Doli Armaanon Ki 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s residence
As all retire for the dinner, diya wishes everyone goodbye, and then retires to her room. damini points to ishaani that this is her dress that diya is wearing. Ishaani says that she knows, and hollers at the maid for having the guts to do so, without her permission. urmi jumps in for her defense, and says that she didnt, but urmi herself gave the dress, as diya had nothing to wear, and she specially gave diya the dresses, that ishaani never wears anymore. Ishaani asks her how dare she touch her wardrobe without her permission, and gave her clothes, irrespective of the fact that she wears them or not. urmi asks her to relax, as she never wore them. ishaani asks her not to try and be smart, as she alwqays talks about mannares, and if these are

the manners, that she profusely professes, that she sneaks in her cupboard, and gives her clothes to diya. Sandhya tries to make her understand, but she doesnt listen. then shaurya asks her to stop talking like this, but ishaani spews her venom against him too, saying that she can see he is blinded by his concern, love and affection for diya, that he has completely forgotten about his own sister. She says that his change in behaviour is unmistakable, ever since diya stepped in, and diya occupies his mind day in and day out, so much so that she has been completely ignored, and he doesnt even realise that his sister is sad. She says that she feels that this house has become diya’s and they are guests. Shaurya tries to reassure her by touching her, saying that it isnt so. Ishaani jerks his hand away saying that indeed it is. Shaurya and urmi are shocked, while damini is happy at her victory finally. Anirudh intervenes them, trying to tell ishaani that she has misunderstood shaurya as he is just trying to be a good friend, to diya, and is helping her out. But ishaani asks him politely not to step in as she doesnt wish to argue with him. She continues that she cant do anything in her own house, the way she wants them, and that just because diya was raped, doesnt mean that they should altercate their lifestyle to suit hers. Due to diya, she says that she is scared that tomorrow shaurya might just ask her to leave the house. He is shocked. damini smiles. ishaani leaves for her room, hastily. all are tensed. Shaurya goes after her. Urmi says that she is sure, he would mend the situation, as he has the genes of his father, Ishaan. Shaurya goes to her room, while ishaani asks him to go away as she doesnt want to talk to him. he says that he has to, and sits in her knees. she again taunts that diya isnt here and hence he isnt needed here. she is crying. He says that she knows he cant see her crying, and asks her to stop. He wipes her face, and realises his mistake, saying that he apologises profusely, as he was overtensed for diya, but if she goes sad, then where would he go, and what would he do. he says that he loves her immensely and cups her face, saying that there’s nothing more precious or over her in his life, and nothing matters more to him. She is affected. She says that he knows how much she loves him, but felt that diya became important than her in his life, and thought that she was losing him. he asks how can she even think like that. they both apologise and get on good terms yet again. he hugs her, and again gets to teasing her, saying that she can do whatever she wants, and go wherever she wants, but just let him make the arrangements. she happily complies. Urmi comes in just then, saying that she cant find diya anywhere in the house. shaurya is shocked, and immediately rushes out, but doesnt find her, and wonders where is diya. He dials her number, but she doesnt pick it. Ishaani is tensed too.

Later, urmi and anirudh are tensed that diya still hasnt been found, and shaurya’s phone is unreachable too. Alok says that they shall have to file a search warrant. Anirudh turns to damini and asks if she said anything to damini. damini evilly says that she had said, and infact threw her out of the house, as she is responsible for all the wrong in the house, as the credit for the good things go to urmi. He asks her to say clearly. Damini says that she doesnt know, and its good she went, as she took away with her the tension that she had brought in. sandhya says that diya’s time is bad, not her, and they shouldnt be this barbarous. damini says that they supported diya, but she didnt think once before leaving, without wondering how she is leaving the entire family sad and tensed, while she is herself gallivanting around the town. All are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Karan’s residence
Karan is too busy clicking selfies and posing, gloating about his own looks and beauty. the doorbell rings and he wonders who’s there. he opens the door to find diya standing there, and gets a shock of his life. She tries to get in, but he half shuts the door, and stands in the middle, to avoid her getting in, asking how come she is here. she says that she left shaurya’s place, and came here. Diya begs him to let her talk to his mother once as she shall manage to convince him. he says thats not possible, and she should think of another option. she says that there’s much problem in that, as her family isnt here, and where else would she go. She asks him to let her stay. Karan asks why did she leave shaurya’s place, and should have compromised and stayed on for some more days. diya says that she isnt their responsibility at all. he tells her bluntly that she cant stay here, not now atleast. she begs to get in, but he shoves her away, shocking her. Scared that his game might be up, he aggressively asks her if she has gone mad, and tells her that she should go back where she came from. He says that it might be that his mother throws him out too, and that shall make matters worse. He says that she cant stay here, and then asks her to understand, as if his mother sees, it would incite unnecessary problem. he shuts the door on her face, saying that he shall talk to her later. she is apalled and distraught as she stands lonely outside.

