Doli Armaanon Ki 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s Residence and on the road
While urmi is getting ready, samrat springs up stealthily behind her, and starts buttoning her blouse from behind. she is startled and flinches in disgust when she finds that its samrat. she snatches away and asks how dare he get inside. He asks her tauntingly, that she behaves as if she hasnt been touched by him before. urmi says that when the whole family throws him out, then he shall come to his truest existence. She asks him to get out. He asks her to think of herself, as people would raise questions. Samrat too gloats that he is the son in law, and she too shall have to respect him. she says that he wont ever get the respect, but he is unfazed and asks her to start the countdown instead, as he is making his place and

she shall stdn helpless. He wishes her best of luck for the munh Dikhayi, for the second time. samrat leaves having leeringly taunted at her non-virginal status and leaves. Urmi stands shocked.

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Urmi greets everyone as the munh dikhayi ceremoney begins, and all compliment damini on the b’ful bride. sandhya doesnt leave any stone unturned to leave urmi insulted and humiliated. But the ladies continue praising. Damini sits tensed. samrat sees them from the balcony, and thinks that samdhya can be in his compant to plot against urmi, and even looks like Damini also doesnt like urmi much. He thinks that the women who are praising urmi right now, shall insult her right in this very house. Tani comes and he starts romancing her. tani asks whats he seeing downstairs. He says that he was feeling thirsty, but cant go down. She says that she would just go down to get juice, and rushes down, while he evilly thinks that this idiot can be used at every step.

Damini finds tani descending, and takes her up, asking why is she coming down. she says that samrat is thirsty. Damini reminds her anirudh’s wish, as to how they cant answer her marital status. tani says that she doesnt care as she doesnt have double standards, and feels jealous. samrat comes in asking not to insist. Damini says that urmi isnt the apple of her eye either, but due to anirudh, she is complying along. samrat finds out that anirudh is praising urmi, while damini doesnt like her. He thinks that he can use damini and sandhya. damini says that had urmi not been the bahu of this house, they still would have accepted samrat somehow but not now. tani tries to speak, but samrat pretends to be the bigger person, and tries to emotionally indirect statements at Damini, and then starts saying that he shall get cheesecake for her, and tries to prove how much he loves her. tani leaves.

Anirudh tells ishaan that he wishes to take tani out of the will while ishaan is shocked and says that he cant do this. Anirudh asks him to get the legal formality done rightaway. Ishaan reminds him that this is a hasty descision. Anirudh however is beyond reprieve, enraged at tani, saying that he wont bear any of tani’s tantrums anymore, and its better they sign off the relation. Ishaan says that this isnt the problem to their situation, as samrat is using her, and she needs counselling. He says that he tried everything, and asks what does he want him to do. Anirudh is adamant that he cant stand her anymore. ishaan says that he knows he loves tani, but he shall regret this descision, if something were to happen to her. he says that he knows samrat, and hence wants tani to be here, so that samrat doesnt hurt her. He says that soon she shall see through his charade, and make him promise that he wont do anything like that. He requests him not to let tani fall prey, and its their duty to stand by her.

Downstairs, all the ladies talk about siring a grandchild, while sandhya and damini are frustrated. the phone rings, and samrat changes his tone and insists to speak to urmi. Urmi is given the phone. Samrat taunts her, about her son and she is disgusted. She says that its due to him, that her son isnt here, as he doesnt want to see him, and she doesnt want him to see him too. Samrat irritates her saying that he came to meet her son, as she has obviously forgotten him, in her marital status. she is scared and says that shaurya cant be with him, and fumbles asking where is shaurya. Samrat continues to tease him, sayingthat he got him here for swimming classes. urmi says that shaurya is scared of swimming. Samrat says that he shall teach him, by throwing shaurya into deep waters. urmi’s voice is raised and all are tensed as to how is she talking to, in such loud tones. Samrat tells urmi on the phone, that he is about to send a video of whatever he is planning to do, and hence asks her to keep her data connection on. Urmi is shocked. He says that even if she doesnt see shaurya drowning, she would see him dead. Urmi is scared and petrified, and asks him not to, and gets up. saroj asks her to sit down. But she is very tensed and frustrated. Sandhya tries to taunt, but saroj asks urmi whats the matter. When saroj knows what samrat said, she is shocked, but still asks her to sit down. asha says that shaurya is with her father, but urmi doesnt believe. She gets up. sandhya and everyone else ask her to sit down as the ritual is going on. finally, urmi’s eyes fall on samrat, eyeing him evilly on the doorstep. urmi gets up enraged as she finds samrat coming in, the dupatta sliding down her face, and the gifts falling on the floor.

