Doli Armaanon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 11th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Shashi reprimands urmi for her reckless behaviour and asks her to tell the next time she has to go out. urmi excuses thast her mother’s condition was bad and hence they had to go to the doctor. samrat’s father says that she should have told them earlier. He asks about saroj’s health problem. And urmi is speechless but manages to say that she went dizzy and then makes a story of her having been alone with granny which forced urmi to go hurriedly. She says that the doctor says that it was due to weakness. shashi goes on a lecture again but urmi apologises and cancels it short. They all ask about saroj’s health, while shashi eyes her suspiciously not wuite convinced. She finds urmi again and again staring outside

and making up excuses. samrat’s father asks her to go to her room and rest. But urmi denies needing rest, and offers to go to the kitchen to see if any work is pending. Shashi is in doubts that something is wrong about urmi. Urmi thinks that she would have to go outside, fast with the garage keys. she finds all of them dispersing, while shashi sits down there only. urmi is tensed as to how to move past her. shashi too eyes her suspiciously. She eyes the key holder, and wonders which of them is the garage key. she finally finds thatv shashi too has shifted and gone inside. she hurriedly scurries through the keys, to find the garage keys. She finally picks one, and is scerad when she finds herself face to face with shashi, who asks her whats she upto. Urmi stands speechless, as she again repeates the question. urmi finally composes herself, and says that she just got surprised, seeing her suddenly. She asks about the keys and urmi is again speechless. Urmi says that she was looking for trunk keys, to keep back the woollen clothes that arent needed anymore. Shashi says that these are garage keys, and instead taking them, gives her the trunk keys. She asks urmi to ask her the next time, she has any confusion. as shashi leaves, urmi is tensed.

Trisha waiting outside, wonders whats taking urmi so long, as she has to face suspecting awkward glances. Trisha finds samrat’s car approaching and ducks behind a car to avoid being seen. Samrat gets down the car and begins to walk home. Trisha is tebnsed when samrat suddenly changes course to lock the car, and is relieved when he again proceeds for his home. urmi stealthily again takes the garage keys, and as she is hastening out, she comes face to face and almost collides into samrat, who’s coming inside. samrat angrily asks whats she doing. She tries to say that she heard the sound of his car and hence came running outside. he is amused with her romance, and praises her for such endearance. He begins to take her inside, but she excuses herself for a minute. He asks why. She says that she lost her earing and wants to search for it. Samrat taunts that this haste was for the earring and not him. She gets tensed and makes an excuse that they are gold earrings. He asks her to do so alone, while he waits. She moves out and turns around to find him still there. She pretends to be searching around, while waiting for him to go inside. as he does, she calls out to trisha, and she finally comes out of her hiding. urmi throws the garage keys at her.

shashi is still in doubt at the excuse that urmi has given. she decides to get to the bottom of this. She finds a busy tone on her saroj’s number. Saroj is in the meanwhile talking to urmi, who explains everything and how she had to lie, and how trisha is going to spend the night in the garage tonight. Saroj is tensed as to what if samrat finds out, to which urmi says that she cant let her be alone at all, and hence thought of this way. Finding the number continuously busy, shashi tries on the landline. Devi is about to pick up, when saroj hastens to pick it up. Shashi talks to saroj, who asks if everything is okay there. Shashi instead asks for her health. saroj is wondering why shashi’s asking this. She then plays along the tunes of urmi’s story, and also affirms urmi’s story. shashi is relieved and after asking about her health asnd offering any help if required, she cancels the phone. meanwhile, devi is confused as to why is saroj saying that she’s sick. He asks her about the story. She tells about urmi’s lie and her help to trisha. Devi asks her to explain. Saroj says that trisha left for samrat and tells everything, and blames samrat for it. He asks why does this happen to trisha only. She says that its all due to samrat and him, and that urmi went to get trisha out. He tells her that if urmi is in trouble, she would be to blame. He asks where is trisha now. She says that he doesnt need to know, as she isnt here atleast. He is frustrated as she leaves.

Finding samrat busy in TV, urmi dons a shawl thinking that she would give this to trisha along with food. She is about to go out, when samrat stops her.She says that she has some leftover work in the kitchen and would come after finishing it. He asks her about the shawl and she says that she was feeling cold. She again excuses herself. But he doesnt let her go. Samrat says that she works enough, and that the nights are for the husband and he wont ever let go of that. urmi is tensed. he asks her to come there. She tries to insist that its just for 5 minutes. He doesnt let go, and then calls on her. urmi is tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: In the garage, as urmi gets food and shawl for trisha, she tells urmi that she has taken an unnecessary risk, by getting her here insistently, as if samrat gets to know of this, he would create a ruckus. She asks her not to bother. meanwhile, mandira’s screams wake up samrat and he is shopcked and frustrated to find that urmi isnt there, and mandira is screaming beside him. he goes out to find where urmi is, hollering at her all the while.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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