Doli Armaanon Ki 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
Ishaan and urmi are mortified as his drunk and inebriated friend, starts narrating everyone that he is so noble that he doesnt believe there’s anything wrong in sharing his wife with another man. he leers that urmi is bful who can make any husband possessive, but not ishaan. he keeps passing lewd comments, and asks for a chance himself, as he too is in the line for his wife’s customers. ishaan gets angry and starts beating the pulp out of him, while urmi is shocked. ishaan gets berserk, and rambles away the managers, and continues beating him, seeing wich urmi is distraught, and rushes out from there, but ishaan doesnt notice.

Outside, the words of the drunk person haunt urmi. she finds her own inner self, asking her why is she crying. urmi

wipes her tears, and her inner self taunts that she couldnt bear the truth, and when she is so affected, then how would ishaan bear this, as this is just the beginning, and from now on, he would be treated with such comments all his life. She wonders what to do then. Her inner self asks her to realise if she even desrves to be ishaan’s wife. she says that it isnt necessary that he stops living his life fending out for hers. She says that ishaan loves her and is doing this for her. She is asked whats she done and if she has ever repayed any one the favours that he did on her. she starts wondering whats she ever given him, as he would be living a complete life with someone else, as he would havw gotten a left woman but not a complete wife, as she is again siring another man’s child, and he would just remain the caretaker of the children from her previous husband. She asks her if she doesnt realise that if ishaan can love someone else’s children, then what are his dreams of his own children. urmi wonders what she should do now. She is asked to think of his happiness, who has always thought of hers and if he actually deserves this. she is tensed engulfed in these thoughts.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan meanwhile is highly tensed as to where is urmi and why isnt she replying to his messages and calls. urmi walks in like a dead person. he turns around and finds her, and asks whats the matter, and why did she do this, and not respond to his calls. she looks at him in a daze. He asks her not to think of that person and be affected of his bitter words. He says that its all about shaurya. she says that he always stood by her, without even having had a thank you. She says that even when she wasnt married to samrat, he used to care for her happiness and her comfort, and did all possible sacrifices for him. She says that he stood by her, even after she left samrat. He is boggled while she overwhelmingly expresses what he has done for her. he asks why is she bringing all this up. She says that when she thought, she realised what all he has done for her, and that she never even said thank you. He asks if she has gone nuts. she blames herself to be cruel and shrewd, and that she feels to thank him from the heart, and to tell him, that had he not been there, she wouldnt have existed. He asks her not to say so, as nothing can happen to her, till he is alive. She begs to say it once, and utters Thank you, profusely. he is boggled. She hugs him, while he confusedly caresses her.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, samrat is extra chirpy. tani asks samrat if all’s been packed for Nasik, and he complies. urmi and ishaan get tensed. sandhya asks what time he shall leave. he says that he shall leave at 3, and the puja is in the night. urmi and ishaan sit tensedly. Alok asks whats this weird puja, which is at night. damini asks him not to probe. Samrat says that its for the house’s welfare. tani says that all problems shall be solved. Alok agrees. Sandhya finds ishaan’s food untouched, and asks him to eat, while he says that he doesnt feel like. Damini insists but he denies saying that he shall be late and asks urmi not to wait for him, and asks her to take care. He leaves. samrat eyes urmi.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Granny is sure that urmi’s wrong decision would led to her marriage being over with ishaan, as after this, he wont live with her at all. Gauran says that he is sure that wont happen, as he knows ishaan more than anyone else, and he shall stand by urmi. She asks him to keep himself in ishaan’s position, and if he had to share asha with another man, he wouldnt be able to, even if it was for his own son, Chiku, then why should they expect this from ishaan, for someone else’s son. Gaurav is rendered speechless and shocked at this. saroj asks them to let be, as its too late, and they should let the gods decide. Granny taunts that they should be ready to keep urmi again in her own house. They are shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and the beach
Urmi wanders around the house restlessly, reliving her memories with ishaan in every corner, while he takes a restless stroll on the beach, reliving his memories with urmi at the Maldives Beach. Soon the dusk falls and night creeps in. Urmi thinks that if god wants her to be a mother over a wife, then she doesnt deserve to be ishaan’s wife. She takes off the mangalsutra, while eyeing ishaan’s pic, and remembering how he had placed it around his neck, and apologises to him, as with this pious relation, she cant with another man, and that their relation was till here only, and that she doesnt want to cross the limits of their relation at any which cost and places it on the dressing table. She says that today only a mother shall walk out, not his wife, as she is leaving behind his wife, with full respect and esteem. She aplogises yet again. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The doctor comes and tells ishaan and urmi’s family, as to who told him that shaurya has cancer as he doesnt, and is fully healthy. They are boggled and shocked. Another doctor tells and asks tghem to identify which doctor told them this about their son. ishaan is bewildered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. atleast bt urmi shd nt mess

