Doli Armaanon Ki 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband are tensed, as ishaan tries to get urmi to atleast listen to him once, while she keeps snubbing him off, and asking him to get lost as she doesnt have anything to talk or listen to him about, and that her life was ruined as it is, when she heard him and paid heed to his advice, and now he wants her to go through that charade once again. he starts getting frustrated and asks to be given one chance. sushma too asks urmi to soften up, but she is adamant, that samrat sent him here to advocate for him, as thats the only plausible explanation tht he turns uip after all these years and for what. He is hurt and asks to be heard just once, this time a little more vehement. He points out how he ended his friendship with samrat,

when he got to know of samrat’s adultery in goa, and had apologised to her profusely without giving any explanation, and how he continued to feel guilty afterwards, that he was responsible for getting her stuck in a ruined life with samrat, but he realised that after marriage, when he had nothing much to do. He begs for forgiveness, clarifying how he thought her presence in his life would change him for the better. urmi behaves indifferently and says that he can move on with his guilt free life, as she forgievs him. He asks her not to snub her away, as he is here to help her only, and thats the reason that he came after all these years, when annu told him on the phone about her and her life. She asks him how can he help her, as she is independant enough not to need anyone’s apologies and sympathy now, and that he can move on with his life, now that she is not a scared, little girl anymore. ishaan is apalled.

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Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat along with his family, entertain the prospective groom’s family, who have come to see aditi. They start expressing their shock as to how his own wife left him, as the girl is ill fated that she left him. samrat drinks his anger, and behaves calm and composed. his family is tensed too. They all then change the topic to aditi and ask where is she. kanchan says that she sent for radha, to get aditi. radha sneaks up behind the pillar and samrat enquires from her that radha is her sister. radha calls kanchan and tells her that aditi isnt in the room, and kanchan says it aloud in horro, shocking everyone and boggling them. samrat asks them and diwaker asks them to search. Shashi relives them all, by getting aditi ready and dressed up. Radha longingly eyes samrat, as his back is turned on her again. samrat doesnt see her. aditi resignedly wishes them. she is made to sit beside, remembering how amrit had asked her to meet the propsective in laws’ as he wont let her get married to them. Rudra asks about their son, and the family says that in their consent is his too. the match is done and everyone eats sweets and celebrations begin. The groom’s sister likes the bangles that shashi wears and compliments her on them. Samrat instantly asks shashi to take the bangles off, while she is hesitant, and the groom’s family says that this isnt needed. kanchan is amused at shashi’s plight as she hands over the bangles to the groom’s sister.

After samrat sees them off, and samrat is glaoting as to how aditi’s life got settled, which would have been ruined as noone wants a used commodity, and all are shocked as to how callous he personified his own sister to a commodity. Rudra and diwaker point out whats weird is that the groom, the most important person in fixing a relation, was missing. shashi says that she gave her bangles away in vain. Samrat asks them all to chill, and that they arent happy for aditi. samrat says that this is just an investment, as once the marriage is done, fame and money both shall come to them, and then they can use this power. kanchan asks whats she trying to insinuate. Samrat says that he would mint money by the politician’s advantage. aditi asks if this is a business settlement instead of her marriage. samrat shuts her saying that this is what she is best for, as she is otherwise useless. Aditi asks why are they marrying her. samrat says that they have indirect advantage to get comission for samrat’s company’s tender. samrat is pleased, while all others are shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: In a restaurant
Annu tries to chat up with ishaan excitedly, while he is concerned with urmi’s plight. Annu is in her own dream world, that ishaan came back for her only. He asks annu why doesnt urmi stay with her own family. Annu tells him how devi and granny didnt support urmi and threw her out of her own house. Ishaan is tensed to hear this. While annu starts ranting as she hesitatingly brings up the topic of marrying, as the pressure is on her, while he is lost in urmi’s plight. She jerks him out of his thoughts. He asks her to get married. she says that she would come up with everything, now that he is back. He thinks that he would give everything to help urmi, but she should give him one chance.

Scene 4:
Location: Jhansi Court House
Urmi searches for her lawyer and when she doesnt find him, she tries his phone, but it goes unreachable. She identifies two people who were talking to her lawyer that day and approaches them. She tries to ask about how she isnt able to get her lawyer. Urmi is shocked as she gets to know from other public prosecutors, that her so called lawyer befooled her and ran away with the money, that she had given as an advance for her case. she is apalled and distraught as to what to do now. she asks how can he betray her like that, as she arranged the money with dire adversities. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Samrat asks his lawyer that his first hearing should be the last one, so that in the blink of an eyes, her son comes to him, once and for all and forever. Mr. Niranjan, his lawyer hears intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Urmi should be passionate and compromising toward’s Ishaan’s readiness to assist her. She doesn’t have any option than to accept Ishaan’s help. Samrat will be floored in Court by Ishan to win custody tussle for Urmi. That will be the beginning of Samrats predicament.

    1. fan of the show

      How can she trust someone who she thinks betrayed her so badly? Yes, now he can be trusted because he has no favorable opinion of sam-the-rat. But wat will turn her around? Maybe he has to resue Shaurya or something drastic like that.

    2. fan of the show

      rescue Shaurya

  2. fan of the show

    What happened to the update for the 12th?

  3. fan of the show

    I hope Ishaan finds that crooked lawyer and throws him in jail for a long time.

  4. fan of the show

    They are playing up how good a lawyer Ishaan is, I think it means that he will beat the scumbag sam-the-rat has hired who wants only to be victorious.

  5. another soap with lacking quality the lest you have the least you shall have poor urmi now the lawyer ran off with her money what else is going to happen again all I ask please let Ishaan help her genuinely to keep her son from samraths evil claws. it is about time samrath gets a taste of his own medicine.

  6. is kanchan’s sister the new lead for evil samrat

    1. fan of the show

      I think Radha is Kanchan’s cousin… at this point she’s curious about the rat, but she hasn’t seen his fury yet, so that could change shortly, since he doesn’t spend much time out of that state…I guess in a way he’s already getting punished – BY HIMSELF! He’s mostly miserable. When he’s not doing his facade of mr. cool.

  7. Ishaan, do your job for Urmi…. take her case and nail the (Sam) rat!!

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