Doli Armaanon Ki 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s Residence
While the rituals are going on, Sandhya takes the oppurtunity to taunt damini, that all her plan fell flat, and she has no other option, but to fall flat on her face. Finally, the kanyadaan begins, as the priest explains the ritual and its significance. all watch as urmi is on her way to become happy once again. urmi goes through the rituals tensedly, mixed emotions surging through her. ishaan is happy and relieved. Sandhya’s husband applauds anirud’s and ishaan’s effort in helping the marriage materialise. The priest asks them all to begin with the pheras, after asha does the gadhbandhan. Ishaan extends her hand to help her stand up, while she eyes him emotionally. the pheras begin amidst much cheer, as the priest starts

narrating the promises with each phera, and ishaan reiterates it, behind the priest, meaning every word. The pheras finally get over and Ishaan dons the vermillion on urmi’s forehead. Then the priest asks him to help her wear the mangalsutra. damini gets up and gives it to him. he then extends his hand, and puts it around urmi. All are happy and overwhelmed, while urmi has mixed emotions. She looks at him with overwhelming emotions. Their romantic eyegaze is broken off by the sound of Samrat clapping, congratulating them on their marriage, while he is himself dressed as a groom. Gaurav and others are shocked. ishaan and urmi are shocked and boggled, as samrat congratulates them all. the police gets to catching him, while samrat continues to address ishaan as Saala. ishaan asks him to get lost, and stop his nonsense. samrat asks him to think before he speaks. samrat says that his relations change with time, and hence he always keeps them joined, as they have just exchanged relations, as first urmi was his, and now she is ishaan’s, but along with it, they have a new relation, and that he thought on this pious day, when ishaan and his ex-wife are getting married, samrat himself too got married, and that they shall celebrate together, the double wedding, which would kill two birds with one stone. He says that now he would make them meet his wife. All are boggled. He hollers for Mrs. Samrat Singh Rathore, asking her to come and take everyone’e blessings. he extends his hand, and tani walks in and stands beside him, dressed as a bride, and acting as Samrat’s wife. Both of them are shell shocked, while samrat eyes them evilly. the entire family is boggled and outraged.

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Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Later, tani is slapped tightly by anirudh, asking how dare she do something so stooping low. samrat is shocked. Anirudh asks how dare she get married with a person, who is a low life, who spent six years in jail. She is angry, while he asks her how could he not think once for their family’s reputation and respect. He says that she drowned everyone along with herself. he says that he is ashamed to call her his daughter. he is about to slap her again, when samrat steps in, addressing him as father, and asks him not to say anything to his wife, as he would bear the brunt of his anger, but not say anything to tani, as he loves her dearly. ishaan and urmi are shocked and frustrated to the core. samrat asks him to take it positively, while anirudh asks him to stop calling him father, addressing him as Bastard, and asks him not to even dare tie a relation with him. he insults him saying that he wont even see his face, leave alone having a relation with him. ishaan too asks samrat to get lost, but tani steps in, saying that he cant talk to samrat like this, as he is her husband. She says that if anirudh doesnt understand it, he should atleast. Ishaan asks if she is in her senses. He asks if he even realises that she has made the biggest mistake of her life. He says that this isnt a person, but an animal. urmi too tries to say that she has no clue who he is. tani boggles them saying that she knows very well that samrat is urmi’s ex-husband. they are shocked to hear this, and rendered speechless. ishaan asks how could she marry him, after knowing everything, and asks if she has gone mad. she is defiant. damini asks tani, why is she playing with her life. Tani says that she and he love each other. urmi says that he just pretends to love, and tries to make her see along with ishaan, what samrat actually is and whats he trying to do here actually. He tries to tell tani about the recent phone calls, when samrat intervenes, saying that he saw him after six years, and asks ishaan not to lie. He says that tani knows everything, and that he might not have gotten along with urmi, but urmi can stay happy, then why cant he. ishaan shoves him away, asking him to stop this pretense, and asks him to get out, grabbing him by the collar. samrat remains cool, and asks him to be patiebnt, respecting their relation atleast. Tani comes inside, and shoves ishaan away, asking him to stop insulting samrat like this. Tani says that she isnt an idiot. anirudh is super angry, while sandhya silently enjoys the drama, thinking that the old couple, have come to live again together in the new house, one has ruined damini’s son and the other Damini’s daughter. Devi comes and asks tani that she doesnt realise what samrat has done, while tani is frustrated with his rant. Saroj too stands up for urmi, and how smarta spoiled urmi’s life and would do the same thing to her too. tani asks them not to speak in this, as they dont have the right to tell her anything, as what samrat did, was exactly what urmi deserved, and they both are vastly different. Tani tells them all that samrat wont spoil her life when the truth is that urmi has spoiled his life. samrat smiles evilly. the screen freezes on urmi’s shocked and hurt face.

Precap: samrat asks gaurav to respect the fact that he is married to tani now. Gaurav asks him to stop this pretense, as he would throw him out rightaway, and rip him to pieces. samrat tells gaurav to understand something very clearly, its that he loves tani to the core, and nothing can separate him from her. He says that he might cut him to pieces but he wont get tani out of his mind. Gaurav and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aww. Samrat will never change! I knew Tani will not listen to anyone. Anyway, Ishmi should just calm down, it won’t be long before Samrat shows himself. I’m going to enjoy Damini being tortured by Samrat’s behaviour.

  2. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. Let Tani learn for herself first hand the devil that is Samrat. But why they live in the same house or is it tradition? Can Samrat get another house for he & Tani? They don’t have to live together surely??

  3. What the hell!!has tani gone mad to marry a inhuman or a animal samrat bullshit..

  4. Nothing great deal Tats wat l thot same old story. Wat he was b4 is d same story nnly thing its Tani now not Urmi.

  5. writers what the hell is going on what shit is this samrath and tani this is a big joke

  6. Samrat is really gone mad..!!Spoiling d life first of urmi nd now tani.Whom next? Stupid story..

  7. Samrat is using that girl as a revenge.He will torture Urmi and Ishaan to the core of their heart.What Ishaan and Urmi should do is to move away to another country and leave them right there in their mess.Ishaan”s mother should have been busy looking after her daughter instead of trying to kill Urmi.This is one evil that has been conquered..Samrat will also try to take over their b usiness.Why do every body has to live in the same house..Please this is a new era.Bring in some change,and show us in this century a woman do not have to be a slave to their mother in laws which are very brutal and lazy.Come writers I do not believe this is still happening in this part of the world.OH NO !

  8. samrat will never change he is the same old bastard
    but thank god mohit malik is not like this in real life

  9. Stop~!

  10. Urmi n Ishaan shuld live on their own,especially now that Samrat will b living wit da family….its not right dat Urmi shuld live wit da ex-husband,Ishaan shuld think abt ha n Shaurya,they wont b comfortable…

  11. I stopped watching this show and reading the updates. Insane, how much can one women be tortured?
    I hope the ratings continue to drop and the show is forced off the air. Insulting to not only women but to human beings. Inhumane!

  12. I think…samrat n damini will join together in order to achieve their mission…that is to ruin urmi’s life..

  13. Well, if Tani is so adamant to always defy her parents, then let it be. She is not a child anymore. And now married, should go and live with Samrat. I would write off a child like that, a long time ago. Spoiling kids, zero discipline, leads to this.

  14. Why should samrat live in his in laws house? Is it not indian tranditional that a women live in her husband place after marrige not 2 come and live in fathers house with her husband, in this case if samrat has 2 live there then Ishan has 2 take umri from there and go live somewhere else is enough for umri, she has 2 happily with Ishan and her son.

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