Doli Armaanon Ki 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
karan’s mother expresses her desire to meet diya, but her mother gives an excuse that she is sleeping under the sedative injection of the painkillers, and shouldnt be disturbed. She complies. She is asked to inform them of karan’s appearance, while she adds that she shall come and visit diya the next time, and till then they should keep giving her updates about her health. She leaves. Her mother, Nirmala then asks her father what was he going to do. Her father asks nirmala, whats she upto, as they cant keep this for long. She says that they cant let it be known to her, whats happened to diya, as the lady is diya’s mother in law. Diya’s father reminds them that karan was with diya only. Devesh says that he was, but they

have no clue where he is right now. Pressurised, diya’s father asks her to do whatever she feels okay, but asks them to keep her ready, while he gets a taxi. She says that diya wont go anywhere, for keeping this tragedy a secret. Her father is apalled, saying that diya needs immediate treatment, and has to be taken to the hospital asap. but they dont allow. He is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Urmi finds shaurya hollering at one of the employees on the phone, due to missing a particular page, about youth problems. Alok likes the idea, but asks shaurya to chill. urmi too asks him to calm down. urmi asks shaurya not to be angry, while he is in a rage. damini callously comments and says that he shall obviously get angry, as blood does show its effect, as had his father, and categorically points out, samrat singh rathore been here, he would have murdered a couple by now. urmi and shaurya are hurt and tensed. damini smirks. urmi says that shaurya gets angry but not at the wrong thing, unlike samrat, who got angry at the wrong things. Alok too says that shaurya is diabolically apart from samrat, despite being his son. Alok also gives mythological examples to suuport his arguement. damini says that its everyone’s perspective, and that the world may think differently. Shaurya addresses damini as badi maa, which bothers her, and then he goes to her, saying that he cant change her perception about him, but one thing is sure, that samrat isnt his father, but Ishaant Sinha, and he has always considered him as his father, and shall continue doing so, even though she doesnt and he doesnt care that she doesnt. She is tensed and angry but doesnt respond. he walks out in a huff. urmi stands tensed too. damini comments that such forced relations dont actually materialise nor does the truth change. urmi doesnt respond.

In her room, ishaani is jogging and exercising to music, when damini comes in and asks her to lower down the music. When she does, damini brings up her stupid wish of getting married, as she is too young, and has lots of life ahead of her. ishaani says that she isnt thinking about it, and said that just to spite urmi, and that she was just kidding. damini is surprised, and ishaani asks if she actually thought she is ready to get married. ishaani says that she wont leave, till she irritated urmi to the core, and asks damini how could she not understand her humour. damini is visibly relieved, and says that its her house and shall remain so, and asks her to do whatever she wants to. She hugs ishaani, and asks then asks her to continue her exercise, and takes her leave. ishaani continues. damini eyes her evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Karan’s residence
Karan’s mother comes home to find karan shamelessly and callously enjoying tv. She hollers at him that all are tensed for diya, and he is shamelessly watching TV. he casually asks how is diya. she tells what happened. He asks if diya is okay. she asks if he is so concerned about diya, then why did he run away last night. he asks her not to start it over again. he asks if they talked about him, and she complies, and then adds how long he plans to hide, and talks about the probable police complaint. karan is tensed at the mention of police. she asks him to let bygones be bygones, and he has a responisbility towards diya, and asks him to be by her side, in these testing times. he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Doctor’s clinic
the doctor does karan’s bandages, surprised, that he is okay, and is still getting a plaster for a broken hand. He gives the excuse of acting, and actually says that he wants to get into the character hence is doing so. the doctor believes it too. karna belittles his job, as much more xeaggerated that it actually is, while the doctor tells that he gets to save lives. but karan, being egocentric, thinks that its he who did the hard job.