  2. come on guys bring ur comment da writters has listen to our request

    1. fan of the show


  3. Wait a sec…did urmi sleep with that perv before precap…oh no please no

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, what a suspense this has created. And what a tragedy if Urmi didn’t hear in time.

    2. I hope not. Would be happy if Ishan rushes to the hotel and bang down the door in time before things get worse. I guess I’ll start watching again.

  4. fan of the show

    Yes, now the cancer hoax is starting to unravel, and they can follow the trail back to the culprit. The question is, if Ishan knows it, does Urmi also know it?

    Anyway, this is the time to keep the arrangements with samRat, but instead of bringing Urmi to the hotel, they should bring Tani, and tell her that she will find samRat there waiting for a pr*stitute.

    1. fan of the show

      It would help solve some of the problems fo having samRat around – Tani would surely kick him out.

  5. thank god… ultimately she has got relif from burden,,,,,,

  6. you see what I mean writers now all of a sudden shauyra do not have cancer I am sure that it is samrath and ishaans mother who is up to no good again why samrath is getting his way all the time writers turn the tables around and let samrath get it good in his ass he is tooooooooooo wicked please do not let urmi sleep with samrath please let Ishaan reach in time to stop her samrath ass needs to go to prison he has killed already so what is he doing outside in society and back to his old tricks again writers please end this storyline it was already uncalled for the torment samrath put urmi through again this was ridiculous lets samrath loose everything and bring Ishaan urmi and shauyra together as one happy family and let annuik see how mischievous his wife is and his daughter who is dotish over samrath

    1. fan of the show

      Gloria – you will be happy to know that a new more powerful villain than samRat is going to appear on the show and put samRat in his place.

      Keith Sequeira turns ‘negative’ for Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki…/keith-sequeira-turns-negative-zee-tvs-doli-arm...

      5 hours ago – Model turned actor Keith Sequeira will play a significant role in the next twist to come in the story line of Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki (Spellbound …

  7. Ok, this is so dumb. Even if Shaurya did have cancer and Urmi needed to sire a savior sibling, she does not have to sleep with Samrat. Savior siblings are usually not conceived naturally. The doctor would usually make them use IVF as the sibling conceived naturally may not be match but through IVF, the doctors would select the embryo that is a match to be implanted. Urmi sleeping with Samrat to conceive a savior sibling for Shaurya is stupid as (a) she may not get pregnant and (b) even if she does get pregnant, the child may not be a match. The writers clearly defied medical science. I had to let this out. Thankfully Shaurya is OK. Hopefully Urmi finds out before she acutally sleeps with Samrat.

    1. fan of the show

      The fans may know this cancer science, the actors may know this, the writers may know this, but the writers chose to make the characters in the STORY not know this, just for the drama it creates in the STORY. The writers can do anything they want, because it’s a STORY and dramas can take any twist and turn the writers want to flesh out the true nature of the characters in the story. No? It’s fiction, after all.

  8. I think this is samrat plan because he dont want ishaan and urmi sleep togheder that basterd think that urmi belongs to him only she can not sleep with her husband. Thank god saurya is alright please ishaan go get your wifey

  9. OMG!! But surely she didn’t do it with the RAT before the pre cap news?! Oh please don’t let that be the case!! Good Lord!!

  10. Just shoot the RAT character Already!! URGH!

  11. Just kill the RAT character Already!! URGH!

  12. Thanks be to God, the writer finally listen to our appeal. Pls try to finish this drama as soon as possible

  13. fan of the show

    This could be how the story was going to go anyway, no matter what we said, because don’t they have to shoot the show in advance?

