Doli Armaanon Ki 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat comes to Tani with noodles. He says he made it for her and feeds her. He then tells her he has to go somewhere for a night. She asks where. He says there is a puja which he kept for their and family’s happiness. Tani says that’s great idea and wants to go along, but Samrat says only 2 people can do that puja. Tani asks whose 2nd one. He says one him and other priest. Tani is convinced and gives him permission.

Damini tells Alok’s wife that Samrat is convinced. Alok’s wife says after that Urmi will be out of this house for ever. Damini says, not just Urmi, but also Samrat. Alok’s wife praises Damini and suggests her not to tell anything to Anirudh yet because if Tani finds out then it won’t be good. Damini agrees.

All are at breakfast table.

Anirudh is not there yet. Tani tells everyone about Samrat planning a puja for the family. Damini and Alok’s wife understand what Samrat is upto. Alok’s wife teases Samrat telling him to take Tani along. Damini shuts her and tells Samrat to go. He thinks so much for the family. Anirudh joins them. He asks Ishaan whether he’s going to leading lawyers meetup party. Ishaan doesn’t want to go as all come with their wives and Urmi can’t go in this condition and he is not feeling like either. Urmi says to Anirudh that they will go.

Urmi’s dad meets Ishaan and praises him for doing all this for Urmi. Ishaan says he loves Urmi and shaurya, so he married for his happiness only. Urmi’s dad still says, no man can make sacrifices that Ishaan is doing and he ranks him above the God.

Urmi and Ishaan come to the party. He thanks her for bringing him there and says she’s looking very pretty. He asks what about him. She says he always looks good. A lawyer, Hemant, comes to them and talks rudely that he has to struggle because of Ishaan. He never lets him win. Ishaan excuses himself and takes Urmi with him. Urmi asks why he was talking so rude. Ishaan says he’s just jealous and takes Urmi to other guests. The guests praise Ishaan for being such a good lawyer at young age. Later, Urmi tells him she is proud that she is his wife. She says I love you to him and hugs him. Ishaan says they should celebrate this moment. He brings drinks for them. Just then Shaurya’s doctor comes to them. Ishaan asks him what he’s doing in lawyers party. Doctor says his son is lawyer, he came with him. Doctor asks about Shaurya and whether they are planning another kid. Ishaan says very soon, they will have another kid. Hemant comes there. Doctor introduces him as his son. Ishaan takes Urmi and walk away. Doctor tells Urmi and Ishaan’s situation to Hemant. Ishaan tells Urmi he’s not feeling good here and they should leave. Urmi asks sure? He says yes. They are leaving and just then, Hemant stops them saying whole world should know Ishaan’s greatness.

Precap: Hemant tells everyone how Ishaan doesn’t mind making his wife sleep with another man. Later, Urmi removes her mangalsutra and looks at it. she says she can’t go to another man with that pavitra mangalsutra. Her happiness with him was till here only. If God wants her to fulfill mother’s duty then she has no right to be his wife.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Disgusting situation! What has happened to the CVs mind? They do not know about Stem Cells, they do not know about IVF and they have no idea of Hippocrat’s oath that every doctor swears by where they are not allowed to disclose any medical secret to a third party!!!

  2. ignorant writers. Makes my skin crawl for their utter stupidity. enuff said!

  3. the must stupid series ever.i hate d producers.if i am the actors,especially urmi,i will quit the show

  4. oh god… please stop this nonsense serial. please…

  5. It’s as if the writers doesn’t care about the viewers opinions. What kind of Doctors does India have that are not familiar with the latest technologies.?
    Hate this stupid storyline. The are ruining Urmi and Ishaan’s character.
    Evil always win

  6. Omg. This drama is telling the whole world that the indians are so back dated. Majesty u are right. The writters should have the right knowledge…

  7. Tani is so gullible. She will believe anything Samrat tells her. The story was already terrible. Now Urmi and Ishaan have to get insulted in public? I can’t believe the doctor told his son all of Urmi’s medical business like that.

  8. I’m convinced the writers are angry with Zee and taking it out on the viewers.

  9. I bored with this written he is make us mad I hope Urmy never sleep with samrat and came up with an opinion to treat shauriya

  10. At this point who cares who Urmi sleeps with…this show has gone to the dogs…thank god I stopped watching it for over a month now…even reading once in a while…still the same nonsensical crap of a story

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