Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Urmi wonders how to go to trisha. She cites a reason in the kitchen, and then again is about to go, when samrat stops her and coming to her, takes her in his arms and gets her on the bed, shushing her when she begins to say something. He tries to get intimate with her, while in the garage, trisha is tensed wondering how did urmi get so late. Final;ly, when samrat goes off to sleep, she stealthily, takes off his hand from hers, and then gets down from the bed, and is about to sneka out, when he takes aturn. this scares her but she composes herself as he again doses off. She picks the shawl and stealthily slips out of the room. She plates up food for trisha, and is about to take it out, when she hears mabndira crying. She

puts down the plate and covering it, she is surprised to find Diwaker coming down the stairs with her. She takes a glass of jug to form an excuse. diwaker is surprised to see her awake and here. urmi says that she came down for water. He tells her that mandira is crying endlessly, and kanchan too isnt well and needs sleep. He tells urmit o take her, so that mandira might just silence. urmi has no option but to agree. She finally is able to silence mandira, when diwaker compliments her for her feat, and asks her to put her to sleep too. urmi is shocked but doesnt have any way out. She is surprised when diwaker asks her to put mandira to sleep beside her only. thanking urmi, diwaker takes off to sleep, while urmi wonders what to do now. trisha begins to get impatient as to why urmi hasnt come down yet. menawhile, the clock styarts approaching one, and trisha almost dozes off. urmi tries to put mandira to sleep, and finally is able to accomplish it. She silently opens her room door, and sneaks in with mandira, and places her by Samrat’s side, and again stealthily slips oput of the room. She takes the food and is about to go out, when she finds Shashi coming out of her room, grumbling about how she needs water for her husband, several times in the night, and instantly hides behind the sofa. she is about to go back to her room, when she turns around to cite something suspicious while urmi is horrified at her lie having been caught. but she is relieved when she just takes the phone and retreats to her room.

In the garage, as urmi gets food and shawl for trisha, she tells urmi that she has taken an unnecessary risk, by getting her here insistently, as if samrat gets to know of this, he would create a ruckus. She says that she knows and asks her not to bother, as its just for the night, and asks trisha to finish the food. Trisha asks urmi to maintain her distance from her, so that her relation with samrat isnt affected. urmi asks her not to think like that, and that samrat may sever ties easily as he did with ishaan, but she cant and would decide for herself. trisha asks what had happaned in goa. urmi tells her about samrat’s absence from the room that day, and then the big fight. trisha is surprised when urmi tells her that samrat gave the excuse that phones arent allowed in casinos. She tries to tell her the truth, but urmi gets tensed when trisha asks her to find out herself from the net. urmi then tells about the fight. trisha is certain of the fight being blamed on samrat. urmi asks why. She says that if it had been ishaan’s fault, samrat would have told everyone about it, but he kept mum, which isnt like him at all. urmi gets tensed hearing this as she is taken back to those haunting memories. Meanwhile, mandira’s screams wake up samrat and he is shocked and frustrated to find that urmi isnt there, and tries to stop her from crying but in vain, and mandira is screaming beside him. he goes out to find where urmi is, and thinks that she must be in the bathroom, hollering at her all the while, when mandira doesnt stop screaming. He is shocked to find that urmi isnt there. finding no other way, he finally takes her in his arms resignedly, and goes out to diwaker’s room. When diwaker comes out, he vents out his frustration at him. Diwaker tells how he had handed her to urmi. samrat says that urmi is his wife, and not their maid. urmi says that she went down for milk, and hurriedly comes up. But samrat doesnt let her help diwaker, and diwaker too says that its okay, and samrat leaves with urmi in a huff.

The next morning, trisha sneaks out stealthily from the garage and leaves. Samrat is getting dressed, when urmi comes. He asks if she isnt feeling sleepy with the lack of sleep. she doesnt say anything. As she hesitatingly speaks, Urmi surprises samrat when she asks him what had gone wrong with ishaan in Goa. He turns around shocked that she brought it up after such a long time. He gets furious at being reminded of the incident, when he remembers his confession of infidelity to ishaan. He takes the hankey and doesnt respond and continues with his work. He asks her why’s she bothered. she says that she needs to know what happened, being his wife and having the right, and requests him to speak, as they were such good friends, and didnt think twice before severing all ties with him. He composes himself and commenst on her investigative nature, and proclaiming her rights unnecessarily, citing them for being hios wife, and asks her not to repeat the drama. she asks him to tell it once and for all, and finsih this. he says that he isnt obliged to answer her every question. She asks him why’s he talking like this. He says that she doesnt understand when he’s talking nicely, and wants to be treated harshly. He says that ishaan was his friend, and whatever happened was between them, and that she shouldnt poke her nose in it, and instead respect the descision that his wife took. He asks her who is she to again get ishaan back in his life, when he has taken him out. the screen freezes on urmi’s hurt face.

Precap: urmi surfs on the net, and finds out about the casino’s number that samrat claimed to have visited in Goa. she calls up the number and is surprised to hear that phones are allowed everywhere in goa, including casinos. She is shocked, wondering why samrat lied to her.

Update Credit to:Rimjhim

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  1. Urmi shld fnd out da truth coz sam wil nt tel her y he severe ties wid ishaan

  2. This is becoming more interesting,i wish Sam wil pay so dearly for his infidelity.

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