely, to save her. urmi is frantically shouting, terribly scared. Outside, samrat resolves that today he shall go only after having witnessed their deaths today, once and for all. inside, ishaan desperately tries to get to urmi, who’s stuck in almost a death trap. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Ishaan desperately tries to save urmi, while she is in tears, very scared. Outside, evilly samrat thinks that today nothing can save urmi from being dead. The trap hangs barely by the thread which too is increasingly giving away as it burns. ishaan notices this and is shocked. meanwhile, while shashi prays for urmi’s safety, she is scared when she sees the earthen pit kept alight for their safety, geos off. Finally, urmi lets out a fatal scream, as her wire mesh trap falls in the circle of fire.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samrat is wicked

    1. fan of the show

      He is every abuser all rolled into one character. All of the things he has done have been done already by “real” abusers. The story shows how unbelievably far people will go to bother, annoy, stalk, take revenge, and actually kill for their bruised ego. The rat is just a concentrated version of this sickness. He represents a lot of sick people.

      1. fan of the show

        People have a hard time remembering the story is fiction. Mohit Malik, the actor who portrays the rat, says his real-life wife gets more hate mail than he does. What is it that makes rational adults do such a disgusting thing as writing a hate letter to the relatives of an actor who portrays a negative role?

      2. This is how abusers minds operate.They love to see the victim squirm in pain.Some abusers have sadististic behavior.They enjoy what they do.They have an adrenilin rush to do these things.

  2. This is the 2nd time he’s using fire to kill his enemies, he’s officially an arsonist. He’s getting away with a lot. He’s been given way too much leeway.

    1. fan of the show

      Arsonist, murderer, bigamist, con man, chauvinist, theif, can you think of any criminal he is NOT?

  3. Hope urmi will be saved

    1. fan of the show

      Spoilers say she gets saved, but has to have plastic surgery for her burns. Comes back and is played by a different actress.

  4. if they change urmi s character n bring someone else to take her part , it won’t have the same charm… plz dont let urmi leavvee ….. ppplllzzz

    1. fan of the show

      They changed Ishaan’s actor and everybody got used to it. It just takes a few shows to change your mental picture.

  5. Absolutely disgusting, why did they hav to do tat, Samrat now shud neva eva be let out of jail , he shud ROT ther for the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wud they also allow Urmi to pick up the cake, they ar rich , cud they not find a servant so my opinion story line was crap, why was Ishaan sitting like a woman in the house an decorating surly they hav ppl to do tat. As for Ishaan I hav just no respect for him, I went for his show in SA, and he says because of his f**kin family he is here 2day , how cud he swear in front of thousands of ppl, ther were old ppl 2. He just was so disrespectful coming frm India (U ar not frm America) so ur bhaviour was deplorable, actually was wondering were u high on sumthin to make such a statement!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      Interesting bias there: Americans are disrespectful.

    2. It is not Americans alone that use that swear word.Right on these comments people of your culture write this cuss word for cthers to read not knowing who the other commenters are.

  6. is now you know samrat is wicked samrat is evil incarnate he is a beast in human form but anyway my grief is with the writers why did they have to put an end to urmi this way writers if someone is taking urmis place please do not let Ishaan die another thing writers why could you not let urmi and ishaa just leave and go to another country with shaurya and kill off samrat before they leave that would have been a better script but no you writers always have to write shit and so we the viewers are totally fed up and annoyed at what you did to urmi

  7. we love urmi and so we cannot accept what you writers did we will not accept this shit script so fix it

  8. watching…

  9. I know that urmi recently got married and wants to spend time with her husband but her husband should be understanding too remember she is an actor and an excellent one at it so why put her in a position to end her contract when you could have waited for the serial to end and I am sure once samrat is dead and urmi leaves the serial will end in no time at all so writers we could have had a little more time with our love urmi so sad to see her go does this mean that she is giving up her career in acting what a waste

    1. fan of the show

      That’s the advantage of fiction – the story can take any turn the authors want, whether it’s from new twists in the story or from actors changing. Actors have personal lives, too, and I doubt that many people would consider a fictional story is more important than family.

    2. I understand your desires but she also has a husband to give her attentions to also.Yes she is an excellent actress but she needs time off also.If Samrat is killed will you think that is real justice.No one must fight a fire with fire inorder to gain true justice.Samrat will be punished more than you think.

    3. Do you not think this was mutually done for her to make such drastic termination to end her contract. Will you not do the same if you are drafted into that position.Be open minded and continue watching the show you may like the other actress also.

