What we are doesn’t matters….(KKB) SS? FF?

A: I thought we are friends but…..
P: I thought we are partners…..
Abhigya: Actually what we are doesn’t matters….

A: I felt comfort from her…
P: I felt safety from him….
A: I felt that my heart beats for her
P: I felt my heart follows his every beat of heart
A: I need her beside me…
P: My entire need of life is him…
A: I want my world to be just the two of us…
P: My world only functions when he is beside me…
Abhigya: Does it matter who we are? No what we are doesn’t matters…

Abhigya: What really matters then? Do we know that? We also don’t know that….

So I also don’t know what is this? Ya SS? FF? I got this idea but…don’t know how u all react to this!

Pls wait for the ff is this called love? Its under maintenance now?….will be back on Monday…and once again tks for all the support for my last epi of Will you be without me? I have replied all of u all!?? very overwhelmed by all ur response…

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  1. Let me make it clear the ff that I was referring to which is under maintenance is due to a technical problem that my brain is facing. Hope you all will understand.

    1. Haha……Tech.problem that your brain is facing…I understood it the moment I read the line……..U hav very good sense of humour !!!Keep Rocking !!! Wait

  2. Waiting for your further updates……Loved the title and the story !!!
    It doesn’t matter to me whether it is SS or FF …….. I wanted My MTMP to rock in whatever u write……Best wishes for this new start !!! I would support u as always ……
    Go ahead giving Rocking Updates !!!Take Care !!Love u Sweetie …..

  3. Superb dr.
    How r u?

  4. Cutiepie Achu

    Nice… Waiting for ur episode maya..

  5. Awesome I loved it

  6. Maahi

    omg a new start my god I cant blv dizzz but dr superb concept keep rocking haha yaa abhigya also dont knw abt it nly u knows what matters is ur PRESENCE nd I vil b Waiting for ur magic tooooo SS OR FF WATEVR I STILL NJOY UR MAGIC COME SOON

  7. super….

  8. Wow superbbb beginning… Abhigya doesn’t know what matters to them and u also don’t know… ???? but we know what matters to us, ur presence through ur ff /ss/os and all… Waiting for your stories… ?????

  9. Nice yaar…

  10. Superb…waiting for ur further updates suga…

  11. As usual brilliantly brilliant! Will be waiting!

  12. Superb diii lovely waiting fr nxt part and also othr ff we wil wait fr sure???

  13. Sharaya

    Oh my god!! You gonna start a new story I can’t wait for Monday eagerly waiting for Monday!!

  14. Hehe technical prob thts y i told u not to think a lot hehe n haan sweetu its really awesome yaar whtever it may b but its really good dr

  15. Reshma Pradeep


  16. Maya

    Thank u so much for the lovely comments! What really matters to me is all your support and nothing else!?…and about this start of new ff…I think I have a habit of starting something new once I end something…So that’s why I wrote this!?…I am not sure when will it come but there is also a link with this ff towards one of my previous ffs….So it’s what really matters to Abhigya here is the connection…What is the connection is the suspense…..

  17. Wow.. It was fabulous ka… Don’t make me to wait long as u know if I wait for so long na then my mandai will definitely burst??.. So don’t make ur sis head to blast… Eagerly waiting for the next part and ur another ff

  18. Awesome di pls accept me as u r friend

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