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Doli Armaanon Ki 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh and others praising Urmi for putting up such a fight against the rapists’ lawyer. Urmi says she was nervous as well, but then she got Diya’s face in front of her eyes. Shaurya and Diya tell her they always had faith in her. Shaurya wonders about how those rapists got money for top lawyer’s fees and also how they were able to out on bail. Urmi says she also thought about it. Shaurya says there must be someone supporting them. Other hand, the lawyer assures someone that Urmi may have challenged him today, but in end they will win. The person gives him money and the lawyer says that will make him bring victory faster.

Urmi and Anirudh discuss about bail with an inspector. The inspector praises Urmi’s fight and promises them to give him full

support and bring the rapists back in the lockup. He informs them about one of the goons’ contacts is a rich person and he might be helping them as that goon’s father helped him a lot. Urmi gets a call and goes outside. Some goons come to her and blackens her face, warning her to back out from the case. Anirudh comes to help Urmi and the goons go after him as well. Soon police come and the goons run away on their bikes. Anirudh asks Urmi if she’s alright and who were those people. Urmi says they came to threaten her, but now she will fight even harder.

Shaurya returns home from somewhere. It starts raining. He runs inside, but then stops and comes outside again and enjoys the rain. Diya comes in the balcony to get all the clothes. Shaurya asks her to join him. She says no. Shaurya reminds her how she used to enjoy rain and invite him. He invites her saying she’s missing something good, just like she used to say him. She agrees. She comes and both enjoy the rain together. Karan sees and gets jealous. Damini also sees them and gets angry. She comes outside and tells Ishaani to enjoy the rain as well like Shaurya and Diya. Ishaani says she doesn’t like rain and all that. What if she gets sick. She tells Damini not to get started now and leaves. Sandhya asks Damini why she’s always behind Diya. If she’s getting happiness, then let her. Damini says her clothes are touching to her body, she’s all wet, and is with Shaurya like that. Sandhya says Diya is a good girl, she is not understanding her correctly. Diya comes in and goes to her room. Sandhya says she got smile first time after that incident, so let it go. Damini says she won’t compromise her house’s happiness for her.

Outside, Karan taunts Shaurya and tells him to have some fun with Diya as well. He says some dirty things which angers Shaurya. Karan asks if he’s in love with her? Shaurya is all quiet. Karan warns her that she’s not worth love or marriage, so be careful. Shaurya again gets angry and says what a selfish person like him would know about love.

Diya is drying her hair. Damini comes and says it doesn’t look like she was raped. Diya is confused. Damini says the way she was enjoying outside, she would invite anyone to rape her. Diya says she is not understanding her and sneezes. Damini tells her not to get sick now, else Shaurya and Urmi will take whole house on their head, and so will Anirudh. Diya says she’s fine. Damini says thank god. If she stays fine, then all will stay fine. She leaves.

Shaurya, Diya, Urmi are in search of the clues. Urmi is lost in thoughts. Shaurya asks her if she’s alright. She says yes and asks them to look for cameras in area. Shaurya says there are no CCTV cameras. Just then they spot a private camera. Urmi says they can try at least to get the footage. They go to that house and talk to the owner.

Precap: They are watching the footage and Diya spots car in which she was taken away.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Nice very nice episode. but please im requesting u put damini through some thing so bad so she shut her big dirt mouth up I can’t tolerate her heartless and jealous of diya and urmi

  2. great episode as usual. i hope they find the hard evidence that will help them win the case. I’m still curious as to who is behind this, who is helping the Rapist’s win the case. someone influential of course…. but who?

    1. fan of the show

      It looks like the guy whose son was exposed for the hit and run accident by Shaurya’s newspaper (Diya reporting) Is working with the crooked lawyer, who also puts the goons up to rape and threats to Urmi. They are looking at footage from a private security camera – I was thinking it might be the one at the place where Shaurya caught Diya trying to cut the electrified fence, but that doesn’t make sense because if that’s the guy who’s doing rape for hire, he wouldn’t give them the footage from his security camera. Oh well, we shall see.

  3. According to what I read there is a rich parent behind the funding of money to the lawyer.I also believe the attacks on Urmi are form the same man who is doing the dirty work.When I read this this story it reminded me of a certain rape case in which the rapist came from a renowned family and his family paid of the judge and lawyers just to win the case so that his son will not go to prison.After the incident he sent the son away to another country. The young girl sooner or later became pregnant and persisted that the child was his. After she gave birth she was ordered to do a DNA test on the child by his parents and this child was his son’s child. This young man was eventually returned to his country and tried for the rape and serve his time.Unfortunately, this child was the only child this young man was able to conceive and was the only grand child to the rich family. The lesson learned—-No matter how much money someone has it cannot cover up the truth for the rest of your life.Therefore ,eventually ,Diya will be given justice no matter how much money these people have. God is a God of justice and truth and he pays every man according to their work here on earth.No evil goes unpunished even though it takes years to materialize.

  4. Damini is older than Urmi and Diya. I think she is actually jealous them, first it was they younger and prettier Urmi and now Diya came in the picture. I think that’s the reason she is so mean….she needs to have a heart and emotions before she can look good

  5. What if Samrat never did die and he is back again…yikes!!!

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