Doli Armaanon Ki 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital and on the road, Galaxy Hotel
All are relieved and overwhelmed, as they think that shaurya shall be saved and nothing shall happen to him. saroj comments that now urmi shall not have to make the sacrifice of her self respect. They suddenyl become aware that urmi is alerady trapped. They wonder about urmi, and think that she would have to be stopped. Gaurav asks ishaan to go and save her. He tries her number, and frustratedly wishes that she picks up, but she doesnt. He makes a mad dash for his car and drives like a maniac until he arrives at a dead end, with a huge traffic jam. He starts walking on foot, to save the love of his life, from samrat. He then takes the auto, and hankers him to drive way faster. He keeps continuously trying urmi’s phone,

extremely upset and distraught. The auto fellow stops, and says that ahead he shall have to book a taxi, but he tries to desperately hitch hike, and finalli convinces a Bike Rider to drop him at Galaxy Hotel they agree. He finally reaches and rushes desperately towards the room where samrat and urmi are there. ishaan finally spots urmi waiting in the lobby, in a daze, and is full of guilt that he was a bit too late in coming. he calls out to her, and she is startled to see him. she then hugs him and cries distraughtedly. Ishaan thinks that he lost. Urmi says that she couldnt be a nice mother as she couldnt go inside, even though she loves shaurya desperately. Ishaan is relieved. Urmi says how she had left the status of his wife, and tries to sacrifice herself for a mother. ishaan says that she is the best mother, and tells that shaurya is free of cancer. She keeps ranting that shaurya shall die of cancer. He desperately tries to make her believe, while he tries to get it inside her head, while she is disbelieving. ishaan clarifies everything. urmi is bewildered and is on the seventh heaven when he assures her that shaurya is cancer free and completely alright. They fight back their tears of happiness, while he keeps assuring her, that shaurya is okay. She smiles through.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Sandhya and damini meanwhile celebrate their win over samrat as well as urmi. Damini gloats about how their evil ideas combined together got urmi finally being shown the way out of the door. damini says that people like urmi is so good and self respecting, that they would themselves leave, out of guilt. As far as tani is concerned, she would herself throw samrat out of the house. Sandhya praises her and they celebrate together with a toast.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel suite
Meanwhile, in the room, samrat is evilly arranging the room, leeringly eyeing the arrangements and wondering whats taking urmi so long. the doorbell rings, and he evilly glaots that urmi finally came to him. he opens the door and is boggled to find both of them. He says that as a loyal husband, ishaan came to drop urmi, to be used by her ex-husband. he asks him to go, while she shall come home after the work is done. Ishaan says that he has come here to take her and not leave her to him, and wanted to give a good news, that shaurya doesnt have cancer and is perfectly alright. samrat is confused, and says that shaurya does have it. Ishaan is boggled. samrat says that he had been showsn the reports too. ishaan clarifies everything to him too. samrat is confused whether to smile or be angry, but makea brave face and says that its good news. ishaan is happy too. Samrat is super excited to supress his frustratyion. urmi wishes to go to shaury and she leaves with ishaan. Samrat is furious and starts breaking things around, saying that this cant be, as he cant be betrayed so badly. He shatters things around. he wonders how can his plan fail at the last minute and that its completely ruined now. He wonders why did ishaan have to go to the second hospital. Samrat says that they might have known that shaurya doesnt have cancer, but they shouldnt find out, that he had done so, and this was all his planning all along, to spoil ishaan and urmi’s relation, to tamper shaurya’s reports to prove to everyone that he has cancer. He is too determined that noone find out he was behind this. he thinks that he is screwed if tani find out, and decides to find a way to save himself. The screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: A person comes and samrat meets him outside the house, asking him how he found thid address. The person says that they have profile of the patient on record in their hospital, where he got the address too. Samrat asks if he is trying to threaten him as its in vain, and hence tries to shove him away. ishaan comes and asks samrfat who’s at the door. samrat is scared. The person however takes this oppurtunity to come inside. He says that he is the same lab technician who prepared the wrong reports for shaurya. Samrat and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. At last urmi never mess up so urmi be ready to carry ishan’s child the series was

  2. fan of the show

    So, it was samRat behind this. And Damini and Sandiya are celebrating too soon. And Shaurya is OK. And all the fans will be celebrating now that Urmi was saved by her own conscience, and will be happy that this turn in the script makes a lot more sense. And that it wasn’t the doctors taking bribes it was a lab rat who doctored the test results. I wonder if the lab rat is the new character Karan who is predicted to drive samRat nuts by blackmailing him. Revenge on sam the Rat shall begin.

  3. I just can’t stop smiling while reading

  4. I was right Samrat that PIG, he shud neva eva b called a father, he shud be put away for life, this was realy bad that he used his son (Cancer))for his selfish gain an needs. How on earth can sum1 write this BULL SHIT

    1. fan of the show

      It’s easy to write – just look around at what married people are doing to each other, and it shouldn’t be that hard to weave it into the story…..

      1. fan of the show

        Although domestic abuse is an important subject, the actor doing samRat had to take sleeping pills to unwind after the wife beating scene he had to perform earlier in the series, he was so distraught after shooting that scene. (story on the internet)

      2. So what’s all about the, beating scene, got to do with this scene….try making sense at least

      3. fan of the show

        Just saying that it’s not easy on the actors to portray the nastiness of domestic violence. The actress who plays Urmi says that the actor who plays samRat is actually very very nice in real life.

