Doli Armaanon Ki 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Ishaan is tensed, when the nurse comes in asking him to fulfill the formalities, for the discharge and he fills the form, and then pay the fees. He leaves, having signed. When the head nurse finds the form half filled, without mentionaing the relationship status, between them, they assume that its must be the husband and jot it down.

In the ward, urmi wakes up, asking if the child is okay. The doctor tells her that her BP was high due to stress and tension. Urmi remembers samrat’s threats and gets tensed again. She remembers shaurya’s sweet talks. the doctor asks her to do certain things that a pregnant lady should take care of. Urmi asks how she came here. the doctor informs her that a noble person got her here and also padi for her

treatment. Urmi wonders who is it, and expresses her desire to meet him. the doctor says that she would just send him in, and asks her to take care of herself.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat gathers everyone to talk to them about something. all are baffled and wait. Samrat tells his family that he has finally reached a turning point in his life, that would completely turn things around. Aditi asks whats the matter and whats he talking about. samrat says that he is finally giving urmi divorce, just to trap her all the more. Shashi is amused while all others are shocked. Kanchan says that technically he is person who received the divorce papers, and didnt give it to them. samrat asks if that girl has the limits and the status to give him divorce and that now he would give her the divorce. Samrat asks her to shut up, while shashi too instigates her, and asks her to stay quiet. she excitedly asks him if he would not go back on his word. He says that he wouldnt as he isnt like her. He says that she doesnt realise that a woman is a use and throw thing. Shashi is very happy that samrat finally did what she wanted. Samrat says that he would ruin her. rudra asks if they both have decided to separate, then why make ugly. Aditi and kanchanm too try to point it out, but shashi and samrat are adamant. Aditi says that it would ruin his own reputation too. Samrat says that he has already been maligned, and that she would hev to be sacrificed with her respect and ego, to be able to divorce papers, and that her whole life shall be immersed in counting the ruins that he caused her. Kanchan starts saying that in divorce, woman always demands high maintenance for the child and maybe she ends up causing the trouble. Samrat says that he shall get shaurya’s custody and wont give urmi anything, and that she would need tolerance and poison after some days. shashi is very happy and blesses him, while aditi and kanchan are shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence and Hospital
Sushma and her husband are tensed as they try to comfort shaurya, while he keeps cribbing for urmi. Shaurya gets tensed too. Sushma tries to distract him, while both are tensed for urmi. Sushma finds that the phone is still switched off. Her husband tries to distract him, with firecrackers, and it works. as shaurya goes to get them, they are very tensed for urmi. They wonder why hasnt she returned yet, and lament if samrat hasnt done anything.

In her ward, Urmi wakes up to find many calls and immediately receives sushma’s call, hurriedly, and doesnt bother her by telling her that she is in the hospital, as sushma was sounding extremely tired as it is. She tells her that she would be home back soon. ishaan finds urmi, talking from the windshades. The nurse asks him to get the meds, and comforts him that she is completely fine. Urmi asks about shaurya and is told that he is alright, and misses him badly. Urmi says that she would come soon, and asks her not to be bothered. From the nurse, Urmi gets to know that the person has gone to get meds for her and has already paid the bills. urmi is surprised and says that she would go there and meet him, as he is getting late. Meanwhile, ishaan takes the meds and moves towards urmi’s ward. urmi too rushes out. As ishaan gets busy trying to receive a call, urmi walks by, without anyone noticing the other. urmi goes and doesnt find the person there. She wonders how can she go without saying thanks, and that she didnt even ask the name, and wonders how to look for him. She decides to go back to the ward, but again gets shaurya’s call, who’s crying saying that he is missing her badly, while sushma tries to calm him down. He threatens that he would run and come to her again, and all attempts from their side going in vain. urmi promises that she is just coming. She gets tensed. She thinks that she would find the name, number later on, and should prioritise going to shaurya first. In her ward, Ishaan says that he has her meds and everything, when the nurse relates where urmi went and why. ishaan rushes out after her, barely missing her by the inch, and then following her outside.

