Doli Armaanon Ki 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
All the wedding celebrations are in full swing, when damini comes dressed, saying that she has waited tremendously, for this unique wedding of diya, that shall soon turn to ruins. The reporters throng the residence and then ask damini what are her views on diya’s marriage. damini starts being noble and says that diya came in broken and depressed, and they tried to help her in whichever manner they could, and its good that they organised a wedding for her, as they had promised her one. They ask about shaurya and she says that he must be around. they then ask about diya, if they can have some pics of her too, but she asks them to wait till the groom arrives. The reporters ask when shall the baraat come. she evilly smiles and says that

she is waiting as impatiently for it, as they are.

In her room, diya is highly nervous and tensed, as she sits in front of the goddess. she asks if she wont come to bless her, as a mother’s blessing always counts, and that she shall have to come to give her strength, as wherever she is, power comes itself. A girl starts coming. She goes to diya, and tells her that her baraat came, and that its a big, grand one. diya smiles. The dupatta of the girl falls on her head by the wind, and she takes it as a sign of the goddess, as the girl runs away from there. In the hall, there’s a buzz about the grand baraat and all rush to the door, to check it out. damini is shocked and boggled as to how the baraat came. she turns around and is shocked. She rushes out, and finds a groom coming in on the horse, along with the baraat, while the family greets them happily. she wonders how did it come, as her plan couldnt be ruined, and this cant happen, as there’s definitely some problem. she is determined to find out. she comes inside to find out that urmi is in the way asking why is she so tense. Damini hastily rushes to go in. But urmi asks her to welcome the guests. damini refues asking her to do so. urmi reminds that she is the elder of the house, and hence its a ritual that she has to do. Urmi reminds her that nothing is more imp than the marriage. damini says that its related to marriage only. she goes inside. In her room, she wonders how could she face such a betrayal, and starts getting berserk and frustrated as to why the baraat came. She starts dialling sumit and his family’s number. She hollers at sumit, and is shocked when he says that he is already boarding along with the parents. She wonders who is here then. urmi comes in asking who is it that failed her plan so terribly. damini eyes her angrily, while urmi comes in asking who is that, and asks if she actually thought she would be able to pull this evil prank. She asks how could she play a pawn of every relation. damini waives her off. Urmi asks her to shut up, as rani told her everything. Damini confronts her, while urmi asks her to say something. She says that she cant imagine she could kidnap rani, and asks how could she do this, play with emotions with a paid marriage. She reprimands damini profusely. urmi says that she cant kill diya, as the lord doesnt want that. She says that they take the seven pious circles with the person who is a match made in heaven. Urmi says that she is disgusted at what she did. Damini says that she can stoop far lower and yes she tried to kill diya, so what, without the slightest hint of regret. urmi says that she should be ashamed. damini asks if they are ashamed, anirudh didnt feel shame when he slapped her, she didnt feel shame when she brought a rape victim here. She says that they started questioning her existence. damini says that she wont let diya stay here and she would have to stay out of her life and her house. she says that she would have had urmi thrown out too, had she not contained ishaan’s child. She says that she should be fortunate, that she is still here. Urmi asks that she should thank he lord instead. She sayss that today if she told about what she did, then what about her existence, as anirudh shall throw her out. damini asks her to stay in her limits, and she says that she is, but the time is here, when she needs to be reminded of her limits. She warns damini that she shouldnt do anything wrong as if that happens, then she would forget everything and cross limits of age, relation, respect. Damini says that whatever ahppens to her isnt important. she says that she wanted to send diya. she says that she is finally out of her life, as frankly, she can get married to anyone, but be out, and that finally happened what she wanted.

meanwhile, downstairs, the marriage happens, as the jaimala is done. Then finally, the pheras, after which the mangalsutra and veremillion is done too. the reporters leave after their media byte. the priest asks the couple to take blessings of the elders. diya desnt find sumit’s parents. anirudh asks where are they. Urmi comes down with damini saying that they arent here, as their son isnt. this shocks everyone. Anirudh asks if not sumit, then who is it. Diya is extremely nervous and tensed. urmi comes and says that its shaurya. this shocks everyone, while chiku is pleased. Diya turns around to find shaurya having taken off his sehra. All are super shocked and stunned. the screen freezes on diya’s face.

Precap: urmi tells about sumit and his family’s betrayal. She then says that she couldnt have seen diya being disgraced yet again. diya asks why did she bind her in this unfortuanet helpless relation, as he doesnt love her, and has to bear her for the rest of his life. Shaurya clarifies that it isnt like that, but diya emphasises that he doesnt love her, then why did he do this sacrificial favour fr her. He is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Super and nice episode

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!1

  3. fan of the show

    Since DAK will be off the air next Friday, how do you suppose they will end the story?

      1. fan of the show

        It’s too badthat the one show with non-frivolous important content is getting cut. I guess the audience doesn’t want to see society’s issues dealt with during their entertainment viewing hours.

    1. Possibly by showing us that Urmi has finally won all the obstacles of her life and her chidren along with Diya are all happy together now with that great love that binds them.Damini will be shown rejected and her crimes confessed.Every one will then know her true character.

      1. fan of the show

        Yah, they have 9 more episodes to deal with damini and expose her to Ishani and Anirudh finally. Sandhya already knows what damini’s like because she used to do dirty work with her. Good Urmi stood up to her ahd warned her to watch her step from now on.

