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Doli Armaanon Ki 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
Diya says that they have already done enough for her, and she cant take their help anymore, and hence she wont go. shaurya asks whats her plan, and what shall she do, and where would she stay. She asks him to leave her alone, as everybody deserted her, then why do they want to support, and that she wont cause them anymore trouble. he hollers at her not to go then, and that she shouldnt think that he shall leave if she asks him to. She eyes him with bewilderment and shock. he says that she neednt stay there with him, if she doesnt want to, but give hm a few days so that he finds out another accomodation for her. She agrees. he takes her hand and moves out of the temple.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Damini continues to

vent out her frustration against diya, that by going out in the middle of the night, she is inviting men herself, prancing around the town alone. Anirudh asks her why does she always talk demeaning about diya. damini says that they are harsh words, as its the cruel truth, which they cant handle. she says that she is least bothered as she doesnt care if diya is alive or dead, and then says that she is retiring for the night. she gets up to leave. just then, urmi calls out diya’s name. Shaurya gets diya, with her hand in his, while damini turns around surprised, that her barbed comments at diya didnt work, and she still came back with shaurya. All are relieved to see her back. Ishaani rushes to diya, and then asks where had she gone, as they had all gone incredibly worried, and asks how can she go like this. she asks diya to never do this again, or else she would lock her in her own room. diya smiles for her. Diya stands with her head hung low. Ishaani hugs diya, pleasantly surprising shaurya, anirudh and urmi. Damini however is shocked and in a rage.

The next morning, diya keeps the door closed, while karan keeps asking her to let him in, as last night he was helpless, and that they can talk it out. she says that she understands, and asks him to go, as if his mother finds out, then he is screwed too, and she wouldnt want that. he continues to protest. she asks him not to create any drama and just leave and go. She asks that he didnt let her in, and with much problems, she has gotten a place here and asks if he wants her to be on the road. he gets furious and leaves in a huff. diya’s eyes escape a tear.

Outside, shaurya catches hold of karan, and taunts him that he didnt realise his drama would end so soon. he goes inside, while karan stops him, and then tells him to mind his business and stop talking nonsense. he says that his diya is just a lil angry and after some days, she would be back. shaurya says that diya is nomore his, and secondly, she saw his true face, and would never come back. he asks him not to step foot in the house again. karan says that he too is taking advantage of the situation. shaurya reminds that it was he who got the media, wanting footage. he asks karan to get lost. karan asks him to stay in his limits. Shaurya and karan get into a verbal heated arguement, and then shaurya asks him not to waste his time and get lost. karan resignedly leaves.

Damini goes to ishaani’s room, while she tries on dresses. Damini asks ishaani whats wrong, and why the sudden change of behaviour towards diya. ishaani says that she isnt pretending, and she actually cares for her, and needs their support. damini again continues to instigate her against diya, shaurya and urmi. She asks how shaurya cleared the entire misunderstanding, and is actually looking for a house for diya too. damini says that he successfully managed to brain wash her too. but ishaani is unconvinced. damini blurts out that her plan in getting diya out failed.ishaani asks if she threw her out. damini blatantly blurts out her actions. Ishaani is shocked and asks why. she says that she cant see ishaani tensed. ishaani says that she isnt tensed at all, and it was just a misunderstanding. she asks damini to promise that she wont bother diya. damini says that she wont, and they should now gear up to bear diya for life. Ishaani assures her that this wont happen, and asks her not to overthink as this wont happen. She leaves. Damini is furious. she turns around to find urmi, who confronts her saying that today this is proven that ishaani is her daughter, and maybe she continues to poison her mnd, but her moral values and rights do show up at the right time, and that she knows humanity and love, and that a mother won today. she leaves, while damini is furious.

