Doli Armaanon Ki 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s Residence
Granny asks saroj to begin with the jaimala and she complies. All start teasing ishaan not to give in easily. As urmi’s family raise her high, so does ishaan’s family, and he finally gets the garland around urmi. Saroj then asks urmi to do her turn now, and she is hesitant, but finally complies. all tell ishaan not to bow his head easily, but he instantly bows in front of urmi, surprising her overwhelmingly. sandhya as usual taunts this to damini, who stays silent, but is angered from within. sandhya reaches the stage and asks ishaan not to do so, as its not becoming for a man. He asks her to relax, as he was only bowing down inf ront of his wife, as its his fortune, that he got a chance to be with urmi, for his life, and that

she should focus on his love and respect, that he has for his wife, for all eternity. he assures that a husband should always bow to the wife, to get her love, and if that doesnt happen, he would be lifeless. damini and sandhya are frustrated. Granny commends him for his thinking. All are happy. Asha gathers them all for a family pic. people start commenting on umi’s pre-dirvoced and motherly status. the photo session continues. damini is super tensed, and finally gets up on the stage, and asks her to go and change for the pheras, and offers to help hr. but asha volunteers and asks her to go and change. They comply, while damini smiles. Ishaan asks urmi to take care of herself, and asha complies. Someone is shown to be eyeing them from a distance.

Asha continues her nonsensical rant in the doorway. urmi stumbles and gets a sprain. She tells asha that she is weirdly restless, but asha asks hr not to worry as she is here. Suddenly, asha remembers that she kept the lehenga for urmi, in her mother’s room and goes to get the keys, while urmi walks restlesssly, and nervously towards the room. she is aware of someone’s presence behind her, but doesnt see anyone. she enters her room.

Downstairs, all are happy that everything is going normally. Asha comes to ask for the keys to saroj’s room, and saroj says that she gave it to sanaya. asha goes to her. Suddenly, just then the lights go off, and all are tensed as to what happened. They all enquire about urmi, and fingers point ot asha as she was with urmi. The police immediately gets to action. gaurav leaves to find out too. Asha stands speechless, as saroj asks her angrily, how could she leave urmi alone, in the room, in such darkness, when ishaan asks where’s urmi and if she is okay. Suddenly, Urmi’s scream for saving her, addressing everyone, shatters everyone present there, as it reverberates in the banquet. ishaan is distraught. they are all shocked and rush towards urmi’s room. people start commenting of the bad omen.

Meanwhile, urmi’s room is alight with fire, and she is extremely scread, screaming for somneone to save her. ishaan rushes to her room, and is shocked, to find the room locked from inside. The family members come too, while ishaan asks if she is okay and to open the door. All are scared for her. The police finally comes in, and all try to get the door to open. Damini eyes the entire drama tensedly. Finally, urmi gets into a daze and falls unconscious on the floor. ishaan notices smoke coming out of the room, and are scared that the room is afire. anirudh asks ishaan to break the door open, and he complies, with fullest strength and finally succeeds. He is shocked to find urmi unconscious. All others are apalled too. Despite the police and damini trying to protect him from going inside, on anirudh’s urge for him to be careful, ishaan dives inside in the fire to rescue urmi. Gaurav finally arrives there too. ishaan tries to get urmi unconscious, but when she doesnt, he takes her in his arms, and tries to find his way out, of the fire, without hurting urmi, while all are tensed for both of them and their safety. He finally comes out with steely determination, saving urmi without a scratch. the crowd makes way, while sandhya and damini are shocked at the length to which ishaan went for urmi.

In her room, while urmi finally regains consciosuness, all are tensed, particularly ishaan. he nudges her asking if she is fine. she fights back tears and complies. saroj assures urmi that the unfortunate didnt happen, and asks ishaan not to worry, as all is okay. ishaan complies. He asks how did this happen. saroj asks him not to bother, as urmi is safe. gaurav comes inside. ishaan asks gaurav if they found the cause of the fire, and gaurav says that it was a short circuit. Ishaan asks gaurav if he is sure. He says that the electrician told this to him himself, and even the police has checked. Urmi asks why is he so tensed. He is, and asks her to take care of herself every minute. they both ask sanaya and saroj to be with urmi all the time, as its not right to leave her alone. they all comply tensedly.