  4. It’s really bad that the show is going to end I love Diya and Shaurya as a couple :'(

  5. this show is ending the way it should because even before diya was raped I always liked her for shauyra it is just that she diya was kinda tom boyish and she saw shauyra as just being her boss it is nice to see that they end up together and that just goes to show if you truly love someone nothing can separate you not even after she was raped by three goons I say this is an important lesson taught LOVE CAN CONQUER ALL HURDLES so fan of the show this is truly an excellent ending do not know why you find it should prolong do you want to carry on this scenario with wicked damini and the three goons that raped diya wayaaaaaaaaa man accept this ending it could not have been better

    1. Of all commenters you called this show and it’s writers the worst.I am so greatful that you can join with Fan and I to say that this story dealt with issues that wreimportant to society.Thank you .Great.

  6. and if there is one serial that societys issues have been dealt with is this serial DOLI ARMAANO KI GOOD ENDING HOORAY TO THE WRITERS FOR ONCE LOL

    1. You are so hypocritical ,,You weresaying all the time it is s—.You are singinging a dutchess tune now.So happy to see you have ended with a note by not saying that this show was good.Hooray.

      1. Correction—-Bended with a note by saying that this show was good.

  7. please dont end DAK i like shaurya and diya jodi . firstly warrior high then manmarmarziya and now this is also going to off air

  8. I applaud the writers of this show to bring us a serial that is very important to women ,children,boys men and young women of all societies.the true darkness of abuse,rape,fixed marriages,mothers-in-laws and even abortion ,corruption etc.Most importantly this was an eye opening for all those who did not see abuse as how it is .For me I have learnt that their are many people who did not look at this dark secret in the homes of many rich families because they use their money to cover up these things.Women are being killed like flies ,women are be raped ,women arebe abused and abandon because of society and some of their so called laws and thinking.These writers went beyond all barriers to showcase this important subject and to me it was well received and very educational. Whilst I would have liked to see Damini pay her dues but I think the sory idid good justice .Let us continue to stand up against the wrongs of people and do not condone it.Every commenter who took this topic seriously has learnt something and even though the show is coming to an end ,this story has impacted a lot of people and open up minds and heart to a lot of things.I am satisfied with the accomplishment the writers have accomplished therefore if it is ending now I do believe it has served it’s purpose.The message was well sent and understood.Thank you writers again and again.

    1. Correction —–I think the story not sory and remove I—

      1. Are u mad? Criticising each comment even when ur point is illogical. Such idiot!

      2. Akshita—May I say that your name reveal who you are.Just leave some letters out and you will notice who is the idiot .

  9. haha, finally this is also was one nice show but,omg…its alrite better than turning this to creepy,boring show its better to axe it, but with good actors like kunal,manasi,neha the writers ,why cant they give good story further. already its turned into normal series now.

    Just felt the show took pace but before that its to be axed.

    Pls readers dont get offended by my commnet.My view

    Diya ,i liked her for her bold,brilliant characterizaton,she was a promising journalist. shaurya his love for mother,sister,work.. his little ego and anger was awesome..

    but after rape sequence show started to deviate in normal route, the fight to get justice for diya by shaurya and urmi was superb.also worth watching.till this marriag its ok, but somewhere i lost that bold ,brilliant diya.

    such an awesome journalist maintaning silence against damini.ok ,let it be that she is now at someone’s house.but, where is her ground characterization.ok ,now after marriage what will happen.

    It would have been mindblowing if shaurya and diya team up(not love -let it take time as usual in evry soaps- to confess 1 year,to consummate 2 years,whatever-) in work to unfold mysterious ,bold news then it would have been definitely worth watching and will get that fighter diya,not to mention that both teamed up with urmi.

    but,sure writers wont do that, they will create misunderstandng btween diya and shaurya, as i menton,confession and others will take much time.meanwhile,mahaan urmi and diya will hide about damini.she will start torturing diya – our typical saas-bahu drama.(in all these we ourself will forgot that diya was an efficent journalist)

    one fine day (may be after months or years) shaurya and diya will confess love and atlast damini as usual will say… Diya beta,mujhe maaf kardho,badi hokar bhi main ithna galat kiya.sorry.

    diya will say,nahin badi maa, aap badi hai…pls hum me aashirvadh dijiye,dont as sorry and make me feel bad.pls.

    and maybe show will end .

    we all will forget shaurya and diya are super journalist,urmi was lawyer .

    Rather than diverting this series into saas-bahu drama,better end ths…if not ending,show some action adventures of diya and shaurya as journalist(i hope this wont even happen).

    sorry if i offended feelings of other readers.
    just angry that writers why d hell r u wasting talent of such good actors.

    1. fan of the show

      Well pannie, you have panned all the typcal stuff that serials are made of… and through countless iterations of the same formulas, they have managed to sell lots of food, lots of money exchanges, lots of jewelry, lots of real estate, lots of horrorscope reading, lots of fashion – lots of everything that appeals to women, their main audience, Actors make a living. Vendors sell. Women watch. Formulas are portrayed over and over again: mothers in law, betrayal, lost love, unrequited love, family tension, love triangles, kidnappings, goons, rogues, peacemakers, children in trouble, occasional brilliant heroes,,,, what’s not to love? It gives the audience a chance to forget their own troubles. You can give it just a little bit of credit, can’t you?

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