Later, karan wonders if diya calls up, and his mothers picks up, it would mean trouble. He takes off the wire of the landline, and thinks that now the phone shall not come. He thinks that if his mother meets her, then she would get diya married to him. The doorbell rings, and he puts it on silent, thinking its diya. but then the beating on the door continues. he stealthily opens the door, and shaurya baregs in asking where is diya. karan asks if she didnt reach home. shaurya says that means she came here. karan says that he told her to go where she came from, as she wont find another place. shaurya asks how could he leave her alone in the night, and grabs her by the collar, instead of giving her a stay for the night. karan asks him to stop getting angry. Shaurya says that he could have called atleast, so that he could have picked her up from here. He gets to leave, but karan asks him to relax as she wont be raped again. karan tells him that what had to happen to diya has happened, and that there’s nothing worse that can happen in her life, hence she shouldnt be worried much about it. Shaurya, unable to control his fury against karan any longer, slaps him tight across his cheek, and then leaves. Karan stares at him in anger.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
shaurya searches around for diya distraught and worried, in his car. He stops by the temple, and then wonders where is diya. he senses something, and then walks up the stairs of the temple. He finds diya sitting in front of the idol, lost and helpless. shaurya wrenches her hand, and asks whats nonsense is this, without telling anyone, she came here, and he is searching around for her like mad in the whole city. he takes her hand and turns her around, asking her to come. She says that she wont. He is surprised, as he looks back at her, and asks her not to be childish. She says why and with what right shall she go with, in his house. She says that she is just his employee, and nothing else, and in that capacity, she says that she doesnt have any right beyond the house, and especially not in his house, then by what right and relation should she go with him to his house. He is shocked and speechless to her question. the screen freezes on shaurya’s tensed face.

Precap: Shaurya gets diya, with her hand in his, while damini turns around surprised, that her barbed comments at diya didnt work, and she still came back with shaurya. All are relieved to see her back. Ishaani rushes to diya, and then asks where had she gone, as they had all gone incredibly worried. Diya stands with her head hung low. Ishaani hugs diya, pleasantly surprising shaurya, anirudh and urmi. Damini however is shocked and in a rage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Precap was amazing. Ishaani however as a girl ll show her kindness . I think ishaani s doubt is cleared as shauryavhas cleared it pakka and tht she ll be supportive to diya

  2. That written agreement between samrat and damini will show up in front inshani and bring an end to damini ego.

    1. If this agreement is found and given to Ishaani infront of Urmi and \shaurya then it will be a good idea but if it is found and Damini knows about it she will wind her way out like how Samrat used to do it.