Scene 5:
Location: Diya’s residence
Later, the maid comes with the newspaper, and is about to get busy with her usual chores, when nirmala stops her, and asks her to come later, if possible after a week or so. the maid asks if everything is alright. all sit tensed. the maid asks if they are going out somewhere. She keeps a casual face, and asks the maid to leave. Diya’s father asks nirmala why is she behaving like this, and think of everyone but diya. she asks what should she think of diya. Her father says that she is unconscious for long hours, and that she needs immediate hospital and treatment. sjhe says that she too is concerned, and is doing all this for her safety and respect only. Her father warns nirmala, her mother, that nothing should happen to his daughter at any cost. Nirmala and her husband are surprised as karan walks in just then, with his pretend bandages and pain and wounds. he asks about diya, and noone is able to respond. devesh however gets angry, and grabs him by the collar asking him where was he, when diya got into this. her mother sets them free, while karan pleads that he was with diya. devesh angrily asks how could he flee and run away then. karan lies that three men overpowered him and knocked him unconscious. her mother confirms if he was unconscious and doesnt remember anything. He says that he doesnt and since then, he woke up straight in the hospital. he pleads and begs for a chance to see diya, but he too is given the same excuse, saying that she is fine, just sleeping due to the injection. Just then, a strong scream emenates from diya’s room, and all are scared and shocked. they rush to diya’s room, as her screams haunt the room. When they enter the room, they are shocked to see diya, covering and clutching herself tight in between her legs. Diya recounts the horrific nightmare she went through, and as her family, and karan, dressed up in bandages to implicate that he too had injuries, try to come close, she goes berserk, and asks them all to keep away and not touch her, as she is still in a traumatic state after the incident. karan is in a state of shock, seeing her like this. They try to identiy themselves, but she is still in that nightmarish state. She feels her hands and body as if its been soiled. the screen freezes on karan’s shocked face.

Precap: Cheeku gets shaurya a blind package, that has come for them, titled, ANOTHER TRUTH FOR AWAZ. They wonder what scandal is going to unravel now, and are excited as shaurya opens it. However, Shaurya is apalled to see pics of diya, lying carelessly on the floor, after having been violated, raped and abused. he is shocked. Cheeku wonders wuhat did shaurya see.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OMG !!!! What a ‘ Whiss’ of a husband to BE ””’KaRaN’ what an embarrasment of boyfriend to hav!!!!! Tat girl saved u frm getting knived an u cud not save her!!!! Not even a woman wud hav done what u did, left her to the “””” SHAITAANS”””””

  2. Wht the hell is the photos in precap

    1. fan of the show

      It is photos of Diya after the rape, sent by the goons to Shaurya’s newspaper.

      1. Is not this disgusting after what they did to this girl.They are raping her over and over again by doing this.This is where the law is an ass and has no respect for women of that culture.

  3. some how I feel that the same big man whose son went to prison after diya wrote the true story on him concerning the accident hired those three goons to abuse diya why else would they sent those horrific pictures indication the rape scene what a terrible storyline you think is joke I tell you these writers are sick in the mind and so they have a sick and cruel way of thinking hence the reason they write sick scripts

  4. sorry I meant indicating the rape

    1. Actually what I feel is that it’s good they are showing to the viewers such story. For how long we will watch all those stupid romantic drama b/w husband and wife who were marry and blah.blah. This show is showing today’s problem in india especially for the ladies. What happens when woman gets a husband who is like monster and how she fight for her rights. And now u might be knowing that a big problem for ladies is that they are getting raped , it’s good that they are showing diya as a rape victim and soon they will show how she stands up for herself which is necessary to know as many rape victims just lose hope and commit suicide. If shows like this show them how to be strong it will be helpful for us only.
      I understand it will be boring for some of u guys but this is actually a little bit useful than the usual lame drama wch other shows put . There won’t only romance in real life. These are real life problems and we should encourage it despite discouraging.

      1. fan of the show

        I’m so glad SOMEBODY GETS IT. THANK YOU Manisha.

      2. I never thought that someoneelse besides fan of the show and myself will realize exactly what the show is about.Thank you Manisha and continue writing on this path.

