Doli Armaanon Ki 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While damini and anirudh are talking, a strange buzzer starts ringing, and they are alarmed and then plesantly surprised, when they have an overhead shower of petals. The family gathers and each of them wishes them a happy anniversary. anirudh too wishes damini, who is overwhelmed that he forgave her. She too wishes him and then thanks him for his considerate nature. thereafter, ishaan tells them, that throughout the buzzer shall keep ticking, and that shall mark one of their surprises. They are amused and surprised when they know that ishaanplanned this and not urmi.

Later, urmi and ishaan, have a romantic session in their room, where he promises her also to be very partyicular about making every anniversary special in their life.

Downstairs, while all are chatting, the buzzer rings again, and ishaan asks them to close their eyes. Thety comply. he presents a lifesize portrait of them. When they open their eyes and see it, they are thoroughly emotional and overwhelmed. then urmi gets a call from the bakery topick their ordered cake. Ishaan and anirudh offer to go, but she shuts them both saying that she shall manage. She leaves.

Later, while shashi is busy preparing with sandhya, she gets samrat’s call, taunting her about the cake, as the delievry guy does so. shashi is tensed as to where urmi went, samrat says that she went to her death, as he faked the voice and got her to come out. Shashi reprimands him and pleads him not to do anything rash. samrat listens intently but doesnt relent. Samrat tells shashi. that he has decided to put an end to urmi’s life today. shashi is very scared and decides to call urmi. meanwhile, oblivious to this, urmi is happily driving her car on the road. Meanwhile, shashi is super scared, that urmi’s phone isnt going through. she is oblivious that samrat has already taken the sim out, detailing that he has created the exact precision, to get rid of her finally. he breaks into a huge guffaw. meanwhile, shashi decides that she shall have to tell ishaan everything. she searches for ishaan, and then tells everything that samrat has planned. ishaan is super shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi is traspped in a warehouse by samrat and then fire burned around her. ishaan drives frantically on the road, to get some news of urmi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. urmi face gets burned and neha marda leaves the show

    1. What the he’ll is wrong ? with u and this can’t be happened ok u got that Neha can’t quiet the show otherwise the serial will be full of shit without her and I love ❤ her character and urmi and Ishan too they r great couple ?

      1. fan of the show

        Yes, Neha is quitting the show.

  2. What is wrong wit this ppl, how can they b so careless!!!!!!!!!!!! Urmi must get burnt, n they did not realise they wanted to change a SHAITAAN, how stupid now Urmi had to get burnt!!!!!! Terrible injustice??????????

    1. fan of the show

      Haven’t you read about all the bride burning that happens to women every year?

      1. Oh my goodness! Is not this cruel,harsh and cultish with a demonic part to it.This law should be challenged and removed.They are burnt as garbage,What a pity and so horific.

  3. what the hell!! if urmi goes then there is no story left–

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi did not go. She gets burned, then surged and comes back ith a new face.

      1. Fan did you remember I did say this is what happens when the abuser cannot win ,he tries to end the victim’s life.

  4. this is what I said that is why I asked the writers to please let urmi finish the serial try and speed up some years and please shaurya will be all grown up now please do not use samrat as shauyra all grown we are fed up of samrats ugly big face give us a nice hansome young man for shauyra someone like hritick roshan salman khan or askay kumar even amir khan but please not samrath again LOL

    1. My dear observer we have to realize that this is what they had already written before the show crossed over therefore it will not be changed.Let us wait and see what the writers will bring to the table to enhance the ways abuse swhould be conquered.

  5. writers what you fail to understand is once you have a good actor playing a part it is very hard to replace someone else as that actor will have unique traits that the other cannot fulfill urmi can be angry but yet still have this innocence to her character that she alone can portray so please please do not let urmi burn in the fire why samrat must be getting away with his evil deeds all the time nay I am so fed up it is about time the serial end and sam the rat gets whats coming to him his dooms day

    1. fan of the show

      He does. Spoilers said he gets trapped and killed in a car when a tree falls on him.

      1. Are we been given mixed messages.It was said that Samrat’s son will shoot him then ,now it is that he is killed by an accident with a fallen tree .Which one is the truth?

      2. fan of the show

        The latest I’ve seen is that the rat commits suicide. Don’t know if it’s true.

  6. Ummkhari Said

    I will stop watching this series once urmi is gone

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi does not go.

      1. Although I really love Urmi and Hate to see her character changed but the importanc is to bring some one in to bring this story to a complete end and show us the purpose of the positives and negatives of this crisis that is plaguing the communities .

  7. Who’s Neha? Is that Urmi’s real name?

    1. Yes Dats her real name

    2. fan of the show

      You can find her if you google neha marda

  8. Pls end dis show.its becoming irritating

    1. fan of the show

      What’s so irritating?

      1. fan of the show

        It’s pretty much ending, don’t you think? Post leap will be another whole story.

  9. you writers are full of shit !!!!!!!!! I don’t think you’ll ever win an award with this flop series. Your pointing the youth that they get away with lies en deceit. Shame on you !!You writers think were stupid fools that are watching. Everybody knows that even if you went trough a face surgery, you’ll be the same, only the face change. so even if you bring somebody in the show to play Urmi, she’ll never have the voice or character of Urmi. You stupid fools. Do make your homework better next time. I wonder if you people .

    I wonder if you guys had a good vision about the show.I also wonder if your humans with principles, norm and values. I think not.
    Worthless writers. !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      THAT’S the Gloria I remember.

