Doli Armaanon Ki 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shashi slaps Samrat and says she’s ashamed of him. She raised him and supported him in all and this is what she gets? Urmi sees this.

Urmi later tells this to Ishaan and he can’t believe it. Urmi gives up and says to Ishaan he was right, Samrat will never accept his mistake and they should just tell his truth to the family. This time Ishaan stops her saying he has faith in her. She changed Samrat’s mother today and same way, Samrat will also realise his mistakes.

Later, Urmi writes a letter for Samrat from the hotel where he was going to spend night with Urmi. She writes thank you for stay on 15th April 2015 and he has won 1000 rupees voucher.

Later, all are in the hall and a servant gives letter to Tani. Tani reads it. Samrat shortly joins in and sees family

discussing about his stay in that hotel. He starts getting worried. Urmi asks what he was doing in hotel when he has house there. Tani asks him the same. Samrat starts cooking up the story that it must be old.. before their marriage. Urmi says but letter says date before 1-2 months and if she remembers properly, he went for some puja for family’s happiness. Tani remembers everything and demands him to tell the truth. Urmi smiles. Samrat starts cooking up another story that he went and priest fooled him and ran away with money which Samrat gave for puja’s prep. Tani says to him that he still lied. Samrat says he wanted to tell her, but he got call from her and she looked so happy, so he has decided not to come home. That was worst night ever for him, he had so much guilt for lying. All family members, including Shashi, can’t believe he can lie this much. Anirudh tells Samrat to stop fooling them. He lied that day and he’s lying again. Samrat acts to Tani that this is the reason he can’t tell the truth in this house. No one believes him. Tani agrees with him and asks Anirudh why they never trust him.

Later, Damini goes to Shashi and asks what her and Samrat are made of. Shashi says she can’t understand. Damini tells her that she knew very well Samrat was lying and they both know where he went, then why she didn’t say anything. Does she get happiness seeing Samrat playing with her daughter’s innocence? Shashi is not able to say anything.

Urmi meets Samrat and says he got saved once again. He should be a story writer. And asks him for how long he will lie? One day his lie will come out, then don’t know what will happen with him. What all he didn’t do. He first risked his own son’s life and then in act of treating him, he wanted to win her. He says what win? He didn’t want to come any close. He just wanted to bother her. She says even if he tells that to Tani, she will throw him out of the house and break his legs so he can never return here. Samrat asks her what she wants. He’s doing what she’s saying and she said she will forgive him. She laughs and says she never made any commitments. And forgiveness is given to person who makes one mistake, not to someone who makes mistakes over and over. She may still have forgiven him for all his mistakes, but she will never forgive him for what he did to her son.

Precap: Shashi suggests Samrat to apologise everyone and leave from there. He says he isn’t mad like her that he will do such silly thing. He’s doing a solid arrangement to shut Urmi’s mouth. Now her mouth will open only to eat, nothing else. Urmi and Ishaan are spending emotional romantic time while someone with a masked face, probably Samrat, glares them.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. writers samrat is getting away with way toooooooooo much wrong doings he hurt urmi tooooooooo many times already please do not let him hurt her or shauyra or Ishaan please let urmi family find out about samrat true behavior and let his mother warn urmi of what he told his mother he was going to do urmi samrat you like to do evil well you have to pay for your deeds now and there is no one to help you so I suggest you take your mothers advice and pack your belongings and run far away from your so called in laws because when the find out what you have been doing their stupid doting daughter well not even a prayer will save you I cannot wait to see the wrath of you samrat

  2. Isn’t Doli Armaano ki suppose to end by now(12 June 2015)
    But I don’t want it to end because I like doli armaano ki


    1. fan of the show

      Not end just leap forward 20 years, and show shaurya aged 28.

      1. fan of the show

        Mohit Malik (the rat) is cast as shaurya. I wonder how they will get rid of the deep crease in Mohit Malik’s face between the eyebrows, from scowling so much as the rat.

      2. They will do a deep make up with certain facial tricks to make him look 28 yrs.Then lots of camera tricks.I think they should have used another person looking as Sharya to play that role.In my views because Samrat’s character was not of a good image .viewers will not look at him as Shaurya but as Samrat —the rat.Just as how Tanveer in Qubal Hai comes back as her daughter ,viewers do not look at her chracter but as the mother and she is disliked also.Anyway let us wait and see what will happen.

      3. fan of the show

        It will be very interesting if Shaurya is better than the rat, because it will show another facet of Mohit Malik’s acting abilities. He and Neha were the best characters on the show and Shashi came in a close second, very good expressions, believability and character portrayal. imho

  3. Urmis last epi is gonna be on 17/6 I’s becoz she doesn’t wanna be such a old mother and producers weren’t keeping up with the clause they made with urmi

    1. fan of the show

      So next Wednesday – that’ so soon -… how did you guess? I saw a bio of Neha Marda somewhere on the net that showed her span at DAK ending on the 28th but that’s a Sunday, so maybe that’s just the contract ending date.

