Doli Armaanon Ki 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Awaz’s office
shaurya rushes out with the parcel, without answering any of chiku’s questions, apalled at the pics, and gets in the car and drives off. he is very scared about diya, and hopes nothing worse has happened.

Scene 2:
Location: Diya’s residence
While her mother is attending to her, as diya is asleep, she is startled by the sound of the doorbell. she comes down to find shaurya at their doorstop. When he asks, she too gives the same lie once again, that she isnt at home. shaurya throws the pics and asks her whats this then, and she is speechelss. She doesnt respond. He then turns to her father, who breaks down and narrates the entire story. shaurya wishes to meet diya once, but her mother stops him. Shaurya storms inside

diya’s room hollering her name, visibly upset and outraged. Nirmala comes and stosp him, while all others are tensed. shaurya is surprised. Nirmala asks why he wants to meet her, that the girl who brought his paper news yesterday, is herself a news today, or that diya’s condition would increase his paper’s sales. he is apalled and shocked to see such a reaction. he clarifies that he cant even dream about it, and that he just wants to meer diya to be able to see her if she is okay or not. Her father and mother hold their hands, and ask him to leave. devesh too rudely insists, asking him not to disrespect them any further. he leaves with tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
gaurav and sha watch Sarojini, new serials’ ad, and talk about how Sarojini, the protagonist shall set Dushyant’s mind straight.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
urmi is shocked to know this, while shaurya is in uncontrollable tears, hoping that this was a bad dream. she says that now she knows why karan called it off, and thinks about diya’s apalling condition, and that she must be traumatised, physically and mentally. Shje says that they shall drag her out of this darkness, while he breaks down completely. She asks him not to be weak, for diya’s sake, so that she is able to recover and get back on her feet. She asks him to be patient and do everything nicely and safely, and asks him to understand. he explains the hostile environment he faced at home. she says that the family is traumatised too, and that they shall both g and meet diya, and then compose her somehow.

Scene 5:
Location: Diya’s residence
Devesh gets medicine, and they find that karan or his family isnt picking up the phone. Her mother asks why would she pick up, as she knew he would desert her in such times. She says that he can forget about diya’s marriage now. her father insists that they would have known by some other source. Her mother says that she knows one thing thats to be done, and settle back in village, and leave Mumbai, where noone knows anything, and shall marry her off, as they arent left with any other option. urmi storms in asking where would she run away like this. they are surprised to see her. she asks if she feels, this tragedy would leave them, once they leave mumbai, and explains that this would just be cowardice. Diya’s mother vents out her frustration at shaurya as well as urmi. urmi talks about justice for diya. Her mother says that son got a news for the paper, and she got a motive for the NGO, and blames her for using their daughter’s tragedy for their propaganda. urmi is shocked. She says that she is doing this for diya’s benefit, as the guilty should be punished. devesh asks what good would that do, and if her respect shall come back, or the society shall see them normally. urmi asks how can they be concerned about society and not diya. her mother reprimands urmi. She turns to diya’s father, asking him to resist as diya needs immediate treatment, physically, mentally and psychologically, so that her life isnt ruined. her mother shoves her outside, asking them to leave them alone, warning that if they try to sensationalise it, they would see the entire family dead. she slams the door shut.
urmi keeps screaming asking them not to do this to diya. But in vain, she finally walks off. Her mother tells diya’s father that the news shall spread like fire, and the whole city shall know that diya has been raped. She finally composes herself and taking her purse, begins to walk out, and is asked by her husband where is she going. she says that she would come back soon.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Shaurya stops the car in the middle of the road. urmi asks what happened. shaurya asks who clicked the pics. urmi tells that maybe the person who took them, was too scared to go to the police and hence dropped them to him anonymously. they are tensed. urmi and shaurya, in their car, spot diya’s mother walking on the road, aimlessly and lost, and almost collides into a jeep. they are shocked, as he instantly gets down to rush to her help. She somehow escapes, and drives off in an auto, while shaurya runs dishevlled after her. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face, as she sits in the car.

