Doli Armaanon Ki 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and galaxy hotel
All have a huge feast prepared for shaurya, while all of urmi and ishaan’s family is gathered together. Sandhya and damini fume. Just then, urmi and ishaan rush in and hug shaurya, relieved and super happy. Ishaan is thanked profusely by saroj, for standing by urmi and her family, in such testing times. Then they ask if tani knows about it, and told samrat too. urmi and ishaan stand tensedly, while tani leaves for her room.

Meanwhile, at the hotel suite, samrat has paid for another pr*stitute, who comes in for his enjoyment. But he gets frustrated when tani keeps calling him, despite her ignoring him once. When he picks up, she tells him about shaurya’s normal health, and he pretends to be surprised at this,

and promises her that he shall come tomorrow, after finishing the puja, while enjoying the girl’s lap dance. he cancels the call.

In their room, urmi asks him to place the mangalsutra again, narrating the reasons why she left it back in the first place. he asks how could she think of leaving him, after she knew how much he loved her. He says that he wont ever forgive her if she ever leaves him again. she gets overwhelmed and promises never to do so. just then, shaurya comes in happily, announcing that they shall sleep together, as a family. they have a nice family bonding moment.

The next morning, sandhya continues to taunt damini, at her failed attempt yet again. Damini finds urmi coming with the puja thali, and then changes her tone of speaking, while sandhya is shocked. she then finds that urmi is coming towards them. urmi says that she had gone to the temple, and gives them prashad. she says that she went to thank and apologise, for the way she insulted the gods and goddesses. damini says that its natural, and that she did good. Anirudh comes and says that god knows every intention. urmi smiles. Ishaan comes back from jogging too. Anierudh asks her to donate something in the name of shaurya. Ishaan decides to sponsor a whole day meal to the orphanage. Tani comes down and asks for coffee. Damini then points out, why was his condition so bad, if shaurya didnt have cancer. All are tensed. Samrat comes in saying that he shall tell. he comes in with a tensed face, saying that they got chemo done for a simple fever. Damini is boggled. Samrat says that he went to the hospital, and found out. urmi asks why they diagnosed cancer. samrat says that the reports were wrong, but now all is okay. urmi and ishaan are still baffled and find it difficult to believe. anirudh asks them to let be, as they should move on, and be happy. But urmi and ishaan, along with damini are still boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: urmi’s residence
All thank the lord and discuss as to how everything turned out nicely for shaurya, urmi and ishaan. Granny and others are super angry at the technician who prepared the reports.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat opens the door hearing the doorbell ring, and finds a person, seeing whom he is scared. he starts saying that he lost his job, and wants more money to be able to start afresh. He comes and samrat meets him outside the house, asking him how he found this address. The person says that they have profile of the patient on record in their hospital, where he got the address too. Samrat asks if he is trying to threaten him as its in vain, and hence tries to shove him away. ishaan comes and asks samrat who’s at the door. samrat is scared. Ishaan insists yet again. The person however crosses him and takes this oppurtunity to come inside. He says that he is the same lab technician who prepared the wrong reports for shaurya. Samrat and others are shocked. the screen freezes on samrat’s tensed face.

Precap: urmi hollers at the lab technician, asking if he even realises the implications of his one single, simple mistake according to him, and how much trouble and trauma he caused to everyone. Damini asks who is he, and urmi continues to rant against him, asking how dare he does it. the person turns to samrat and pointing a finger at him, he says that this was the reason. all are shocked and baffled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. An ayega maza u dumb samrat….tumhaare liye ab sab log lap dance karenge….taste ur own medicine samrat

  2. Hahaha..very very good …shame samrat ….I wish every1 in the family slaps u

    1. Just slaps? Na ah! Urmi should bite him as well!!

    2. fan of the show

      Even that iss not enough punishment and Urmi might get sick from the bite!

      1. LOL!!! Heheheheeee!! True……

  3. Until next episode and I see for sure that Samrat is accused I will believe that that would happen. Precap I do not trust right now lol I really hope it happens though

  4. fan of the show

    I don’t think samRat will let the lab tech spill the beans, because that would ruin samRat’s life. My guess is that samRat will shut the lab tech up, make some excuse, and get him out of the house. Otherwise, the lab tech will hold no power over samRat if the truth comes out, and therefore will not be able to blackmail him. Just my opinion.

    1. fan of the show

      Maybe this will direct samRat’s fury at someone other than Ishaan, who he is mad at for ruining his plan.

    2. I think the lab tech is playing a game with Samrat. He might point at Samrat but say something else. If this is the person who’s going to blackmail him then he’ll make him sweat.

    3. fan of the show

      He’ll definitely do something to samRat because he wants more money, after losing his job presumably over what samRat had him do to Shaurya’s reports.

  5. Well whatever fate the writers decide for the RAT had better be good!! My palm is itching to slap him to the north pole & back!!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! I’m breathing ‘fire’!

  6. BTW, Hurry up & consummate the marriage already before something else crops up!

  7. samrath needs to get was is coming to him please writers hurry and bring samrath down expose him for the evil womanizer he is he has no respect for woman at all look how he even treats his own mother but then again the apple do not fall far from the tree because his mother is just like him he is his mothers child for sure anyway spice this serial up throw tani in samraths ass let her find out everything all evil doers need to pay for their crimes and samrath is no different he has murdered so he needs to be dealt with writers please give urmi and Ishaan a nice honeymoon and let them take shauyre with them and make sure that samrath ass is thrown in jail for the rest of his life he has to be put out of society for good and do not forget damani and her accomplice the aunt they need to be punished also let anirudh deal with both of them well tani she is very childish and need to grow up before it is toooooooooooo late for her to get a good man

  8. Thank god, they didnt drag it on and on with Samrat insulting,threatening Urmi, it was so disgusting. Samrat will shut up lab tech,get away scot free to start another evil plan to breakup urmi,isahn.

    1. Exactly….predictable…..sigh

  9. Exactly….predictable…..sigh

    1. fan of the show

      Supposedly samRat will now be put in great difficulty by this new character. Here’s hoping he gets everything that’s coming to him and MORE. It’s time for the villain to relinquish and trace of having the upper hand and SUFFER, SUFFER, SUFFER SOME MORE!

      1. fan of the show

        relinquish any trace

  10. fan of the show

    I wish the show would make Urmi and Ishaan smart enough to suspect every bad thing that happens to them is samRat’s doing. How many times does a rat have to cross you before you figure it out? It shoudn’t be more than once. “You fooled me once, shame on you. You fooled me twice shame on me.”

  11. This series shows how corrupt the Lab technicians are to change reports, how unethical and unprofessional the doctors are to discuss their patient’s conditions with their family, how stupid they and others are to rule out other options of BMT treatment without further tests, how stupid the so-called successful US-returned lawyer is when it comes to dealing with life issues. As a lawyer, Ishaan should get the Lab technician arrested on criminal charges and send him to prison.

  12. is this really a serial.. uvvaaaaaakkkkk. hating it from d first…..
    no sense story
    villan will get in to the hero’s room and taunts hero o torture herione???
    chaa enna oru kalachara seeralivu

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