Doli Armaanon Ki 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s Residence
While all discuss as to how tani’s rash behaviour has resulted into many people questioning the nature of the marriage. Damini proposes that since all is done, they should just get ahead and accept the marriage, and throw in a joint reception. Just then, samrat, who is enjoying the drama, comes down pretending to be talking on the phone, and horrifed that the news of their marriage is on TV. They all watch and are shocked. Anirudh is super angry. But they have no option but to relent. Samrat meanwhile talks to the waiter of the hotel, who is getting all the work done for him, and promises to pay him off soon.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
All lament on urmi’s unending problems with samrat, and

how urmi and shaurya are deeply affected by samrat’s return. Devi asks them to concentrate now on the reception. thy are all tensed.

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Scene 3:
Location: Reception Venue
Ishaan is super frustrated as anirudh throws a joined doble reception along with samrat and tani, as guests starts pouring in. Urmi calms him down saying that they need to put a polite and sweety face for the sake of society and can discuss it when they get home. Tani and ishaan get up to mingle with guests. Urmi keeps sitting stoical and stern, as samrat leaves no stone unturned in amusingly taunting her, and then warns her, as an ex-loyal husband, that if she doesnt buckle up soon, she would be reduced to nothing, and it would be a disaster for guarantee. He reminds what happened at the Munh Dikhayi, and that its just a trailer, as he would have to repay her back, for all that she did to him, along with interest. urmi replies that the day he is exposed, he wont even be able to be anyone’s past and asks him to think of his future. He says that he shall rob him of all her respect and self esteem. Tani comes back and tells that her father loves her a lot, to have put up this grand party. samrat too excitedly says that tani can charm anyone. But inside, he thiks that she is a fool who doesnt know that she is just a pawn for his bigger play. Anirudh meanwhile introduces his friends to urmi’s family. Damini tauntingly asks saroj how she feels to see both of urmi’s husbands together and continues to taunt that urmi and samrat are unseparable, and hence maybe god wants their destinies to be entangled together. sandhya is amused. Dadiji and saroj are extremely unconfortable, as they comment that their children got second hand counter parts. dadiji tries to prove that ishaan is meant for urmi, but they keep being insulted with snide comments.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Friends taunt tani for this eloping marriage. As tani and others banter, ishaan and urmi are tensed. They ask samrat of his profession, and tani comes in for his defense saying that he doesnt need to, as he can easily handle the vast business of his father. urmi and ishaan smirk at samrat’s uncomfortable demeanour. they start taunting samrat at his living off his wife’s expenses. Tani shuts them off, and the friends leave. urmi snidely looks at samrat, who’s frustrated.

Later, anirudh asks tani and ishaan to come along to be introduced to his special friend. Samrat rushes to go along with them. But anirudh asks him to stay where he is, as he isnt talking to him. They are taken along. Samrat fumes saying that very soon things shall change. He then narrates everything to tani, who says that they are boring people as it is, and then cheers him saying that he neednt be bored. She turns him off too. he fumingly eyes urmi chatting with all his business partners. Then he tells about his Kulguru, whose blessings would make a success out of their marriage. Urmi is excited to meet him. Samrat fumes silently. he thinks that urmi is getting a lot of attention. urmi sits beside him and tells samrat that respect isnt begotten for granted, and that it has to be earned, which is beyond his capabilities. Samrat fumes irritably, while urmi smirks. The screen freezes on samrat’s face.

Precap: The kulguru reprimands anirudh for bringing a bahu like this, and asks what got into him to do something like this. he listens silently wih his head hung low. all are shocked and tensed. Samrat smiles evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samrat makes the film happen. I kinda miss Shashikala( HIS MOTHER)

  2. writers this is the worse I never see sooooooooooooooo much shit yet in one soap I would really like to know who is writing so much shit

    1. ni kweli uyasemayo

  3. Am done, Won’t watch it again.

  4. I yhink tgey should bring radha into picture as radha is samrats wife he didn’t had divorce with her n if he has one wife other marriage is neglected and then tani will no longer be samrats wife n im I’m sure samrat must nit have told tani about radha

  5. Urmi’s character is actually too weak even after divorcing Samrat. I am unable to understand what gives Sandhya all that clout in another’s house. Never mind that numbskull Damini who crumbles each time Sandhya taunts her. To sum it all up, evidence against Samrat from the constable in the police station to Radha and everyone in between should be brought in and bring him down to his knees. After crying blood like a “kutta”, he should be stricken with an incurable disease and suffer for all his sins before dying in utter poverty in a slum. Glad that his own mother scammed him. She is the one who has landed him in poverty and now he is mooching off rich folks and even trying to swizzle their Bank accounts and property. What a creep! He must be paid very highly by the producers. Last episode was my LAST. No more of this crap!

  6. n person Samrat is a good actor.But in this serial Samrat is stench.He is garbage.He is a vulcher but
    we call them a cobeaux—-some one who feeds on people and animals that are dead.I watch that
    episode lastnight and I was so angry I could have torn that garbage to nothing.Urmi should tape him when he is threatening her..Urmi you have to be one step ahead of him.Go and bring all your witnesses who testify against him.What about the police who locked him up when he beat you,now use those evidence against him.Ishaan is staying too quiet.Get up and move out from there.Take her back to foreign and live a happy life.Stop being MAMA’S boy.These writers are using Samrat to make men look bad and also humiliate women.

    1. fan of the show

      I think this show is telling us that even if you are a good person, you still need ot stand up to the wicked and not let them walk all over you.

  7. Guess these people haven’t heard about getting trial transcripts with all the evil documented events Samrat committed. Someone once asked me if I don’t feel stupid when I watch this show…I must admit I do…so I just read updates now

  8. I think this show should be taken of the air. Pure shit.

  9. Samrat ko khane meh seher deke mardena chaye. Thats it he always win whyyyyyy yaaaaarrr is enough

  10. Why dere is no updates on 17th feb episode in doli armaanon ki????

  11. its the 21 century wake up women!!!! Women are no longer men door mats how can Urmi be so educated lived in a strange place for 5years and crumble when Samrat has come back, come on Urmi show the men women are no longer so weak , stop crying and smell the coffee. Ishan acts like a lost puppy so does his Mum, writers, directors wake up!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      It was great when samRat imagined Urmi sitting next to him and calmly letuing hi m = sh should do it ike that in real llife.

  12. waidoe Raiffa

    So boringggg..pffff

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