Doli Armaanon Ki 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini tensedly listens as urmi narrates everything much to their shock. she says that she got a little late in knowing it, as diya was dressed, and all arrangements were ready, the reporters were thronging the gate, the guests were inside, and hence at that time, she did what she thought was right, and hence she asked to shaurya to step in. urmi tells about sumit and his family’s betrayal. She then says that she couldnt have seen diya being disgraced yet again, and hence saved her grace. diya asks how could she risk shaurya’s life fr hers, and sacrificed his life for her. diya asks why did she bind her in this unfortuanet helpless relation, as he doesnt love her, and has to bear her for the rest of his life. Shaurya clarifies

that it isnt like that, but diya emphasises that he doesnt love her, then why did he do this sacrificial favour fr her. she says that he shouldnt have married her, as he wanted love and not arranged marriage, as she isnt the type of girl that he wants or likes. He is tensed. She asks why did he do this, so that she is always undert their debt. urmi says that its not a favour, but he has married. diya says that they shouldnt have as its wrong. damini evilly thinks its good that diya also shall fight with urmi now. Diya asks if she really did any good to anyone, as she isnt this weak, that something like this happens, and she would have broken down. she asks how could she sacrifice her son’s happiness for her happiness. she says that its wrong, and goes upstairs. All are shocked and stunned. shaurya goes after her. Ishaani says that diya is right, and stands in front of urmi, saying that she once again proved herself as Mother india, by ruining shaurya’s life and happiness. she says that they arent mere puppets that would follow what urmi says or asks. urmi tries to explain. Ishaani is beyond reprieve and asks how could she get him married, when he didnt love ishaani. Anirudh and alok ask urmi if she asked shaurya once before taking this decision. Anirudh asks if she knows what happened with shaurya in the past, the horrific past that has a tragic tale, as he has seen much pain and torture in his first relationship, and hence doesnt want it in the next relation. urmi says that it wont happen, as the first girl left him, and he has to move on, which is what she wants. asha agrees with urmi. ishaan says that this doesnt mean diya was the only girl left. urmi tries to assure that shaurya would be happy with diya, and that in such a situation, their marriage was destined and meant to be. Anirudh says that maybe she is right, as destiny cant be questioned, and wishes and prays that this relation fills their life with happiness. urmi is tensed.

In her room, diya is crying. Shaurya enters asking whats she sad about, that she couldnt marry sumit, or that she married shaurya. He asks if it was all pretense and lies that she loved sumit. she says that she didnt love sumit, but she doesnt love him either, and more than that, he doesnt love her. He tries to speak, but she waives it off, saying that its a favour, so that she doesnt die of humiliation, but now she would suffocate under his debt. He says that yes she is the one he likes. She doesnt believe it, as it doesnt meet thedescription of the girl he likes. he says that her liking was also something different, and that was also a failure. diya says that their marriage is a failure. Shaurya is tensed, while diya says that relations arent built like this. he tries to speak, while she says that she wont be able to bear to be with him anymore right now. he asks her to let him speak atleast. but she asks him to get out, saying that she didnt feel this bad, when karan deserted her. he turns her around, and asks if she compared him to karan. she says that karan left and showed her the truth, and he held her hand and showed the same. He is devastated and says that she too showed the truth, that he is like karan. he thanks her dryly and leaves. Diya breaks into tears. She asks the goddess, what exam is she taking of hers, that she gave her life to her, and the lord placed it instead in someone else’s life.

In his room, shaurya is angry and furious, saying that she neither wants to listen or understand. urmi comes and eyes him tensedly. She asks if he is angry too. He asks why as she says that all are questioning her. she explains that only dear ones are angry and question, and she too doubts whether her son would be happy, and if her decision was right, as she only did what she felt right at the spur of the moment. She asks him not to believe, thast she risked the life of her son, to save diya’s grace and dignity. he holds her hand, and says that it isnt like that. she says that noone’s happy with her decision, and diya is a good girl, and if this is happening, then its good, as she believes that diya and he shall be happy, but noone seems to see that. He controls his tears and then wipes hers off, saying that she isnt wrong, and reminds how she had found that his girl in all likeness is Diya. urmi is shocked at this revelation. He says that he is happy, to have married diya. urmi asks if he is saying this to make her happy. He says that he is happily saying it, as he likes her very much, and asks her not to take tension, as all shall be okay, and that he is very happy. He then expresses his reservations about diya, and then tells her not to take tension about it too, as the relations made by time, should be given time to mature, but he assures that he shall fulfill this relation with all his heart and might. She is proud of him.