Downstairs, shaurya and urmi study the medical reports, when sandhya asks whats the update. They say that they have caught the rapists and got the medical confirmation too, and now a chargesheet has to be filed, after which the case can start. Anirudh comes and says that he has decided on the lawyer too, for diya’s case, who is the best in town. They are hopeful. Sandhya hopes that diya gets justice soon. Shaurya says that it isnt that simple. Anirudh and sandhya asks whats the matter, as the case is crystal clear. He tells that in rape cases, the victim cant hire a lawyer. they are boggled. Urmi says that rape cases are state cases, and the state offers a lawyer. anirudh asks what if they dont like the person. shaurya and urmi point out the irony, that the victim doesnt have any choice, while the rapists can afford the best and the brightest, limiting the rape victims’ options. urmi points out that they are highly meagrely paid too. Anirudh gets upset saying that they have no impetus like money also to work for, and hence would be least interested. Anirudh says that they would do mere formality. Shaurya says that they are also tensed for this only, concerned about efectivity and sincerity of the lawyer that they get. they are worried.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
The next morning, after visiting the temple, nupur finds a bangle shop, and then insists on buying. Asha asks her to seltc, while she just returns back. nupur eyes the bangles. One of the customers finds her, and asks where has she vanished. Nupur says that she has become busy. he asks if he can get her bangles. she agrees. he selects green bangles, and then says that he shall make her wear it himself. She doesnt agree and tries to strangle her hand free. Asha sees this, and gets the wrong message, and intervenes and lashes at the man. he is about to spill the truth, when nupur stops them both, asking asha to let be. but asha doesnt and continues to reprimand the man, who says that nupur only asked him to buy her bangles. A shocked asha asks her if this is the truth. Nupur covers up with a lie, and then instigates asha that he was trying to take advantage of her. Asha threatens him to back off, or else she calls the police to set him straight. he asks her go ahead and do it, as she too shall know whats right and wrong. Nupur is scared that asha might know her reality if the police comes and pretends to faint and takes asha away from there. the man is frazzled.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s residence
shaurya comes to diya’s room, and finds her upset, and then asks if she ate anything. she denies. he tries to talk, that he knows she must have been hurt, as it pains a lot when you are betrayed by the person you love, and that she must be grieving right now, but she has to look apst it, and move on, forgetting about the past. She says that what happened was good, as she realised last night, how wrong she was. she says that she had become unpractical with karan, and had become personally obsessed with karan, and had unrealistic expectations from him. Diya says that she had gotten very selfish. she says that come to think of it, he is right in his spot. She says that its big that karan stands against the society atleast to meet her, but she cant expect him to marry her, after the gruesome incident that she went through. Shaurya becomes angry and asks whats this society that she speaks of, in which thousands of people support a terrorist, but noone stands beside a rape victim to support her. he asks how can a capable, strong journalist and reporter like her talk like this. she says that she is right and that karan has all the right to not ruin his life. he asks if she doesnt have the right, and that noone has the right to look down upon her, and asks her to fight for herself, and set an example in the society. He says that whenever she weakens, he wont allow it. She eyes him endearingly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: While working out, karan thinks that diya got angry at him at the wrong time, as soon the court case shall begin, which shall mean massive media coverage at all times, which he can capitalise to his advantage, and after his work is done and he has extracted the full profit of the situation, he would go the other way. meanwhile, while shaury and urmi sit with her, Diya says that she is highly scared and nervous regarding the case, and wonders if all of this is one big mistake. She says that she has already lost her family in order to get the rapists’ punished, and if they dont get convicted after all this then she would have nothing left. Shaurya and urmi are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Sorry diya u did not lost ur family they are the one in lose so be brave n fight Karan is a crook who want to suck blood out of u don’t get disheartened wakeup understand his behaviour of putting down

  2. Marie Raphael

    I think shaurya likes Diya more than a friend other than being supportive, due to her condition.. Just a taught look how much he care about Diya.

  3. shaurya is in love with diya and would marry her in the end. Karan would be the one who hired the rapist to rape her to get popularity mark my words the truth would come out

  4. no diya do not think like that make sure that their ass is put in prison behind bars for life where they belong and they cannot hurt another woman again stand strong and fight for your rights that is what the constitution is all about your RIGHTS and do not think less of yourself you are human being not an animal that fell prey to these canibals

  5. inkatha some weeks ago I said the same thing do not be surprise that karan was the one who hired the goons to rape diya because if you recall that night they hit him one or two times and when diya ran they left him to get away from the scene and started in pursuit of diya and while karan was running he kept stopping and looking back all the time to see what was taking place they then stop showing him and his getaway and focused on diya now if she had remained in the dustbin till day light she might have gotten away but do not worry what goes around comes around the goons will eventually talk I am sure to save their asses for a lesser sentence just wait and watch karans ass will end up in prison too then he will get all the publicity and media attention he always dreamed of I hope he gets time to comb his hair and take a selfie which he always does he is so vain

  6. I knew Karan was behind this n I know shaurya loves diya for all wat he is doing for her n she should fight alone to win the case n show Karan wat she is n put his ass in jail n marry shaurya n move out of damini house with urmi his mom

  7. what happened to diya could have happened to anyone so I hope shauyra after helping her with the case will eventually form a relationship with her diya is such a soft person I am so sorry that she encountered such an ordeal I know it will take time for her to get over it but after seeing and speaking to counsellor assigned to the case she will eventully learn to deal with what she has suffered the only thing which bothers me is the fact that her own parents and brother when she needed them the most they abandoned her I sure would not like to have a family like that I will personally disown them too wayaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Reading about Ishaani caring for Diya made me feel good…I hope that Damini’s attempts to distance Ishaani from her mother fail miserably n once n for all Ishaani stands up to her grandmother for a ll her wrongdoings.

  9. And as for Diya’s family, the CV have shown the ugly truth of what its like for a girl to be a rape victim in this country. There are a lot of girls out there whose families have given up on them after such a disaster….many are ill-treated to the extent that they go on to commit suicide. I read somewhere that in India, a porn star is accepted as an actress in our film industry, but a rape victim is not even accepted as a human being.

  10. Diya has learnt a terrible lesson from this ordeal.It is very heart breaking to learn that a man you were about to marry has treated you this way. The lesson learnt is never be obsessed with a man and do not expect unrealistic expectations from them because when these expectations did not materialize there the troubles begin.Never hurry to marry a man before you find out who he really is.Hire a private detective if you can afford it or move around and ask questions before accepting a relationship with someone.Gone are the days with these antiquated rules because you are doing it for your own happiness.Diya thought this monster called Karan was a good guy but he is a nobody .Life lessons learned are always the master teacherof your life.

  11. This serial is really dragging….

  12. This man that met Nupur at the shop is one of her clients from prostitution,I do believe.Sooner or later Asha will find out what was her profession but I do hope this will not be too late .Her roving eyes are on her supposedly brother and if they allow her fangs to get into him it will be very chaotic in this family.I believe prevention is better than cure.

  13. I am to believe that Ishaani is showing some compassion toDiya but Damini will still try to inflame her mind and thoughts with her medieval weapons of hatred and malice.

  14. It is best for Shaurya and his mom to move Diya out of the house because Damini will cotinue to taunt her without any mercy.Also she should be surrounded bu new people who has compassion for her.

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