Doli Armaanon Ki 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Damini tells Sashi to stop with her foolish acts.

Ishaan and Urmi choose names for a baby girl.

Samrat goes to Gaurav’s house to kidnap Shaurya but finds no one there.

Urmi talks on the phone with her mother. Afterwards, she tells everyone that Shaurya has gone on vacation with Gaurav and Asha for 12 13 days.

Samrat overhears and decides he cannot wait that long. He plans to kill Urmi.

Samrat goes to Damini amd accuses her of not supporting him. He reminds her that she was with him in his plans to separate Ishaan and Urmi. He says that if he goes down he will bring her down with him. Samrat’s father in law overhears and confronts Damini after he leaves.

Ishaan and Urmi plan a party for Damini’s anniversary.

Samrat cuts out a wire of Urmi’s car’s brakes.

Precap: Samrat happily watches Urmi get in her car. Urmi tries the brakes to stop from hitting a bus but realizes they are not working. She cover her face with her arms…-

Update Credit to: Stubborn

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  1. writers do not kill urmi off at least get another actress who do not honour family commitments like urmi to take her place but please we need an urmi to finish samrath off and send him to his doom Ishaan and urmi are soooooooooo happy especially with the baby on the way we need urmi in this serial I cannot see this serial without urmi she went through soooooooooo much already and now to loose her life and leave shauyra and Ishaan that will not be right everyone loves urmi

  2. writers if you knew that urmi was a newly wed and had to spend time away from her husband an arrangement should have been made for that but to know she is such an excellent actress and have to give up the serial because she is missing her husband that does not seem right and urmi I think your husband should try and understand and at least wait till you finish the serial with a proper ending the ending I had in mind for this serial is both Ishaan urmi and shauyra and his baby sister would live happily ever after and samrath would be thrown in prison again this time to rot in there forever without parole so please writers if urmi has to leave get us another urmi to replace her

  3. I say do not let urmi go we will miss her cute face and her nice dreamy eyes I do not believe any other can replace her

  4. Urmi dead?? No way! Who else can help bring the Rat to justice??

  5. Urmi will nt die bt will be replaced by mansi salve.nw smrat will try to burn urmi n after that the shw will take leap of 20 years with urmi new face aftr plastic surgery.and mansi salve is the same actress which played the role of adi’s mom in pyar ka dard hai n gunjan’s mom in sapne suhane ladakpan ke

    1. fan of the show


    2. fan of the show

      I’m sure the fans will love the new Urmi – she’s beautiful, and she’s very talented, some say the best in the industry.

  6. Writer what are you doing with this serial.if you don’t like it stop it than but don’t do that with urmi.expose samrat for always let the bad persons win.are you a bad many bad things happen in all the serials.the good persons are always sad.they have to suffer so many things.I’m tired from al these things

    1. fan of the show

      Life can also be very unfair. But to the fans, the rat’s destiny is still a mystery – the gossip columns are not hinting yet what happens to the rat, so hold onto your judgement a few more days. His story isn’t over yet.

      1. I cannot wait to hear what happens to him.I am sorry I cannot view the story myself.

    2. fan of the show

      Do you really think he is winning? Would you like to live his life in his damaged brain? I could be wrong, but I think that’s a worse torture than anything they could do to his physical body.

      1. I would have liked to see her moved out in a different way but as you say they have to do what they have to do.I do not think Samrat won.The son might take him out after awhile.I believe he will do a double role until he is killed off..I think what they are trying to show us is that an abusive person who becomes mentally unstable because he has a twisted mind becomes so eratic that when he cannot have control over the victim anymore he will try to kill them.Samrat is the perfect example of that picture.He will try to take down anyone who stands in his way.I do believe he has shared the worse in this story line because he is a disturbed man who has lost every thing.

  7. We all loved this actress playing Urmi (Neha), so the idiot writers couldn’t give her a positive send off?!??! SO the time leap couldn’t happen on a more positive note!?!?!? Instead it’s the same old shit of Samrat winning the battle!?!?!? I am so pissed, not even sure I am going to watch another episode. These writers have become like every other Zee TV script writer….ON SHIT!!!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      If you hate them so badly, why do you keep watching?

      If we were watching the story of everything is beautiful and nobody’s unhappy, would it be interesting enough for us to come back and watch more everything is beautiful day after day after day? No, we want to see what happens next. Same reason the newspapers don’t splash good news across the headlines day after day. It captures more interest to see what’s the problem going on and how will people handle it. Even children’s stories have some sort of struggle going on.

      1. Did I say I hate them so badly!?!??! Read, understand, AND then respond!!!! I said I do not like how they ended this track! There should have been closure for us since we all fell in love with Neha as Urmi, hence ending on that positive note would have been better. Just as the last leap (before) ended with Samrat paying for his actions in jail, there should have been similar circumstances to close to go to this upcoming track! If you have an issue with MY comments, don’t read it simple!!!! I watch what I want to watch when I want to watch. Simple! I already lost the interest when we were informed that Neha was leaving the show but I still continued hoping she gets a great send off. And I am just saying….its stupid the way these serials change characters…accident or burn victims!?!?! It makes no sense AND it is repetitive. I have my opinion and it is MINE….that’s all!!!!

      2. fan of the show

        You are so right. I totally misunderstood “idiot writers”, “same old shit”, “I am so pissed”, “writers like every other Zee TV script ON SHIT” as hating the show. I should have realized this does not mean you hate it, you’re just expressing your opinion. So sorry, Kristelle. No problem. No issue. Opine away!

      3. fan of the show

        But take a happy pill next time, maybe.

      4. fan of the show

        And since you recognize your right to your opinion, maybe you could recognize my right as well?

    2. fan of the show

      The spoilers say that it’s often the case when an actor leaves that they have to have some horrible accident and go for plastic surgery to make a smoother transition to the new character. I remember in Pavitra Rishta the new Manav just popped in like nothing had happened and it took a while to get used to it.

      1. Yes Fan this is true.He also had an accident and went on to plastic surgery I think.It was also hard to get used to Manav for awhile until one become more acquainted with his facial features.I hope it works out .

    1. I do hope his role as Shaurya is really positive but I do hope the audience accept him.

  8. Aaaaaggggghhhh man samtrat not paying for evils n caught by tani so not nice killing Urmi n rat is alive cleard eishhhhhj

  9. Nobody won’t watch this anymore… When u going to change the key person of the show…. Same thing happen in qubool hai … Removing Asad Idk what’s happening in that show and i don’t need to know…… Non these shows make sense anmore when these changes happens

  10. I got nothing, absolutely nothing from my gambling. I lost two homes, my job, my savings, retirement funds and my freedom. Gambling took away my very soul.

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