  3. Ishani has Ishan’s and Urmi’s bloodline. They have only done good things for people even to the end Ishan still had hoped for his once friend Samrat. She is not wicked or evil like Damini. She is just spoil by Shaurya and felt neglected when his time was taken up with Diya. I hope they writers don’t make her character turn like Damini

  4. We want to see Ishani as a good writers,plz clear the misunderstands btwn urmi & ishani..

  5. could someone tell me why anirudh do not throw damini tail out of the house and give her some of her own medicine that woman is pure hate and acting normal and for a grown woman she has no intelligence at all maybe she did not attend college because she has a lot of repressed feelings pent up in her towards urmi and for what urmi did nothing wrong in fact she begged inshan not to go in the car to save samrath and he did not take heed of her so why now damini is treating urmi with scorn so and doing her utmost best to make ishani hate her mother and be disrespectful towards her mother that is not right and ishani is a grown woman so I cannot comprehend her actions either you want to tell me up to now shaurya and anirudh cannot let ishaani know the truth come on wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I truly believe that anidrudh should call the green van for damini and throw her ass in a mental institution because her actions are that of a disturbed mentally insane woman LOL she just using ishani to hurt urmi what a cruel individual

  6. simple solution for Damini – bring her down to earth deprive her of all the luxuries and make her realise the reaility of life without everything being handed to you period.

    1. This is true .Damini’s behaviour is as though she was born with a gold spoon in her mouth. She does not care for no one except her wrong doings which will return to hurt her.Someday she will be drawn to her knees where she will beg for forgiveness when all her demons are brought forward to the front.In time she will know what it is to be tried under fire.

  7. Nice nice and Precap is more amazing damini ‘ s ego will be destroyed only when she lost ishaani in her clutch I mean if ishaani mends her relationship with urmi then damini will be left alone

  8. deep down inside ishani is a good kind hearted person like her mother and father but damini is instilling hate in her in order to gain stripes against urmi but there is something called LOVE and a child and mother do not matter how hard you try to turn them against each other in the end there bond will bring them back together so damini I suggest you leave well alone and stop all this unnecessary hatred to ward urmi especially for something she did not do and as for ishaani she is your only sons child so if you really and truly did love your son you would not destroy his daughter your grandchild so please damini mend your evil ways and instead of breaking them apart join in uniting your family once more and another thing damini as far as diya is concerned put yourself in her shoes if you can and be empathetic towards her for the ordeal that she encountered no mother will want this for her child so again damini do the right thing save your family before it is too late

  9. I feel terrible for Diya for what she must be going through and then having to deal with a witch like Damini, but above it all, she does have the support of Shaurya and his family. Ishani is not as evil as her grandmother; she is just terribly influenced by her. I hope Ishani can wake up one day and think for herself rather than let that wicked woman instigate her. Why the hell doesn’t Anuradh just connect a tight slap to Damini’s face? Honestly, I am not for any type of violence against women, but this character sure deserves to be put in her place. She has no damn compassion for any woman. She doesn’t really care for Ishani, she just wants to hurt Urmi. Damini uses Ishani as her puppet. Damini is a wicked, trashy woman without a single ounce of class. I don’t understand why Anuradh can’t cut her down to size rather than just standing around like a damn statue while she insults everyone and instigates his granddaughter. How the hell was this wicked woman even Ishan’s mother? I mean, Ishan was a nice and humble human being. He must have gotten all of his traits solely from his father. That woman, Damini, is pure trash and like all trash, it needs to go where it belongs, the dumpster! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can one of these characters grow a backbone and set that evil witch straight!!!

  10. Damini is such a manipulator and I do not agree with what she is doing to her grand daughter because this is emotional abuse but when we study the story from the begining when she came on the scene and she met Urmi; she had loved her as a family friend but as soon as she realized her son loved Urmi her horns started to show up because she has realized no matter what she said or do,she could not win the manipulation over Urmi,this has caused the hatefulness in her to take over her body.I think her husband is a good man and will not lift a finger to her because good men do not abuse women.

  11. Anirudh is a very humble man .His humility isbeing honest about his weakness which is genuine and loving to human beings.

  12. All, do not misunderstand me. It’s my anger speaking. I really don’t wish for any abusive actions. These soaps drive me insane as the ill-mannered, wicked, evil ones always tend to say and do as they please while the good-natured ones stand like statues and endure the insults/actions of those wrong-doers. Every soap is like that and it just drives me INSANE.

    1. Mariamy dear do not fret your self because of evil doers. because no matter how we think that wickedness prevails over good,,bad never wins .All cruel and bad things people do to others comes back to them in threefold when the time comes.Damini time has not come as yet.

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