Doli Armaanon Ki 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s Residence
Ishaan slaps sunder tight, openly advocating fpr urmi and her purity. urmi is overwhelmed while her family is relieved. Sunder is shocked. damini and sandhya are outraged. Sunder’s parents are angry at ishaan, while he asks them to sternly leave if they feel so, and they are most welcome here but not their son. They turn to anirudh. Anirudh says that it isnt wrong, and ishaan is right. Damini and sandhya are frustrated. anirudh says that he is angry at sunder, and he shall not stay here after this. he tells them that if they want to participate, they would be happy, but if they want to leave, they wont be stopped. Sunder’s family is enraged, and says that they shall leave rightaway. tehy comply. All get tensed. Ishaan turns to

urmi, who is still crying. Anirudh asks her not to worry as he is here. Ishaan consoles her, while her family is happy. Damini feels defeated.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Later, ishaan goes to drop urmi home. As they get down, he asks urmi to forget everything, as he would always trust her, and asks her to be happy and smile for him. She complies. He gets happy, and says that she looks bful, when she smiles. He reminds her of their marriage tomorrow. She begins to leave shyly, while he wishes her goodnight. she complies, and he waives her a kiss and leaves. urmi goes inside.

While driving on the road, Ishaan comes across Samrat standing on the road, with a gift in his hand. Ishaan comes out and confronts samrat, asking how could he come again, and asks him to stop such games, and instead of ruining his life, he should think about composing his ruined life. Samrat comes and confronts ishaan with a wicked smile. he says that he has no interest in him, but he cant leave urmi. ishaan asks him to buzz off. Samrat says that he shall be composed, only when urmi is ruined. Ishaan reminds what happened to samrat in Bhopal, and asks him to have sympathy on himself. samrat evilly smiles, and asks him to remember that he has nothing to lose, and that its their turn to lose now. he gives ishaan a gift for his dream wedding. He says that anything might happen tomorrow, and hence he should accept the gift. ishaan callously throws it away, asking him to leave. samrat pretends to be hurt, and asks how could he throw, even if he knew that ishaan would do this. Samrat asks whats tmorrow, and ishaan says that its his marriage. He defiantly tells ishaan, that he may not accept this, but he shall have to accept the wedding gift that he got for him tomorrow, as he has no other choice. he asks him to be prepared for his married life turning into ruins tomorrow, as he would neither be able to digest not spit it out, and shall have to bear it throughout his life. Ishaan stands tensed. samrat smirks at him and leaves, while ishaan stands tensed.

As the next day comes to an end, the night dawns in, ishaan ‘s procession arrives, while the banquet gets ready, for the wedding. devi starts receiving guests. Asha continues her rant, while granny is frustrated with her as usual. all are busy in preparations. Saroj is tensed too. Gaurav is worried on police protection. Asha hears the groom’s procession coming in and all rush excitedly towards it.

Meanwhile, someone is found to be stealthily approaching urmi’s door, but is distracted when asha’s son walks in. He chats with urmi and then leaves. saroj comes and dressing her up, says that she is starting afresh and asks her to forget her bitter past with herself in the new home, as she is very lucky, to get a husband like ishaan, and she should welcome him with open arms. urmi is tensed. The unidentified person lurks around, hearing all this. Saroj gets emotional, and wishes her all the happiness. Urmi assures her that everything would be fine, though super nervous inside. saroj asks her to get ready, as she has to leave to attend to the Baraat. Saroj comes out, to find a stranger, busy with wires, and thinks that its the electrician, and leaves neverthless. But the suspicious guy again makes his turn towards urmi’s room, after saroj leaves.

Outside, sandhya and damini resignedly participate, as urmi’s family comes to greet ishaan and his baraat, excitedly and happily. they comply with the initial rituals, of greeting the groom and his family, while saroj eyes ishaan with much glee. All go, while sandhya taunts damini says that she is utterly defeated and should stop thinking about breaking their marriage, as nothing can stop this wedding now. gaurav assures ishaan of the complete police protection and asks him to be happy. He asks about urmi, and gaurav assures her that urmi is fine. They get him to sit on the royal chairs, meant for the groom and bride. sandhya continues her taunts, while all take it amusingly. Ishaan is tensed though. he calls tani, asking her where is she, visibly angry, while she assures him jokingly that she would definitely reach. before ishaan can respond, he is mesmerised to see urmi coming down. Saroj and asha get urmi down to ishaan, who overwhelmingly eyes her breathtaking beauty, as she stands before him dressed as his bride. damini points out to urmi as a bad omen, wrapped beautifully, while damini watches angrily, as she leaves no stone unturned to taunt him. they both eye each other, as they get ready for the jaimala. Someone is shown to observe them from a distance mysteriously. The screen freezes on urmi’s face.