  10. I went to zee concert in dbn and Purab used the F….K word not Ishaan Ishaan was fun n awesome

    1. Thank you Shirleen.He is awesome.

  11. No evil gets his way every time…why are the writers showing that the bad person can hurt a thousand times & when revenge is taken from him only once…now any ending whatsoever given to samrat’s character would never-ever justify the tortures urmi had to go through. …trust me directors you’ve just lost the whole track…when both urmi & ishaan knew samrat’s every bad doing then what was stopping them from exposing him before the whole family ??? Y are positive characters in serials always shown as “samaj sudharak” ?? Had samrat been trapped in urmi’s place that would have been a befitting punishment for all his bad deeds…writers hv really-really disappointed the viewers…

    1. fan of the show

      The rat committed innumerable acts of violence because he couldn’t get what he wanted. In wanting to do violence to the rat, are we not committing the same badness he is?

      1. fan of the show

        You may think “he deserves it” but that’s what abusers also think… their victims deserve it.

        Doesn’t this thinking have to change somehow?

      2. Exactly Fan–That type of thinking cannot reform an abuser but send them further into darkness.These people need help.This is a psycological problem which has a controlled overtone to control their victims.

  12. it is time you bring new actors and story lines

  13. Oh no Ishan dies by saving samrat and current urmi changes and samrat also commits suicide wow what a lovely ending what the hell why the serial writer tells that Ishan dies well we means all the viewers love ❤ Ishaan character very much and he is preety awesome for the serial noooooooooo…….. . Ishan can’t die …………….

    1. fan of the show

      The actor playing Ishaan wants to leave the show.

      It must be very trying for the actors to portray their subject matter. It is not surprising to me that so many want to take the leap in time as a chance to get out. Domestic violence is a very upsetting matter, and wanting a break from it is perfectly understandable.

      1. That happens most of the time because the abuse starts taking toll of their lifes andnot every actor or actress is prepared for such pressure on their mental.It isvery distressing especially if you have a family member in this position.

  14. Worst episode ever. If they put another actress to play the part of urmi, this show is doomed. I’m not watching it anymore.

    1. fan of the show

      Hi Padma, Change is not always bad, In fact if we want to be better human beings, change is necessary. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the new Urmi. Give it a chance before you close your mind, then decide. You may be glad you did.

  15. fan of the show

    I wonder if Ishaan’s parents will still be alive in 20 years. They will forever remember their anniversary as the day they lost their oldest son, and it won’t be a happy occasion any more.

    1. fan of the show

      Untimely death of a loved one is very hard to take. Even those who have led a long and fruitful life are mourned when they pass away. There are thousands of families going through this all the time, due to murders, wars, domestic violence, accidents, mass shootings, and natural disasters. So, even though death is inevitable, we still grieve, because of our attachment to our loved ones, and our sense of loss. This loss is unique to the living, because the dead are no longer attached.

    2. It is hard to acceptthe deathof you only son .This is the hardest thing to accept and I believe he will be remembered everyday of their lives.Twenty years from now his mother and sister will always regret they had ever met Samrat.Let us hope the baby was saved and grow to maturity till birth.

    3. I doubt they’ll be alive including Shashi. I think they’re all leaving.

  16. Urmi better come out of there alive, is all I have to say.

    1. I hope the baby survives. They’re killing Urmi all over again, losing Ishaan and the baby. What are they truing to portray?

      1. fan of the show

        At least Urmi got some happiness with Ishaan. Now she knows that every husband is not like the rat.

  17. It may be like the film yeh vada raha – sunita (Urmi in this case) with a new face. That’s if she doesn’t perish in the fire.

  18. you guys want to know how I rate urmi well urmi is sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful she is perfect in every way so I rate my sweet urmi as a TEN YES I GIVE URMI A PERFECT 10 and with that I say to urmi good bye and good luck in all your endeavours you are the best

    1. Oh yes Gloria she is.

  19. No matter what justifcation some people have for SAMRAT and his character – will hate him forever. Hope he rots in hell for what he does.

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe that’s where suiciders go.

      1. That is true—suiciders destiny is to hell .Tere is no redemption for those who commit that sin.If so his punishment will be everlasting .

  20. if they change urmi & ishaan’s character n bring someone else to take their part , it won’t have the same charm… plz dont let leave them

  21. Samrat ………A hhh I hate you , just wanted urmi and ishaan to have a lovely life with the new baby coming and shaurya but this demon Samrat has no feelings

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