Doli Armaanon Ki 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Short update for today, sorry guys……!!!!
tani is outraged at samrat’s weird dress, and then samrat too gets into pretentious mode, complaining of a splitting headache, and not knowing what came over him. tani calms him down, and then takes him to the room. They meet urmi in the way, where samrat is shocked to see her there. She says that she was mortified and apalled to see samrat dressed and dancing like a girl. tani thanks urmi for telling her, so that they could stop it early on. samrat fumes that it was all urmi’s idea to spoil his image in front of tani. he is embarassed, and speechless.

Tani tells everyone, the next day, that she cant have a compulsive thief in her house. shashi is in tears. urmi stands for her, saying that she didnt steal it, and actually is about to spill out that its samrat and not shashi, but stops herself in time. tani asks if its not shashi, then who is it. she compels urmi to speak up, while she eys samrat, watching him squirm and relish in the fact that she caused him. but she doesnt spill names, and instead fights for shashi to stay here only, while samrat and tani callously proclaim that she can live. but urmi insists that sjhashi shall stay on their behalf then. shashi is overwehlmed with gratitude. In her room, shashi is mortified at what she did with urmi, and when she comes, she apologises proufsely, and mends with her. urmi too hugs her emotionally.

Later, samrat comes and tries to get shashi to still be on his plot, by comin g up with an idea, of making kiran shashi’s illegitimate daughter. urm,i, hearing thisfrom a distance, is shocked. shashi reprimands him for his shamelessness, and says that he is a fool to have left the best wife. When he insists, she slaps him tight. the screen freezes on his boggled face.

Precap: urmi instigates tani, that the day she is talking about, was the day, samrat had gone for puja in Nasik. tani remembers and says that if thats so, how come his name is on the records of a hotel in Mumbai, for the very same date. samrat doesnt have an explanation. he is frustrated and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thank you Rimjhim, way better than nothing. And the other short updates we usually get.

  2. Good job, Rimjhim. The whole crew of Doli should get standing ovations?

    1. Was today’s episode that good? Gonna record it then!! We don’t get to see it until tomorrow……..

  3. urmi girl you giving it good to samrath I love the scene on the roof top I could not stop laughing seeing him with this sari on and dancing to your tunes girl this is real poetic justice but it still cannot compensate for the tortue and misery he had put you through and still you are a forgiving person look how you are protecting his mother from tani urmi you are one in a million if it was me samrath and his whole family would have paid for my torture because it all started from when you married him and no one beside your sister in law did something to help even his poor father could say nothing because he treated them like dogs he sam the rat had to be in control all the time and now look at him he is sam the rat and also sam the pu**y cat LOL

  4. Where’s fan of the show? I miss him/her??

    1. fan of the show

      Still here, a bit busy though.

      1. Okay. Cheers!

  5. I hope Shashi mends her damn ways and doesn’t give in to Samrat. I am still in shock that Samrat would even put that on his own mother.

    1. fan of the show

      But it is not that shocking when you take into account his whole history with his mother. He has always been arrogant, mean, condescending, and disrespectful to her through the whole serial. So the fact that he would think nothing of throwing her in an old age home (this is what he told her when she informed him that there was no place for her to go because her other son and wife had sold everything and gone to America) or that he wanted to hide his affair with Kiran by lying that Kiran is his illigetimate sister – I think not shocking, just consistent with his former behavior

      1. Exactly ,He was never a good son to his parents and his siblings.If the son and his wife left that is good because she never showed love ot them ,it was always Samrat.\This is why it is said One reaps what they sow.You so good it will follow you,you sow bad it will follow you .Therefore they are all reaping the evils of their labor.

  6. Okay so what will the rat’s punishment be?? Now that Urmi has forgiven Shashi??

    1. fan of the show

      He has given himself a fair amount of punishment already with his tense existence worrying when Urmi will spill the beans ahd facilitate his demise. That tension has to take its toll on the human body – which is why it’s good to watch your thoughts and not set your own defense system haywire with negativity, connivance, lying and other tortuous things. Thought is a very powerful thing. For both good and bad.

      1. When one’s conscience condemns them it is worse than any evil done to you.Samrat will be mentally and emotionally finished when Urmi is through with him.And as you say it willtake a trmendous toll on his mind,body,soul and spirit if he has one.Only then a change can begin.Only then a metamorphosis can take place inorder for him to become a butterfly.

  7. Payback time for Samraat! Well done Urmi!

  8. I knew that was the motive. Still predictable, create a new avatar.

  9. I just love it wen da bad guys get nailed an Samarath u are going down boy urmi I hope u get revenge for evrything dat he did to u but I’m sure u won’t give him dat same pain he gave to u coz u are not as heartless as he is I jus hope u get teach him a very gud lesson n hope he mends his selfish ways

  10. I think it is time for Urmi to nail Samrat with the longest nail ever.Stop dancing around and let him have the full blow of his punishment.Samrat is being given too much space to create trouble forthem at the house.Urmi stop playing with Samrat because you may get hurt.This man is cunning.His mother is also a fox so why do you want to be so nice to her. Get rid of them.

    1. fan of the show

      Shashi was mentally reviewing all the nasty things she did to Urmi, and was sobbing uncontrollably. She is at least temporarily grateful to Urmi for saving her from being thrown out in the streets. But if you help an injured snake, once it’s better, it’s still a snake. The nature of a snake is to bite, and eventually its natue takes over again.

      It’s also true of Urmi. Her nature did not change because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Shashi. Although it is unrealistic, because most people who have been wronged do not forgive so naturally, it is commendable, and gave Shashi a moment of self-realization. It also shows, in a serial where the theme is the effects of domestic violence, that good-natured people have a lot of power to transform a family.

      1. fan of the show

        Think about it – those who are humble and slow to anger have a lot of power. Over themselves, especially, but also over others. Those who have self-control are often mistaken as pushovers. They are not.

      2. Well said my friend.The word there is self realization.Good nature with modesty indeed can transform a whole family and extended families and friends also.This show was a great lesson and there were many learnt examples.Great—LOL

      3. Well said.

  11. I think may folks have lost interest in the show.Where is Fan of the show.and Gloria Keiller. Are you all on vacation ?

    1. May be they got discouraged with the recent irregular postings of written updates on this forum- It has become quite erratic! Very grateful for Rhimjhim’s updates- she is really good!

    2. fan of the show

      Hi Rosey, -how goes it in London? Not disinterest, just busy. And I think Gloria may have taken a new name – keen observer writes in the same style as gloria used to – no punctuation. Just a guess. Liking k.o.’s lack of swear words, too.

      You can really tell that they are wrapping up this phase of the show – Urmi has turned around Sandhya, Damini, Shashi, all her former enemies except the rat. She is making the rat see what he did to others, but he doesn’t realize that he should change his ways, he only resents that Urmi has the power to do this to him, and continues to scheme plots to thwart her efforts. That old dog has no new tricks. I hope he continues to suffer because of his own wrongdoings. Urmi is right to sock it to him – but her hopes that she can teach him a lesson that will change him will probably never be realized.

      1. Hi Fan ,I am great.London is beautiful.I think that keen observeris Gloria and as you said the stlye of writing.I am so lost because I cannot see these episodes but thanks for your imput.

  12. Awesome

  13. Is their a shortage of doli as there is a shortage of sperm lol………………lol

  14. o.O lol and also <3 this

  15. Tnx even for littel update Rimiji.
    I still want Tani to punish him n cum to kw rats kartoothe lol….

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