Precap: Nirmala writes a note that their whole family is committing suicide on self will, and that thy blame noone for it at all. She then mixes poison in four glasses of milk, and serves it to devesh and his father. then she goes to diya’s room, and eyes her as she sleeps, holding the remaining two glasses, one for her and one for diya.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Kristelle

    What a society that a mother is more concerned about her daughter’s marriage and what society would think than the physical and mental well being of your child? Its like Diya has been violated again….once by her attacker, 2nd by Karan and now 3rd by her family. It should be mandated by law that the doctor inform the police and force the family to take Diya to a hospital. Crazy! Wow!

    • fan of the show

      Yes, it is very frustrating that the family is paralyzed with fear, and while complaining that no one will help them is turning away Shaurya and Urmi who sincerely want to help. They do not yet trust these two because of Shaurya’s previous behavior with Diya on the hit-and-run case. They have an image of him that he’s only interested in his newspaper and will do what they fear the most – publish the story.

    • Is not this distasteful and horrible for a mother to do this to her own flesh and blood.A young girl is violated and the doctor did not call in the law.What a tragedy.Thia girl suppose to be in the hospital to receive an analysis for precautionary measures.In this societies where there are so many diseases,you run a risk of not taking those measures.

  2. I feel so sorry for Diya…..?.i hope that shaurya and urmi will help her and nirmala understands how to react in front of the situation and Karan’s truth should come out ASAP

  3. kk

    What is wrong with nirmala, i could imagine the shame she is faced with, but what she is about to do is selfish. She needs to be strong for diya!!!!!

    • fan of the show

      People are really strange – her daughter had the misfortune to get raped – why should Nirmala feel ashamed? It’s not shame…it’s fear. Fear that anyone who finds out will not want to marry her.

  4. vj

    Shaurya should realise his feelings for diya and try to cure diya and support her.Karan…….what a coward?its tooooooo sick……..

    • fan of the show

      Not only a coward – he was acting in love so that Diya wouuld provide him an income afyer marrying.

      Women also do that – pretend to love so they get someone who will provide for them after marriage.

      The whole game is ludicrous – beware of people’s facades.

  5. vj

    Death is not the solution for this.Even if diya regains her consciousness she would not prefer to die.She is brave.

  6. priya

    yrrr not fair on one side diya’s mother is thinking wht every indin women thinks on anohee side urmi wants insaaf for diya so tht this will nt happen with othr girls . And shme on karan dusra samrat hai chuda idiot , kl tk to diya diya kr ra tha or achank kon diya bol ra h .
    i think this is a truth of society that non girl is safe even with their own husbands or specilly bf . So girls keepyourself secure on your own gaurantee . Life of poor girls are like hell n nothing… Even their fmily oesnt supports hem so wht we ascept from society . Seriously indians needs a big chnge in their soceitial environment. Today is jst disgusting society prevails in india . Man to kitab likhne ka kr ra h pr let me stop it .

    • fan of the show

      I’m afraid that this problem does not belong to India alone – it occurs everywhere there are people who refuse to give compassion and support to people who are in trouble.

  7. SA

    This is very shameful, Diya’s mother blamin Shauraya instead of questioning Karan , wher he was wen all this was happening??? They now putting blame on Shauraya who is only concerned for Diya, while tat lil girl (karan) left her all by herself, he cud hav ran to the cops an hav them arrested , think tat all this was a plan by him, think he was bought off by tat story Diya was doing ‘Hit an run case’. She was targeted,,,,,, no doubt, therfor Shauraya got tat pics of Diya??????? Conspiracy!!!!!!!!!

    • fan of the show

      You could be right – but the scene where the couple was accosted looked like just a chance meetig, not a planned attack. I guess we may find out in further episodes,

  8. fan of the show

    This one was a real tear-jerker. There is a really bad deadlock in getting help for Diya, and now her mother wants to poison her and the whole family. Shaurya will have to step it up if he is going to save her on time. Too bad he left some evidence – the pictures – at Diya’s house. It might have given some clue who did this. Urmi and Shaurya have to find a solution immediately.

    The mother is right in a way – society does make rape victims and their families as outcasts, even though it was not their fault.

    I hope this serial opens some eyes that rape victims and divorcees do not deserve to be treated worse than even animals.

