Doli Armaanon Ki 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
karan and others are shocked to see her behaving like this. Outside, karan asks them why is she behaving like this. Nirmala makes up some story, and says that she got into a small accident. karan says that diya is a strong woman, and wouldnt be scared by petty things. she says that diya is fine, and asks him not to worry. Her husband fionally asks her to shut up, as she cant lie to anymore people, anymore, and being her fiancee, karan has a right to know. karan demands to ask from the parents what happened, and they are all silent. Diya’s father embarassedly and humiliatingly, in distraught condition and in tears, speaks about diya’s rape, and karan’s entire world comes crashing down. He is still unable to believe, and asks

him if he is sure, as this cant happen with his diya. devesh gets angry and then speaks that diya has been raped, and why cant he understand that. they are mortified, as devesh screams that she was brutally raped, and again reprimands him, that he was with her, and due to him, she has become a victim to this inhumane tragedy today, and asks what was he doing if he couldnt protect her.

Later, in the evening, along with the doctor, nirmala takes food for diya, as they find her slouched in one corner, dazed and speechless. she reacts with a jerk, as nirmala places a reassuring hand on her head. she asks diya to have food, while she shoves them all away angry at them all, and warns them that noone shall touch her. She refuses to recognise anyone, while the doctor somehow tries to introduce her to her own family, and her suuroundings. She says that she shall kill herself if they dont go, and they are distraught. her father assures her that they wont come near her, while she is still shit scared and horrified at the mere thought of someone near her. finally, she calms down a little, and sits on the bed, and buries her face in her legs. The doctor asks them to forcibly hold her, so that she can administer the injection and she can sleep. They do so, stealthily, and come and sit beside her, apalled and unable to control their geif at her condition. The doctor prepares the injection, and they hold her forcibly, while she screams in pain, to be left. She is given the injection and she finally doses off again. Nirmala stands helplessly watching her daughter in pain. The doctor then asks them why dont they understand that she needs medical and psychological treatment rightaway, and needs to be admitted in a hospital. they stand resignedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Awaz’s office
Shaurya is angry at one of the employees, fr not covering up enough stories, and gives him diya’s example of exemplary performance. he asks chiku to assign the work to diya instead, and gets to know that she hasnt reported back to duty. He is baffled along with chiku. Shaurya blames that noone is dedicated to their job. Chiku asks if he should call and find out, but he asks him to let be.

Scene 3:
Location: Karan’s residence
Karan comes home and narrates everything to his mother, who is shocked. His mother is apalled, at this tragedy, while he is cool qand casual about it,a s he takes off his pretense bandages. She says that she needs to meet diya rightaway. he is surprised. she says that she is going to diya, and now she understands why her parents were so tensed. he asks why she wants to go, as it wont solve anything. She says that diya is like her daughter and his would be wife. he tells and clarifies that he was going to get married, but not anymore, as all is over now, and whatever happened in the past should be forgotten and they should move on. She is shocked at his callousness, and then he adds that he didnt like her much,a s he thought she would earn and he would like his acting career to flourish, and now she is of no use to him. he talks shamelessly about her. she reprimands him of his shamelessness, and is guilty of being his mother, and blames it on him, that he fled from the scene, instead of fighting and saving her. she says that he is a big coward and a lowlife. he asks her not to lecture him, as he doesnt need a medal from her. she says that he may do what he wants, but she shall go and see her. he reprimands her that she wont go. she eyes him angrily.

Scene 4:
Location: Jogging grounds
Shaurya finds karan chatting with his friends, while he jogs and hollers at him. karan comes to him tensedly. he congratulates karan, while he adds that they arent going to be married, as its cancelled. karan is casual, while he asks if he is joking. karan says that its sudden as they had a breakup, and then takes shaurya’s leave, who is boggled and tensed, wondering what happened suddenly, and that diya too hasnt returned. he dials her number, and nirmala finds it. She picks up, tensedly, and then shaurya enquires about diya, as he wished to talk to her. She lies saying diya isnt at home. he asks where he went. She lies that diya has gone to lonavala with karan, for celebrating their marriage, and that they shall return in a week, and when she does, she shall make her call him. He complies. he wonders why is she lying, and there’s something thats wrong.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya comes back hurriedly to urmi and narrates everything. She is baffled too at Karan’s statements. he then talks about his conversation with diya. urmi is boggled. Urmi says that maybe diya is disturbed at the breakup and didnt want to come out, and maybe she needs time to recuperate. Shaurya says that he was given a week, and she is a reporter and cant afford that. she makes him understand that its a big deal for a girl, and asks him to give her the space needed. he is tensed still.

Scene 6:
Location: Awaz’s office
Cheeku is controlling the office, in shaurya’s absence, while a package comes for him specially. Shaurya coems in just then, and chiku goes after him to his cabin. he gets shaurya the blind package, that has come for them, titled, ANOTHER TRUTH FOR AWAZ. They wonder what scandal is going to unravel now, and are excited as shaurya opens it. However, Shaurya is apalled to see pics of diya, lying carelessly on the floor, after having been violated, raped and abused. he is shocked. Cheeku wonders wuhat did shaurya see. the screen freezes on shaurya’s shocked face.