      4. Duh!! That’s obvious!!!the character he portrays in film making doesn’t necessarily mean he is that kinda character….but then again his really good doing the evil samrat

      5. fan of the show

        I agree – he’s so good we really really hate him. I wonder if he has gotten any awards for great acting for this character?

    2. fan of the show

      The saddest part of the story is that everyone could see the way samRat was behaving was not nice before the wedding, but nobody stopped or postponed the marriage. People should be more willing to hold their horses long enough to really check out their future partners under good AND bad circumstances, instead of rushing into things. It would be far better to have this as a ritual than any of the other pre-marital ceremonies and traditions everyone goes through.

  5. urmi this is what you should have done from the beginning pray and believe instead of giving in to samrats taunting and lies about shauyras illness in the end you really prayed and believed actually talking to god and you see how every thing worked out for the good now seems like we got a new writer because good prevailed over evil now writers please deal with samraths ass good turn the tables on him now he killed and did enough evil especially urmis unborn child so please punish him severely before ending this story another thing please let urmi Ishaan and shauyrs go together on their honeymoon so no one can stop them and while samrath is in prison let urmi and Ishaan visit so he can see her pregnant once more this time for Ishaan and let him when you do evil it does not pay one more thing writers do not forget to punish damini and the aunt who always complaining about her complexion how god made her instead of her thanking god for life this will be a happy ending

    1. fan of the show

      “There are millions of women across our country who enter marriage with hopes and dreams about an ideal life partner, only to realize that the reality they are dealt with, is a far cry from all they had hoped and prayed for. But with the pressure on them to make their marriages work, they begin to over-compromise on practically every front. While a healthy amount of compromise and adjustments are a part and parcel of any partnership, being made to compromise on one’s basic rights as a woman, is a sign of being trapped in a troubled marriage. I am extremely glad that the subject of Doli Armaanon Ki delves into the issue of – how much and on what fronts should a woman be open to compromise in a marriage and what subjects should constitute a deal-breaker (such as physical abuse and infidelity) where she stands up and says – Sorry! I refuse to put up with this! If the show awakens even a fraction of the women trapped in troubled marriages in our country and helps them find their voice, I will feel all our efforts have been worth it!”

      Neha, who plays Urmi in DAK

  6. good script today I cannot wait to see samraths big ugly face when he sees urmi and Ishaan at the door LOL

    1. fan of the show

      Hey Gloria, it’s nice to see you happy with the story for a change…..

  7. I am sure the lab tech won’t identify Samrat….always seem to work out that way.

    1. fan of the show

      I agree – perhaps he will keep quiet now and later start the blackmail.

      1. I hope so *fingers crossed.* I thought the Niranjan track was going to be longer. I hope he comes to Mumbai to help Urmi.

      2. fan of the show

        Maybe he will have to help Urmi in future if samRat’s behavior gets more violent or illegal.

      3. That would be great!

  8. Ihad a slight doubt. Tht samrat was behind this..

  9. I’m super happy! What a huge relief. In your face you (Sam)RAT!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      lol lol lol lol lol lol ………

  10. I wish Ishann and Urmi never informed Samrat that Shaurya was fine. They should have just called Tani to see her husband waiting in a hotel room with wine and romantic decor to see the real face of Samrat, since he wouldn’t have been able to explain himself out of that situation since he was supposed to be at a puja….hmmm. We lost a good chance there, hence the reason why I think the writers have no desire to expose Samrat and that the lab tech would never go against him and say the truth. I doubt even if he’s going to take any revenge….just like the guard Samrat probably had enough time to bribe them to shut it. Not expecting a big change with the storyline….but I am way glad that Urmi didn’t get trap again!!! phew

    1. fan of the show

      I guess SamRat’s wickedness is going to be used some more in the story so they didn’t wrtie him out of Urmi’s life yet.

  11. Finally!!! Now this a a perfect scene

  12. Urmi, u go girl,forget d rat( samrat)/(damani ) cockroach,(slug) aunty

    1. fan of the show

      She still doesn’t know who did this – so she has nothing against damini yet. And she already knows sandhya makes cruel and insulting remarks, but she doesn’t know that sandhya and damini are always plotting against her in cahoots with samRat. Sandhya insults Urmi in the open. Damini is cruel behind Urmi’s back. And samRat now devotes his life to making Urmi unhappy – what a waste of life. I wonder if the wrtiers will reveal who keeps making Shaurya sick?

  13. super super happy with this turn thank god urmi did not have to go through such a terrible phase now writers please stop making urmi unhappy and give her time with ishaan so they can finally be a happy wedded couple

  14. God is really listen to urmi and helped her. Ishan is a very kind person.

  15. At last d show is on track….
    Next we shall urmi pregnant ez Ishaan’s child…

  16. I enjoyed the episode.samarat….big

  17. Is Ishaan an Urmi not smellin a RAT here!!! Surely they shud find out who is behind all this, the Lab Tech has nothin to gain frm all this,!!! SamRAT shud be exposed for the PIG he is.

  18. am so happy really for urmi and super ishan. love them ol plus shaurya.

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