  5. fan of the show

    I hope Diya takes more than 2 months to recover so the marriage is called off. Then she should get better and find out what really happened – she may find out fom the doctor who pretend bandaged Karan, or Karan’s mother. She shurely won’t find out from Karan.

    Once again a family does not do what their daughter needs because they don’t want to ruin their reputation. I find that really disgusting. The father and brother are going along with the mother – cover it up like it never happened. The people who do that are really really selfish, and don’t really care for their daughters. Geesh!

    1. fan of the show

      Because a raped girl is hard to marry off.

      1. A raped girl is not only hard to marry of but she lives with many emotinal problems after this trauma. In the west many women do get marry after the incident but they have to go through a lot of counselling inorder to make the grade. Our system over here does not take rape slightly. The police are very active when this is reported.Over in the east this is terrible for the women. This is a sad case.

    2. Fan –this is what makes rape such a hard thing to bring to the fore front. Parents and some families refuse to go to the police because of the taboo which is placed on the victim head.

  6. fan of the show

    BYW it does not show Diya clutching between her legs, I don’t know why that was put in the writeup. She was screaming and refusing any physical contact, and did not recognize her own family around her, obviously still in phychological shock.

  7. radhika srinivasan

    now i got something worthy and interesting this serial has moved on showing something real

    1. fan of the show

      What changed your mind?

      1. Hi investigator go easy —lol.Youare something to reckon with.LOL

    2. Happy to hear that Radika.This is reality.

  8. radhika srinivasan

    but still the story is ruined totally everytime this cannot happen with someone repeatedly

  9. It’s sad story but it happens in a real live that is why I take it seriously while watching it and feel restless

    1. Great you are also recognizing the reality of this show.Thank you also.

  10. All I an sayid that the storyline is sick to the core. Although it may be beneficial to show what really happens I india, it is not wise NOT to show the right solution to the problem!!! It’s not right to show that the parents care more about respect than their own daughters life!!! It’s not right to show that the parents don’t want to punish the people who hurt their daughter. It’s not right to show such shallow love the parents have for their own daughter. There’s no difference between Karan who is not bloodly related and the parents who are!!!! It’s disgusting!!! Indians are heartless!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      Why is it not right to show that families hush things up to preserve their own reputations? It happens. It should be shown. This is exactly what happened to Urmi when she complained about the rat to the police for beating her up.

      They are showing how NOT to treat the problem, yes, throught the role of the parents, But now that Shaurya knows about it, something quite different will happen. He has seen his mother abused, and I’m sure he will not stand idly on the sidelines. I think you may see some positive movement in the next few shows, but it only comes in 20-minute segments, 5 days a week. Have some patience.

      1. Fan this is a topic that many people do not want to discuss because they are ashame to talk about it.If this is not brought to the open how will the cause be fought. Too many women are being used and abused. Too many women and young girls are been ravished by these dirty ,selfish men and just leave to live a life of shame and guilt for the rest of their lives.It is time for people to fight for the rights of women.Stop covering up the problem and report it some one will listen and change the laws where it need to be changed.

  11. radhika srinivasan

    its true yaar this shud not happen.

  12. Everyone has their own opinion of the show or the way certain episodes are going. Don’t be forcing your opinion on anyone. Leave people in peace nah!!!!!!!!! Geezan!!!!!

    1. fan of the show

      Last time I looked, everybody is free to say what they think, and no one is forcing anyone. What are YOU talking about?

      1. fan of the show

        When people disagree with each other, it does not mean they are not free to speak, nor does it mean any forcing. Sure;ly the one who diasgrees also has a right to their opinion.

  13. Women and young girls rape is not a sick topic but a topic that all should be engaged in to bring this horrible abuse and stigma to an end. Women this story is real, it is about everyday life.It is reality. Embrace the writer to take that courage to showcase this promblem that is facing all women over the world today.It could be your daughter that this happens to l Use Diya as if she is your own relative and think what will you do. RAPE is not a joke but it is real.

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