Precap: Shaurya storms inside diya’s room hollering her name, visibly upset and outraged. Nirmala comes and stosp him, while all others are tensed. shaurya is surprised. Nirmala asks why he wants to meet her, that the girl who brought his paper news yesterday, is herself a news today, or that diya’s condition would increase his paper’s sales. he is apalled and shocked to see such a reaction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think kunal’s role is the most supporting and he will help diya recover from the condition.

    1. Yes I agree with you

      1. He is blessed that he always play supporting roles as in na bole tum na maine kuch kaha. Very happy to see such roles. It would be nice if we could see such persons in real life too.

  2. fan of the show

    Good Karan pulled this stunt before marriage. It would be doubly devastating after marriage. Yes, this also happens in real life – you get a dud for a would-be. That’s why it’s critical to test them out in adverse circumstances BEFORE tying the knot.

    1. fan of the show

      This is not simplly a pessimistic view of things. It is a critical part of courtship. You WANT to know and better find out how people will behave when the dating facade is broken down by something that unsettles them. If they can handle it before marriage, then they are likely to be able to handle it after marriange.

      1. This is a smart advice .I do hope young people will knock this into their brains and do not jump into the swimming pool before testing the depth of the pool.

    2. This is a smart advice .I do hope young people will knock this into their brains and do not jump into the swimming pool before testing the depth of the pool.

      1. You are right because a person can never know who or what they are getting into until after the marriage. therefore courtship is essential .One of the most important thing in a relationship is understanding each other from the beginning. After understanding each other then you can honestly trust each other to be able to overcome obstacles in life.

  3. for karan to do something like this deserting diya in a time like this when she really needs him is appalling you want to tell me three goons held them up karan is a strong fellow or so I thought but instead of trying to help diya he ran and left her to the hands of these three thugs and make sure he saved himself knowing very well what would happen to her if he karan could not fight them off how on earth he left her there with them what could she have done karan I say you are A BIG COWARD to leave your would be wife in such a crisis there is a stigma and shame associated with rape and to know you left her there to endure all this and now you are turning your back on her SHAME ON YOU KARAN YOU DIRTY LOWLIFE COWARD

    1. fan of the show

      To put it mildly.

  4. fan of the show

    Sahurya has a bad reputation with Diya’s family because he fired her earlier after accusing her of lying. Thy will not welcome him now, but they should, because he really loves her and will be a great help to her. Diya;s brother will be the biggest problem at first, until he gets to know that Shaurya really cares for her.

    1. Fan is this girl Shaurya’s girlfriend now or he will make her his.

  5. Great episode. Superb acting by Shaurya.

  6. radhika srinivasan

    great fan of the show thanks for the update

    1. fan of the show

      The updates are from Rimjhim, who has been pleasantly surprising us lately with such timely updates. It’s nice to see this program back on track. Thanks from all the fans of the show.

  7. radhika srinivasan

    well my tatasky is not working due to weather conditions im unable to watch any serials i appreciate fan of the show for providing the updates thanks so much

  8. I thank spellbound prod for bringing kunal Karan kapoor as shaurya.I wonder why always he gets to be a strong reporter right from NCAA bole tum naa Maine kuch kana.kunal rocks.powerful expressions which don’t need words to explain the situation.u r a great actor kunal:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. radhika srinivasan

    true kunal is a great actor

  10. feeling sad for diya

  11. radhika srinivasan

    may be shaurya will marry diya

  12. radhika srinivasan

    but frankly i dont like the girl playing diya.

    1. fan of the show

      I like her – she completely disappears into the role, and the viewer doesn’t feel like they are watching a high-school drama where the actors are trying to remember their every line.

  13. fan of the show

    Let’s see what Diya does with this new situation. Her parents should bite the bullet and take her for the treatment she needs. They probably have lost all the DNA evidence by waiting so long to go get a rape kit done on Diya. That is helpful for later prosecution. Mostly in this particular situation emotions have ruled, rather than reason and preparing for prosecution. It is quite a traumatic situation, but it will be ruined if the parents don’t take action now. People need some professional counseling when this happens so they can be guided in spite of emotions running rampant.

    1. fan of the show

      Plus Diya needs help to be drawn out of her psychological shell of terror/shock/victimization/denial/anger/over-reacting/faulty perception/ etc. etc. etc. If she doesn’t get help she could remain in that state so long it will become permanent.

      1. fan of the show

        Shaurya knows her potential pre-rape, he will probably do the action she needs to get her life back, in spite of the mother’s foot-dragging.

      2. This is exactly what happens to a rape victim. Their life becomes a nightmare.Sometimes they become hateful to their ownself. This is hurtful.

  14. radhika srinivasan

    true she should get back to it.

  15. radhika srinivasan

    shaurya will support her for sure…..

  16. Riveting so far

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