As urmi is storming out, ishaan hollers at her from behind. She is shocked and turns around and is stunned to find herself confronted by ishaan. she asks him how come he is here. He gives her the precription and the meds, while she takes them, still disbelieving that he is here. He casually starts saying that she was behaving very reckless on the road. Urmi remembers asking ishaan, on her marriage day, if samrat is a nice man to spend her life with, and ishaan had told her that samrat is a nice man. Ishaan says that its good that he came at the right time, or anything could have happened. urmi says that anything could have happened, why does he care, as he had left her stranded years, in a similar manner. The screen freezes on ishaan’s embarassed face.

Precap: Ishaan tells granny and others, that he is with urmi on what step she has taken. Granny asks if he knows, what a life a left, divorced woman shall have to live. Saroj is highly tensed. Ishaan thinks that he himelf is responsible somehow for urmi’s condition. He is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Glad Urmi found a friend.

    1. fan of the show

      She does not consider him a friend yet, even though he helped her, because of his earlier lying about samrat being a nice man..

    2. fan of the show

      Didn’t see it, but read ealer reviews and Issan and Samrat’s father discussed what if Samat behaved badly with Urmi. Issan was convinced Samrat would change after marriagebut heKNEW Samrat was a bastard and didn’t stop the marriage.

  2. Hope Aditi tells Urmi about Samrat’s evil plan

  3. Urmi. U get Samrat punished an do not b afraid of him, he wants woman to learn a lesson from this, now u must teach men like him a lesson, u mess disrespect women an treat them badly then men can also face the Deadly consequenceS. GO fwd wit confidence an make all the woman whom ar facing this kind of problems that ther is light at the end of the TunnEl, BE VICTORIUS.

  4. What crap, frm day 1 , he thought of himself as GOD, an still does, thinks he is unbeatable, attitude, Egotistic, sleeps around (watch out for AidS) an yes ther ar many men like him. WHat SHit, URmi u put him in his place an DO not FEAR him. Fight for ur rights an for ur child also take him to the cleanerS.

    1. fan of the show

      The show has another lesson – that Urmi was oblivious to Samrat being rude and crude before she mrriedhim, because she was in her own little dream worldfntasizing about he was perfect and she was goingto be very happy. She overooked his rudeness, forgve his refusal to do wedding rituals, and denied to her sister Trisha that Samrat s a bad man.

  5. samrat you beast stay away from urmi and her son leave them alone please go back to hell where you came from because that is the only pleace that you will be accepted in good riddance samrath

  6. fan of the show

    I like this show, especially if it does one thing right: gets people as disgusted with real-life abuse as they are with sam-rat’s behavior… (see comments above and in previous episodes)
    In real life, it seems that most people are afraid of this kind of a person. because he is so forceful, controlling, vindictive and threatening
    There was a line in the Gandhi film that comes to mind: Wherever there is injustice, it is our duty to make it right, or something like that.
    So, in real life, when we see this kiind of behavior, we should take the role of Urmi, who stands up for whatis right without stooping down to the same level as the perpetrator.

  7. O yeah..I also Had a fling With Lotsa Women..they were sooo Dumb not to find out I was a married man wid 2 I still have affairs..My wife don’t no Niks..I have good times everyday..!!! Men must also have some fun.!!!

    1. fan of the show

      If you’re serous, you’re an accident waiting to happen. Good luck, you’ll need it soon.

    2. fan of the show

      Sick joke.

    3. You are just another idiot who is in line to get punished just as samrat so in dutch we say geniet nu want je gaat je straf en goeie denkvermogendheid wel krijgen máar die denk vermogendheid ga je 100% veeeeeels te laat krijgen

      1. @reid naidoo

  8. Very interesting episode.

  9. I’m rooting for you Urmi, all the way! You go girl!!

  10. A very brave or shameless man reid you are to brag about your infidelity on this platform

  11. Rimjhim, Kindly post yesterday’s episode. Thanks.

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