Precap: Urmi goes to samrat, and starts hurling accusations at him, asking where is her son and what has he done to him. she asks him what he did with shaurya. All rush down, while samrat asks what would he do. urmi says that he is her son’s father and she knows very well what he is capable of. All the ladies get to know about urmi’s marital status with samrat, and the complexed relations in the house, and start gossiping in shock. all are tensed, while damni is enraged, as sandhya enjoys the drama.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This is exhausting! Urmi falling for Samrat’s all the time. If this serial is about egotistic men getting their way all the time, I think we’ve got it.

  2. Samrat u are a discusting man and hope soon that urmi will teach you a lesson and never come back. Sandhya you are creep woman hope your true collar will come out soon

  3. So urmi married again to be unhappy….jus when I thought she and ishaan luv story wud start she s still bein tortured by her ex….great storyline cvs

  4. It is shown in this serial as far as my viewing knowledge takes me that women has no can do anything to a woman and remain high in society because he is wealthy.If she is divorced she has no place or rights to love again because mothers in laws do not want them but the divorced man can .An wife abuser can abused his wife emotionally,physically,and mentally and he is still of a high standing because of money.Urmi I applaud you for standing up and show other women that you are a woman of substance and will not tolerate this mess.Samarat is not a man but a coward.Any man who abuses a woman is an uncircumsised he-goat. standing on a hilltop waiting to be rolled down.Samrat deserves that wife because she is as empty as him.I will continue to view this show because I want to see Samrat’s destruction along with his mother in law ..They are too evil

    1. fan of the show

      That’s the best curse I ever heard. Ya if Ishan and Urmi stay in that house, then they had better start reporting samrat’s misbehavior to the police. The cops will get so sick of hearing about him thatthey will find some excse to throw him in jail.

      1. fan of the show

        Smart Urmi should use her smart phone to start recording his conversations and phone calls so she can prove he is harrassing her

  5. writers stop this nonsense once and for all we the viewers are the ones who have these show running so do what we ask it is utter shit now with this samrath so urmi will never be happy with her son shauyra to live a normal life why the hell you all keeping him alive still to do all this shit with urmi he is a criminal he should still have been in jail for all what he did he terrorize urmi and her whole family and the two old people sushma and her husband whom he killed in the fire when he burnt their house down he killed urmis unborn child before it even had a chance so he is just their to be gaining with all his evil deeds that is not right like I said before you are bringing forth the wrong message to the viewers that is that it is better to be evil than good so stop this shit now or zee tv please take the program off

    1. fan of the show

      Do you think stopping this show will disappear all the injustices in this world which a woman has to face as the result of a failed marriage?

      Even you have to admit that what happens to Urmi represents all the crap people do to one another in emotional relationships.

  6. So true Rosey but even in this very comment section, someone said Urmi should have a small wedding because she was married already i say that’s bullshit…sometimes the person you are married to you don’t know if you are destined to be together ppl changed

  7. Disgusting. End this show please. It’s really sad to see the evils always win. Quel message cette serie veut vehiculer? Que le mal triomphe toujours? Absolutely disgusting. Shit

  8. Completely lost interest in this show now. Urmi is a strong woman to be admired and Samrat is a complete dick!
    It is sad how Indian’s in India have such low regard for women. Yet women are expected to keep the family together. Enduring Pain is not a refection of True Love. I think society has evolved enough to know this by now.

    It is unfair that the writers of this serial have depicted this in such a way that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for Urmi.
    You would think that the second time around, and that too with such a wonderful guy like Ishaan, at least Urmi could find happiness in her married life. But her “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” is already ruined twice now – the huldee & medhi ceremony were ruined, her wedding was ruined & disrupted, the first night of marriage was ruined as well… its one thing to have an evil m-in-law but to have the entire marriage ceremony ruined too… come on writers!!!

    A smile on her face seems to be all the happiness Urmi gets but Samrat gets away with everything. She is fighting for survival whilst he is just accomplishing all his evil attempts. NO FUN!!

  9. I agree with most messages above this is becoming very annoying for Samrath to be in this family such a creep of a person he as no good looks what did Ishan;s sister see in this creep. this is becoming very stupid, I think Ishaan and Urmi should move out of the house.

  10. We live in a society where the importance of a woman is woefully over looked. Urmi’s plight is remainder on us all, as to how millions of women has to go through. Am as anxious as most of you guys who wish for urmi, happiness in her second marriage. I believe that urmi will win everyone over with her goodnes n samrath will b destroyed in the end. She will have a happy marriage after samrath has been kicked out.

    1. fan of the show

      I agree with you. I wish the writers would throw in some more times when samrat’s evil deeds backfire right in his face, and he suffers instead of Urmi or i\Ishan or Shaurya. Everyone loves it when the villain does HIMSELF in.

  11. Boring

  12. no update for the 17th ??

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