      The big moment where the rat is finally pushed to try to harm Urmi has arrived. It could be that a confrontation is coming up that bumps him off – maybe Shashi bumps him off. That would be a great twist in the story. Either Shashi or maybe Tani for hearing him threaten Urmi for all she’s doing to him to expose his lies. I don’t know what I would do if I were the writers, but of course they have total freedom to do with the rat whatever they want. Let’s hope it’s really juicy and he gets what he deserves.

      I also hope that Shaurya at 28 is the total opposite of what he’s seen in his father as he grew up. I have heard that a lot of abused kids turn to crime because they have been physically and emotionally damaged. The serial didn’t give any clues yet that it has happened to Shaurya, except a few scenes where he expressed hatred for his father the rat…

      1. fan of the show

        I think it’s going to be a few weeks for the viewers to be able to see Mohit Malik as Shaurya, not the rat. It would be a nice break for Mohit to not have to spend his days playing as the villain, but in interviews he says he likes playing the part, and he has won awards for his acting. But he was also advised to see a psychiatrist because it started affecting his personal life.

        I read an interview with one of the Kennedys (Caroline?) who was married to Arnold Schwartznegger (spell?) and she said when he was playing a part as a pregnant man he came home much more sympathetic to women than he ever did when he was playing macho villains. lol

      2. fan of the show

        Another thought – maybe they have to jump ahead 28 years because it’s Shaurya that bumps off his father and that’s when he gets out of jail….

      3. By the way Fan ,what will become of Urmi’s pregnancy.I hope he himself jumps of a cliff and kills himself then he will spare every one the trouble ofkilling him.Anyway Urmi has to becareful because the guy who was looking at her with Ishaan during those intimate moments could try to hurt her and destroy her baby.

      4. fan of the show

        Who knows?

      5. fan of the show

        If she’s leaving the show on Wednesday, the story doesn’t have much time to work out what happens to the baby., right?

  4. fan of the show

    I was laughing at how badly the rat was dancinng on the terrace at midnight – flopping around like an injured Big Bird – and thinking how ironic it is that Urmi dances so well that she’s appearing as a contestant in a dance show when she leaves the story. Surely the rat won’t be able to follow her to the dance show to continue harrassing her!

    1. Yeah! when I read this I just imagine how foolish he looks doing this.Also the humiliation that was returned to him.This was great.I was only sorry I could not have seen it on tv.

      1. fan of the show

        You could go back and find the date of the show, then google it and let it play til the rat starts dancing. There were two times – Urmi stopped him and scolded him for doing it badly so he had to dance again.

      2. fan of the show

        type in Doli Armaanon Ki ??th June

  5. fan of the show

    I wanted to yell at Ishaan for urging Urmi to continue to try to reform the rat. She finally understood that he won’t change. His style is to bully everyone around him to get his way, or in Tani’s case to lie through his teeth to keep up the ruse that he loves her so he can continue to use her and manipulate her away from suspicion of his wrongdoings into sympathy for his bad luck.

    1. Fan ,how it is that Tani’s mom and dad are not saying anything these days or it is not in the written updates.I think Ishaan itakes everything nonchlantly when it comes to Samrats behavior especially to Urmi.Is he afraid of this bull dog or what.Inorder for Samrat to be redeemed he has to be truly ready to be transformed.Many bullies and abusers have been reformed but they have to be willing to go through that change or changes.This is a process just as an addict.

      1. fan of the show

        Anirudh yelled at the rat for lying about his hotel stay, and sided with Urmi when Urmi opposed the rat in throwing his mother in an old age home, and Damini scolded Shashi for siding with the rat in all his lies and fooling their daughter. Other than that, they haven’t said much.

  6. I read it…..they aren’t giving urmi the holidays to meet her fiancé that’s why…..and sharya is gonna be exact like samrat even the behaviour i think

    1. If thishappens many viewers will give him what they gave to the father.

  7. I read it…..they aren’t giving urmi the holidays to meet her fiancé that’s why…..and sharya is gonna be exact like samrat even the behaviour i think 😉

    1. fan of the show

      Yes, I have seen that report too. That she first tried to get out when Shaurya turned 8, didn’t think she could play mother of 8 year old; then she couldn’t have time off for being with her husband (married in Feb); then with 20=year leap could not play mother of a 28-year old (she’s 29, I think).

      1. fan of the show

        Urmi was in almost every episode, so she had to do more shooting than any of the other actors.

      2. fan of the show

        I remember reading that Anirudh was involved in such a long-hours shoot that he forgot what day it was.

  8. I respect Neha’s decision to quit from the role. It’s time to think of her own family. Thank you for your dedication Urmi?

    1. fan of the show

      Meeee toooo. Great job Neha. Wishing you well and lots of fun dancing. We didn’t get to see that much of your dancing when you were taking dancing lessons in the story.

  9. writers urmi is the live wire in this serial doli armaano ki please do not let her quit because the show will not be the same and as for samrat taking the place of shauyra at age 29 I suggest get another actor we are fed up of seeing samrats face and do not matter how much good he plays in shauras role we will always see that evil b*t*h in him samrath the evil rat so give us a new actor as shauyra at 29

  10. Will be sad to see this urmi leave the show but hoping the new urmi is pretty and can act as well as this one.. . As for samrat acting as shaurya don’t know why these soaps only reusing actors….

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