Then urmi comes in diya’s room, and says that gods meant this marriage to happen. She asks diya that she believes that matches are made in heaven, and sometimes they are right in front of the eyes, and sometimes miles apart. She says that the lord chooses a life partner for everyone, and he chose shaurya for her. she says that she knows it was hasty, which led her to a lot of complaints, anger and questions, but assures that she didnt take this decision, to save her life, but to take her fate. She says that she knows shaurya and diya shall be happy with each other, and asks if she can consider her as a mother. Diya says that she doesnt have any complaints from her, but feels that in managing her life, she broke shaurya’s heart. urmi says that this next step is required for both of them, and asks her to take one step ahead. she asks diya to get up. urmi tells diya that from this day forth, she wont stay here, but with shaurya. diya is shocked.

As shaurya stands listlessly by the window, urmi gets diya in his room, and tells that they shall stay in this room together now. Shaurya and diya awkwardly face each other. urmi nods to him, and then wishes them good night, and then closes the door on her way out. he eyes her and then looks away, while she too turns away.

In her room, damini is frustrated that the whole plan is ruined now, and now urmi knows about her, and is in a situation to threaten her to go out of the house. she gets angry and decides that before she does anything, damini herself shall have to do seomthing, as urmi has done enough. she says that she shall take such a revenge that urmi wouldnt even imagine. She says that urmi has forgotten the evil side of the goddess. evilly thinks that diya can celebrate her wedding night with shaurya all that she wants, but she shall celebrate her ruins. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: At the breakfast table, as all gather, diya comes with papers and says that the way in which the marriage happeneed yesterday, was extremely unfortunate and there’s nothing that could have been done. but now she plans to do something about it, and has come up with a solution, to amend what they did wrong, by the marriage with shaurya. They are all boggled, but she shocks them by saying, that she plans to free shaurya from this relation, guilt free, by giving him divorce. diya shows him the divorce papers, which she has already signed, and its his turn to do the signatures, to free him from this unwanted relation. She says that from her side, the marriage is over. Damini glows in victory.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    Too bad Diya only overheard the “I hateyou Diy” conversation, and not the “I’m very happy” conversation. She should at least let Shaurya speak. It happens during arguments – people don’t listen to one another.

  2. Diya will learn to love him and she should have let shauriya speak

  3. O understand diya is position but I hope cheku interfers and tells diya the truth of shaurya being in love with her

    1. fan of the show

      Her pride is injured because she thinks they did this because they think she’s weak and otherwise would have committed suicide. She’s strong on pride and short on understanding. Right now she just doesn’t want to listen to anything or anyone. And with damini conniving in the background,

  4. the precap is disturbing.

  5. DIYA is showing how ungrateful she is after all that Shaurya and URMI went through to help her gain justice . They only had good intentions with this marriage thing. Maybe she never appreciates good in her life and thrives on evil. As for DAMINI she is happy she has won. to be

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t think it is ingratitude as much as it is not wanting pity. Plus it shows she cares for Shaurya, or else why would she be angry about what she thnks is unfair to Shaurya?

    2. fan of the show

      Also, don’t forget damini threatene to hurt Urmi and Shaurya if Diya did not leave the house. She’s been spooked by damini before her marriage.

  6. Damini is still behind this evil to destroy Diya because her husband slapped her.It does not surprise me that Damini forced her to sign that divorced paper.Look how she smiled with an evil vindictive face glow when Diya hand over the papers.Diya will eventually be joined with Shaurya just give it some time.Evil will never winand Damini cannot win because she will be conquered.

    1. fan of the show

      There’s not much time left to “give it time.” 7 days.

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