Meanwhile, the stranger that saroj first spotted, finally takes off his hood, in an isolated room, revealing it to be a person, who was paid by Damini to do this. damini is angry that he couldnt fulfill the task properly, while he says that he isnt at fault, but her son is, who saved her like a hero. he says that he should get the money, as if she doesnt pay, then the world might know. She throws the money and asks him to get lost forever. He complies. the screen freezes on damini’s evil face.

Precap: The pheras finally get over and Ishaan dons the vermillion on urmi’s forehead. She looks at him with overwhelming emotions. their romantic eyegaze is broken off by the sound of Samrat clapping, congratulating them on their marriage, while he is himself dressed as a groom. ishaan and urmi are shocked and boggled, as samrart extends his hand, and tani walks in and stands beside him, dressed as a bride, and acting as Samrat’s wife. Both of them are shell shocked, while samrat eyes them evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Who set the fire now?

  2. Damini, that wretch!

  3. Is it bad to say, that Tani with her spoilt brat mentality deserves Samrat? lolol

    1. Not bad at all. The only way she’ll wake up is by being abused by Samrat. Who knows, she might be the woman who teaches Samrat a lesson and wish he was still with Urmi.

  4. writers you are so predictable I could have told you that you were going to write that script with tani and samrath even before you wrote it because you are so see through that I wrote that script long before you even brought it into play that is why I said you writers need to wake up and stop writing scripts between sleep and wake anyway I do not think that was a wise move because samrath belongs in jail so why have him outside only destroying innocent peoples lives this is real shit

    1. Yes Gloria you did wrote that in one of your comments.I believed you .Only when you follow these story lines with intensity you will have the foresight of what will happen next.I thought Samrat was going to try to kill them both but he turned out to pull some wool over their eyes.Samrat is so evil ,he deserves some one to give him a dose of his own medicine.I am in shock to see a mother-in -law will go to such an extent
      to destroy another person.Now her daughter is with a divorcee ,what will she say now.Always what goes around comes around.This is Karma.This mother in law scares
      me and makes me think if this happens in real life in their culture.UBELIEVABLE—O
      GRACIOUS GOD.,How can a mother do such a thing and you have daughters also.

  5. So happy dat Ishaan n Urmi are married now…..thank you writers.

  6. When did Samrat get a chance to woo Tani? Wasnt she in Goa as well? Oh well…the story goes on! I am glad Samrat found someone who suits him so well!

    1. They were both in Goa.

  7. Humsafars is the best drama!!!:)

    1. I don’t know about that. People who blackmail & ruin others is not my thing. I watch (family watching) but I don’t appreciate. I’ve watched Doli since day 1 but only got interested when Urmi was helped by Tauji and when she started opening her eyes to stand up for herself.

  8. Oh no they didn’t!! Not the (Sam)rat &Tani! What I know is that good must prevail over evil. That Danmi woman is even more deadly than the (Sam)rat’s mum! But Urmi & Ishaan, together you can & will surmount any & all obstacle, for 2 good heads are better than one!

  9. 2 heads IS better than one, I mean.

  10. Samrat, Tani, Damini, Sandhya….wow! An explosive cocktail of Evil! Hope they get busy killing each other!

  11. I’m glad damini gets something to worry abt instead of wasting her time plotting against urmi . let her deal wit samrat . she get a gud chance to play her evil games .

  12. Damini use to love and respect Urmi but as she found out her son is in love with her all that love and respect turn into hatred…she even went to the extreme to get Urmi killed such a wicked b*t*h, these soaps only have killings, wicked mother-in-laws can’t these writer find better things to write

  13. It is so sad to see how Indian Mother-in-laws behave towards their daughter-in-laws… This depiction is true and happening in many homes. It is actually so disgusting!!
    Urmi has been through a lot and Damani (who looks like a cheap sl*t flaunting that tattoo) should remember that she has two daughters that will get married and have to go into other families too. By treating Urmi so badly, all the negatives & evil things she does will come back to her own daughters.
    Karma always comes back around.

    As for Samrat…. I like watching him live such a miserable life..hehe

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