    2. fan of the show

      Precious, have you ever read up on what the purpose of this show is? To showcase domestic violence in all its gory detail, and show how this crime ruins families. And also to show that those who do not retaliate with violence (Urmi) can turn nasty people around.

  10. come on writers a tree falling on samrats car and trapping him that is tooooo easy a death for samrath I want samrath to see what is coming to him and it should be something huge and let shastri see the monster she as a mother produced why urmi must get burnt up in a fire beyond recognition but he samrath the evil one get off so easy being trapped in a car he samrath started the fire for urmi so let him too get a fire in his ass when the tree falls on the car then that will be poetic justice for urmi

    1. Observer although we may want to see him be destroyed in such a brutal way and then becme happy about it is one thing but just think back what is happeng to his tortured life mentally and if he survives physically.His life will be worst.Then what happens he will not be able to live in peace.Is not this worst than poetic justice.

  11. gulshangrover

    Urmi will get burnt and thats the End of Neha’s Character and Post Leap Manasi Salvi will be New Urmi.. Now this is Shocking, Ishaan will die in the Fire a Heroic death, but wait for it, he will die trying to save Samrat bcoz Apparently Samrat will get caught in his Own Trap, so Ishaan will Save Samrat and He will Die in the Process.. Samrat Apparently Realizes his Past Mistakes, begs the Family for Forgiveness and then Commits Suicide… And then the Leap will Finally take Place

    1. fan of the show

      Did you just make that all up?
      how about a link?

    2. fan of the show

      That means all the characters in the end of the story get turned around except James and Kiran. Neatly signed, sealed and delivered.

  12. gulshangrover

    What a Load of Crap

  13. i think yew re giving samrat to much ryt in dis serial nd yew mk urmi suffer so much cnt yew let her live in peace

    1. fan of the show

      They are only showing what happens to victims of dometic violence in real life. So people will become more aware of the problem,, aand maybe change the situation.

      1. Greatly said.—-Being Aware of the Problem—-Well said.

  14. what the hell is ishaan going to die??

    1. fan of the show


      1. Fan what will become of the baby? No father .Then The mother has to raise him by herself.Did you realize that this is also a problem withinthe homes of domestic violence.Now the script will start portraying another side of this crisis.Sometimes the child grandparents tries to remove them from the wife.So let us see if this will be introduced into the script.

  15. I think this series is a lot of nonsense and how can the writer go so low to abuse women.i don’t want to watch this soapie anymore .I thought urmi was going to have a baby and she and ishaan was going to have a happy life together.

    1. fan of the show

      They are only acting out what is happening in millions of homes around the world.

  16. Well yea…Ishaan will die trying to save samrat and thus samrat will realise his mistakes. He will go to urmi for forgiveness and ask her to punish him but then she will say that Ishaan wanted to bring him on the right path and since now he’s into it she wont punish him. Sangeet filled with guilt will commit suicide and that will be the end of his character. Because Mohit malik( samrat) chose Jhalak over doli armaanon Ki and is quitting the show for it

    1. fan of the show

      So maybe the leap happens some time next week?

  17. fan of the show

    I doubt that characters like the rat in the real world can change overnight, even after a near-death experience. But it’s nice for the story. I also doubt that fans of the show will be satisfied that he bumped himslef off without getting punished, even though a change of heart is what really solves the problems he created.

    1. fan of the show

      I wonder if Mohit Malik will be able to overcome the negative reactions people get when they see his face. He should have stayed on and taken the role of a positive human being before moving on to his next gig.

      1. This is why he should not have acted the son’s part and let some onelse do it.He was hated so much during the first series and I believe that this character has done a lot to him and may not be forgotten by the viewers or he may be forgiven by them and be accepted.One never know3swhat will happen.

    2. From studies many abuser become reformed due to rehabilitation and became good and decent citezens after this ordeal.One has to be willing to go through this transformation to become a better person.Some do kill themselves because of shame .Some never get remarried and some becmes mentally unstable.This is not an easy problem as far as I know.

  18. I looked at the contestants for the dance show and urmi was not there on the listings

  19. I don’t like the sneak preview for episode 411. It us too violant yar

  20. This is a very tragegic serial! You don’t need to burn people to replace them. Whatever the case the person who replaces will never be the initial person. For example, the first time Ishaan disappeared from the show, he wasn’t killed, he travelled. You don’t really need to send across a message through such a tragic end. It is so disgusting!

    1. fan of the show

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the writers are drawing from real-life examples for this story. Yes, they are definitely disgusting events.

      1. Yes ,I believe the writers will draw events from domestic abuse in the homes today.There will be disgusting evnts inorder to show case the true nature of dometic violence.When someone studies.reads,views and investigates domestic violece it is not a pretty site and not a easy tablet to swallow.Domestic violence may seems just a passing thing but there a many great dangers in this study.

  21. Rather their approach will rather encourage perpetrators of domestic violence, by encouraging them to continue in their evil plots as they will always have their way and succeed in inflicting much pain on their victims.When Ishaan dies, Urmi will be sad again. What even happens to the baby she’s carrying? This serial is really a waste of time. It has nothing good to teach, but encourage people in their evil ways

    1. fan of the show

      Always? Nobody always gets their way.

  22. Suicide for Samrat is a very easy way of escape for cowards. We can’t change people, God alone does. There are people in life no matter how well you treat them they’ll handly change until they have a divine encounter.

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