    • fan of the show

      Right now, Shaurya is in shock, and feeling very bad for Diya. But very soon his anger will power him forward to take appropriate action for Diya’s sake.

      • fan of the show

        I bet Diya finds the photos later and investigates her own case. That wouuld be a good incentive to heal and move on.

    • I also hope that this open the eyes of rvery human being to let them see the horror in this crime.This crime is overlooked by many.

  9. Dreamgirl

    Idiotic mother. Commits suicide . why? My daughter has been raped. Kills own daughter and family. Just bcoz she can’t face the society. She cares more about the society than for her daughter. Shaurya, Urmi, knock some sense into this lady
    And if you are so worried. Treat her incognito.!!

    • fan of the show

      Maybe the father will get some courage and put a stop to the mother’s suicidal plans, He cares more about what happens to Diya.

  10. shirleen

    I like diya she is playing an excellent role but feel sorry for her now I want urmi and shaurya to help her

  11. masti

    Is no woman safe to walk on streets. Women should be be treated with respect cause at the end of the day u violating someone’s wife,gf,sister or even mother and it could even be ur own family.How would you feel thn. No women should be put through something like this.Society needs to take a stand and say stop there should be no violence against women and’s just not right

  12. committing suicide and killing the whole family out is not the answer I understand their plight but these days there are so many organizations that can help with rape victims if they are really concerned about their daughter the first thing they should have done was to listen to the professional ie the doctor and take her to the hospital for treatment where she could be cleaned out with proper drugs to stop any pregnancy taking place the more time they waste it is worse and after that give her the support she needs let her know that the family is there for her in good times and bad take diya to a counselor first if that does not help then to a psychologist and I am sorry to say if these two option do not work then you will have no other option but to take her to a psychiatrist and with time and all the love and support evn from friends she should bounce back I forgot to mention sometimes group therapy speaking out with other who encountered the same abuse also helps

  13. but taking ones life that is not the answer anytime that thought enters you mind take it the lord in prayer he will carry you when you think that there is no hope at all

  14. Maya

    I think Karan was approached and hired to take Diya out. He’s an actor that was desperate for work, right? Can’t you tell how easily he dusted off his shoulder, as if he knew this would happen.

    • vj

      I too agree with comes next samrat(karan).but shaurya will thrash him into pulp when he knows this.

  15. Sonya

    Sad and good episode. Very interesting. Love the approach of Shaurya and Urmi towards helping Diya.

  16. fan of the show

    It is quite ironic that the woman -Nirmala – who has already lost her self-respect through not helping her daughter should be looking for respect from people – society – she doesn’t even know. That’s real ignorance,

    • Fan I think many people are so blinded by society and tradition that they cannot see the right thing even though it is paited on their faces. It is all anout what people will say.Well then who will care for your own.

  17. radhika srinivasan

    i think she shud not be selfish and help her child to get off from such a critical situation

  18. with all that is going on I am not hearing them not once mention that they are going to look for the culprits who committed this awful act and whoever took the pictures got it first hand and if karan had anything to do with this crime I hope shaurya and diyas brother team up and bring him down another thing what happen to diyas brother is he MAN OR MOUSE I do not understand because the first reaction from a brother seeing his sister in this state would be to rounds up some friends and go look for them nay instead they are all at home trying to keep it hush hush so as not to bring shame to the family my gosh after a few days and everything is washed off there is no proof and what about pregnancy or rape or veneral disease why have they not taken their daughter to a hospital instead of tranquilizing her and keeping her in bed writers you slipped up with this storyline big time I bet you it will be shaurya and urmi to help diya through this messed up ordeal wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • fan of the show

      I think it came in Urmi’s conversation with Nirmala – that they should register a complaint with the plice, which Nirmala vehemently refused.

  19. the big question I always ask is WHY why there must be all this violence and abuse in all the serials writers for once give us a nice serial with a happy ending which is worth watchin by all

    • fan of the show

      And the big answer we always give you is that this story has a social purpose to raise awareness, and is not just a nice story with a happy ending. I disagree with you that this cause is not worth watching. Telly Updates has more than a couple of dozen other stories if you don’t like this one.