  14. I know it had to be rouge samrat and ishaan no good mother was setting up this.. So now ishaan and urmi can live happy again…..

  15. I think this is Ishaans father Anirudhs plan to separate Urmi and Ishaan

    1. fan of the show

      That would be an amazing twist – the ones who appear most sympathetic are actually the rats, and the ones who appear to be rats didn’t do the dirty deeds but are enjoying that everyone else is suffering.

  16. I hope Urmi doesn’t sleep with Samrat rather learns the truth in time. It’s time Urmi and Ishaan find some peace and happiness. Hopefully the writers are reading viewers comments. Damini and Samrat needs to be exposed at once

  17. I think it was Damini’s idea to get rid of samrat & urmi

  18. Hello fan of the show,
    Even fiction is made to look realistic. Yet, despite that, fiction is never dumb. The reasons of every action are real. Yet in this show, it portrays that the writers were dumb and not aware of medical science. Or do the writers think that the audience is dumb??? And for those who are not aware of medical science, the writers have cimpletely misguided them. And the writers have also portrayed that doctors in india are way backwards. And that they need to go to medical school once again to learn new findings that have already been tested and proven.

    1. fan of the show

      That’s a curious statement – “fiction is never dumb”. I don’t know what your definition of dumb could be if you think any of the other 8 or 10 soaps on Zee do not have their moments of characters acting really dumb. i.e. Abhi on KKB.

      Yah, it LOOKS like the writers are dumb, because they made their characters dumb. But I don’t think the writers are dumb. I think they deliberately made the characters dumb to show everybody watching what happens when you’re into shock, denial, grief, emotional trauma, all those extreme emotions. I think they were showing how difficult it is to remain sane in difficult life situations. In addition, they were showing how low evil people can go to trip up those who they have some kind of problem with. What appears as dumb is just evil showing its ugly face. I think you might agree with me that evil people are really really dumb.

      I don’t think the writers think the audience is really dumb either. I think they were hoping the audience would be yelling URMI DON’T DO THIS -THERE”S ANOTHER SOLUTION!!!!

      As far as portraying doctors being backwards, I don’t think the doctors were dumb either – I think they deliberately mislead the families because they were paid to do so by whoever it was that bribed them to do this. I think you may also agree with me that greedy people are also really really dumb.

  19. This show is just dragging on with ploys & tactics…. there is no real story to it anymore.
    Its always one trick or the other by Damini or Samrat….
    As usual, this news of Shaurya not having cancer will be revealed to Urmi & Ishan and they will be relieved but wont catch the culprits and their suspicion of who did it will eventually die down and they will go on living like they normally do…. then Samrat or Damini will plot and plan against them again…. it goes on and on that way. No fresh things are happening because the serial has reached the end but the writers want to keep it going on.



    1. fan of the show

      Yah, I was thinking about the show too – that it would be really really nice if this soap turned everything around and showed instead of all the bad things women go through, show how those same unlucky women turned everything around and helped people become really really good, understanding, , loving, brave, congenial, self-sufficient, morally strong, etc. etc. etc. Then people would be looking to this show to see some good examples of how to handle life’s problems with finesse, dignity and character.

  20. f**king a*sh*les….wtf!!!!who the f**k directs this shit,yuuuuccccckkkk .yeh Saab kya hai??? Don’t people have morals…what kinda shitty suspense is this shit

    1. fan of the show

      We also would have understood your opinion if you had just written ***** ** ******* * *** * ****!!!

      1. Excuse me leave your thoughts to your self!!i dnt ask for advice from you….y u interfering with my update….dnt u think that’s lame,hey I can curse if I want to ok…I am a fan….so my opinion shouldn’t matter to you

  21. Urmi will definately sleep with tat SHIT of a man!!!!!!!! This show was so predictable!!!!!! But blo*dy nerve wrecking !!!!!!!

  22. Kick samrat nd damni out ishaan and urmi

    1. fan of the show

      There’s another feedback site that calls them samdam. lol

  23. What a rubbish story!!!! Yak!!!!!!!…..

  24. Writers please save urmi’s dignity,

  25. fan of the show

    At Punjabi Junktion there’s an story that Urmi wants to quit the show. It did not have a date, however, so I don’t know how long ago she said it.

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