Precap: Suddenyl the lights go off, and all are tensed as to what happened. They all enquire about urmi, and fingers point ot asha as she was with urmi. Asha stands speechless, as saroj asks her angrily, how could she leave urmi alone, in the room, in such darkness. Suddenly, Urmi’s scream for saving her, shatters everyone present there, as it reverberates in the banquet. ishaan is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This wedding needs to happen no matter what. Looking forward to the romance, we never got it in this show.

  2. writers I am totally fed up with samrath now why are you allowing samrath to be getting the upper hand with all his evil doings what is wrong with all of your scripts in all these indian soaps you keep letting the evil doers get the upper hand that is wrong for all the urmi went through she deserves happiness now why have samrat come back to taunt her and Ishaan again that is not right even ishaans mother join the pack of evil doers too and she was supposed to be urmis good friend so what the hell is really going on writer rewrite your scripts start thinking up better scripts to write and please do not let anything bad happen to urmi or ishaan


  3. Samrat has to came back as he is main character in the show and ishaan and urmi’s love history should get some challeng to spicy up so it seems to me doli armaano ki ‘s script is really a best of zeetv ‘s good going one

    1. I’m ok with Samrat being his usual self. But, Urmi’s life should not be ruined by Samrat. I think they’re just showing that you can get married the 2nd time around & be happy still. Also showing the problems of what these women go through because they’ve decided to get married. I don’t like Sunder’s storyline, not necessary.

  4. Sad to say this serial is just like tamil drama serials which runs for 300 400 episodes where the story line gets to no where and just have to shut it out abruptly. This show should have end when Urmi won her case against Samraat and the smile she gave when she walking out of the court room. Will give thumbs up to the writers now its only dragging and waste of time. Kudos to this show.

  5. The 2 must get married, by fire by force. Those evil plans must surely fail!!

    1. You have said it so right about the se script writers.Their imagination is limited and stuck
      in the traditional mentality of keeping their women as doormats.No matter what the men do they get away with it..I have b een watching these soaps for a long while now and they carry the same view of these men not loving to their women.Only a few..Every time a wicked practice winds up as though it is good to practice evil.I am of
      a different culture and if I had to choose a husband of that culture by viewing Samrat
      behavior I will put on my running shoe and run far away from your men of that culture.Writers show us that your women a human beings and not trophies to sit in a corner.Show us that your men are loving and caring.Show us that mother in laws are
      good advisors and not hateful to their daughters in law.Stopthe same crap ,over and over..This is not educational for me ,it is becoming monotonous..

  6. One of the fans above said it correctly…in all the soaps evil prevails and it is frustrating that the writers think very little of the Indian mentality. Too many evil doers. Samrat.. and now Sundar …what a heel these two ! Cannot understand what gives Sandhya the power to actually sway the spineless Damini. Inshaan should know what a virtuous person Urmi is because it took a lot on her part to consent to this marriage and all during her single years did she ever gave a glance to another male. Writers…wake up and smell the coffee, we the audience are totally fed up with the repetition and your lack of imagination. to Zee TV …fire the whole lot and get some young blood with great new ideas. Whew! this feels good.

  7. Got to stop watching Doli…

  8. Enough is enough! Urmi deserves to be happy and that’s it! That Damini is supposed to be a modern educated woman yet she is worst than Samraat’s mother!! And what to say about Samraat….his place is not in prison but a mental asylum!!!

  9. Just hope da wedding of Urmi n Ishaan does tek place,then they can face Samrat together….love shuld blossom betwn da two,Samrat shuld see wat he missed by letting go of Urmi,coz dis guy hasn’t regretted yet…

  10. I like the tight slap Ishaan gave Sunder…….

  11. Together, Urmi & Ishaan can face and overcome any obstacle.

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