      • Fan of the show continue defending the true cause of abuse and this is what this show is about.Some may like it and some will not.

    • SAGA

      The serials are creating largest impact on people minds. So Atleast in this One serial they are trying to put some thing in peoples mind with Social responsibility.

      Because all other Serials are just creating fantacies(not like villans will be there around you all the time and always plot against you…Such an unrealistic thinking..)

      So rather than creating a wrong impression that life can be led without any hurdles it is better to tell all what are the situations we can or our neighbours can come across in real life and how should we react for us.

  20. radhika srinivasan

    i know only shaurya and urmi will support diya rest all of them are useless.The society,police,women welfare societies,ngos etc shud take strict action against those who did this to diya so that she becomes strong enough to get justice.In group if everyone decides to support her she will get the justice but its truth this is what is happening in india the way it happened in delhi the bus rape case of nirbhaya the innocent girl died it was a shocking incident i am living in delhi i knw hw painful it was my friend is an air hostess she has seen the dead body of the girl back from singapore her eyes were full of tears.Anyways im sure diya will get justice shaurya and urmi are there to support her.

    • fan of the show

      I tend to agree with you on how useless law enforcement can be. In fact I was pleasantly surprised when earlier in the story Urmi went with black and blue face to the police to lodge a complaint after the rat beat her severely in his drunken stupor for exposing his lie that Urmi was having an affair with her dance teacher. I was surprised the police took such decisive action and threw the rat in jail instead of telling Urmi you must have done something to provoke him.

      When I visited Canada a few years back, they had recently enacted a law that the wife does not even have to lodge an official complaint – if it is suspected by police or medical authorities at the hospital that a woman is being physically abused, the perp is immediately thrown in jail no questions asked, and must prove his case to get back out.

      • Yes Fan ,so in Canada andd so it is in the U S A and even in some Caribbean Islands. I do hope the law in other countris are following this law.

  21. vj

    I just now saw this epi.I felt very bad when shaurya was crying.His acting made me feel toooooo.feel sorry for diya:(

  22. vj

    I came to know that it is shaurya who is going to support diya fight for her and finally fall in love with her.diya will become strong with shaurya’s love and support.she too will love him.finally the story line changes from urmi to shaurya-diya.looking up for gud epi which empowers women rights and fight for justice.

  23. radhika srinivasan

    true now i can watch teh episodes but still urmi in young was the best i still miss ishan and samrat

  24. ROMA

    shaurya acting was superb.tears rolling down from his eyes,nt even her brothers eyes. today girls, especially children was facing these kind of problem.i wish to GOD, plz ‘ll make sure these kind of voilence no more to girls in the future .urmi s very bold women.this quality very important to every women.different serial from others.

  25. radhika srinivasan

    yes girls shud act boldly.yesterday i did the same one guy in my apartment smoked on me i raised a complaint this attitude im building in me to fight for security…..

  26. ROMA

    why men always treat women in this way.women must grow up their child to teach basic manners, morality and also basic principles from RAMAYANA,how LORD RAM to obey all women equal to mother except SITA.Girls be aware.wish all the boys being similar to shaurya.

  27. SAGA

    Hi Frnds Im regularly reading updates from telly updates but nt commented anywhere. But this track made me to comment about it.

    Just think who s this society ??

    Our neighbours to us and we to our neighbours..

    Till now in our Society(Our elders also if this happens in our neighbourhood or they came to know from news that something happened like this to some one) they will only blame the girl for every thing.When we are matured enough to understand that its not that girls fault we should also try to make the Society(Starting from our family…)to understand that we shouldn’t treat them like that(even worser than an animal..because they dont deserve it..) and we should support them by love and care.we should help them to be strong and get the justice.So I think we should start this from our families, then in our streets..then in our country ….

    Because I think Society is nothing else then us So If we change for good we can also make the change in the society.

    • Keen observer. .The thing is that everyone are in utter shock they really don’t have any idea what to do next. Diya is traumatised and her family is just thinking about their reputation and respect. And since they didn’t allow urmi or shaurya to talk with diya they are also helpless about it now. But maybe in upcoming episode

  28. SAGA

    Hope this serial enlightens some basics humanity that needs to be showed to Rape victims to the society. As a girl from this society I feel very bad to see the persons who taught me everything is not supporting the girl but taunting her instead.Since they are elders it dosent mean we should not correct their mistake.We Should try to correct them because we are also concerened about them.we should make them think that if it happened to us ?? will they even treat us in the same way..we should compel them to think us in that girls place..

    to make them understand.

    Because as a girl and women its our responsibility(right) to fight for the injustice done to women(US) in this world(first in our country).

    • fan of the show

      Women who are defiled by rape or molestation are treatd as untouchables – as if they still had some kind of dirt or stain on them. Damaged goods. Worse than second best. Why?

      Because the act is so revolting most people can’t deal with it. So what do they do instead? They shun it. Their inability to cope with it kills any tinge of compassion they normally would show to even a bird that broke its wing, or a dog that got hit by a car.

      And in a disgusting show of illogical logic, they often blame the victims, as someone here mentioned.

      In reality, both the victims and their support system need a lot of compassion. They should be forgiven for their ingrained reactions and guided to an objective understanding rather than condemning them or blaming them. We need to raise our consciousness to a new level of understanding and compassion. Pointing fingers at one another will not lead us to a better place,

    • I can give you a hug—well done and this is exactly what Fan and I are trying to tellthe public all along in this serial. Thank you for your input.

  29. radhika srinivasan

    I agree women should fight for her rights the way urmi did with samrat by overcoming all the obstacles in life i hope diya also fights the same way urmi did in her young age

    • fan of the show

      Diya was portrayed as a fearless woman who was very comfortable taking the lad on things that were important. This setback will probably firm up her resolve even more.

    • SAGA

      kandipa yaar… she will come out of it and fight for this injustice..

      Hope to see her as old diya so soon since this is not her fault

  30. fan of the show

    I’m glad there’s a different actor playing Shaurya. If he looked like the rat I would always be watching with the thought when will he turn on Diya and start being the rat again.

  31. I am so happy after reading all these comments to see so many persons are commenting on this rape case.This shows me thatthe cause for helping to put an end to this silent killer of the human spirit,mind and soul is becoming real in every one’s brain.I am also happy that the abuse in this serial is seen now and people are now in tune with what the writer was trying to portray all the time.As a strong defender and fighter for women issues .I encourage you all to continue speaking out about what is a co0vered secret in the homes today.Rape victims should never be ashame of what happen to them.Parents stop covering up this horrible problem and speak out for the rights of your children .This is the only way this crime of violent disregard and disrespect for every woman and young girl today. Let us also do not forget that some young boys are alsoviolated also in this world.Women start forming groups ,start talking to the children .to the young ones and let them know it is not their fault to be violated in this way.Women speak out inorder to start the fight of bringing these men down.Husbands also violate their wives and think this is right but NO MEANS NO.No man owns a woman’s body and has no right to go against her wishes .

    • SAGA

      You are right … because we women are not any property to claim the rights on us . Well Said Sis.

  32. Fan thank you for the good job you are doing . Without you I will be lost with the story lines. Keep up the good work on the commenters section. Thank you again and keep encouraging others to get on board.

    • fan of the show

      It seems that after the message to post more serious comments came in every serial, this track got a lot more people commenting. That’s good .I was worried that the poor positing record for this show was going to turn away a lot of fans because they couldn’t get updates in a timely fashion – that message to announce a change in comment posting directed a lot of people to this serial again.

      • I am so happy for that increase in comments. I have two more months in London then back home where i can watch my story lines inorder to comment more vigorously.Till then continue your work for a good cause and I am backing you also. This show must continue to tell the story of abuse.

  33. kiya purohit

    any1 post……….urmi,shaurya,ishani,diya,karan n karan’s mdr n diya’s whole family picc
    bcoz m not seeing this show for 1 mnth……….
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guyzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. fan of the show

    I was thinking that when Shaurya saw Nirmala riding off in a taxi, he might go back to the house and get Diya, but then I remembered when Nirmala walked into Diya’s room with the poisoned milk, she was still there in bed. Rats.

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