Hii guys this is first os,Well it’s not my first work in tu. I am writing Bhabhi plz give ur sister hand. Thanks 4 loving that ff.Hope u like it too…..
Swara mitra – Marriage fixed sanskar .Have a dark past.
Shomi mitra – mother of swara. A widow.
Sanskar maheswari – owner of karma industries. Marriage fixed with swara mitra.

“Mom I want to tell him truth. I can’t start my life with this guilt. “swara
“But beta no one able to accept it. He will not understand it.May be he think wrong about u. just think once do u really want this. ”Shomi
“Yes mom whatever will his decision I will accept it.If he want to break this marriage then I also I don’t have any problem.” Swara

“Okay swara do whatever u want just remember one thing in every situation of ur life I am with u.”shomi

Swara leave from there, shomi is still tense.
Third person POV..
after remembering that incident shomi eyes filled with tears. She knows may be after knowing truth he may break alliance .But swara is also right at her place. All relation should start with honesty. She decided to not stop her daughter. If she want this. Then it’s also okay for her. Her happiness most important thing.

Scene shift to swara room….
She is continuously trying to call someone. After so many attempts the other person finally pick the phone.
“Hello where r u from half an hour I am trying ur phone.” Swara

“Arre darling relax. I was in meeting. Phone was switch off.I don’t know my would be wife so much miss me she can’t able to live without one second without talking to me.” Sanskar

“stop Pulling my leg I want to tell u some important matter.”Swara
“Kk wify tell me”sanskar

“Not on phone I want to meet u”swara
“meet me in half an hour at coffee shop.” sanskar

“I am reaching u too come fast.” Swara

“ kk “ sanskar

At coffee shop….
Sanskar enter in cofee shop. He is in pink blazer. He is looking stunning. (I like him in that blazer)
Swara is already waiting for him. She is in blue suit She is looking so pretty.
Both are mesmerized by looking at each other. There is short eyelock between them.

Sanskar sit near her…
“Now tell me what do u want to share .” sanskar
“Actually I want to tell u about my past” swara
“I don’t care about ur past whatever ur past I will accept u with your all faults and goodness. Ur future is with me. And believe me it will not effect our life.” Sanskar
“Listen me first after it u can take your decision. I want start this relationship only after that telling my past.” Swara
“okay as ur wish.” Sanskar
“Five year ago when I was in Delhi.I am returning home with my bua.We book a cab.The driver took us at a isolated place. He told us this is shortcut . And he call someone tell them reach xyz place. He stop cab. Forcefully he pull me outside the cab my bus tried to free me but nick of time some more person come they hold her.She started to shout but due to night no one can hear us. They r**e me and throw me on road.Next day when I open my eyes.I find myself in municipal hospital. My mom and bua are near me.They r crying by seeing my conditions. Somehow I console them.After some day I fill complain against them.Instead of filling fir they started to question on my character. What I am doing at late night, what I had wear that and many more question.Which again broke me. That point I want to die . But mom and bua support me. After so many interrogation they write my complain. Nearly after one month rapist are catches by police. Finally I got justice. After that I come Kolkata. It take 5 years to come out from that tragedy.” Swara
Both have tears in their eyes.For sometime none of them speak anything. Both are silent.Finally swara broke silence.
“Tell me ur decision.Even after knowing that will u able to accept me.” Swara
“Yes I will,if u wanted u can easily hided this from me.May be I never able to come know about but u choose to tell me truth.I like ur honesty . my respect for u increase more. U are very brave swara. I don’t love ur body I love ur soul.This is my final decision.” Sanskar
After 1 month…..
They finally married.Today is their first night.
Both are very nervous.After completing all rituals.Sanskar come in room.Swara is already waiting for him.
He sit on bed.She is in viel.She is hell nervous.Her heartbeat is raising. He lift her viel.He lean toward her to kiss her lips. She closes her eyes to giving him permission. …….
But something stop him going close to her.He back off.
“Swara u must be tried change ur clothes and sleep.” Sanskar
Swara changes into normal wear.After changing both sleep on same bad.
Sanskar never come close to her. Sometimes she try to come close but he back off by giving some excuse.This continue for 6-7 months.Now Sanskar started to ignore her.He even come house late and go office early.
Swara finally decided to talk him. What is disturbing him.
She waited for him till 1 am.He finally come at 7:00 clock.
“Sanskar I want to talk to u” swara
“Yes swara speak do u need anything.” Sanskar
“Is everything right between us “ swara
“Yes swara due to busy schedule I don’t able to give u time” Sanskar
“are u sure na only this is reason” swara
“yes swara it’s nothing like that wat u r thinking” sanky
“Now plz prepare breakfast I have to go office” Sanskar
“but you only come now” swara
“ swara I tell u na I am busy nowadays” Sanskar
Swara go toward kitchen to prepare breakfast.Whereas Sanskar take relief breath.
Now one year is completed of their marriage.
Swara decided to give him surprise.She become ready to go his office after that she decided to take him on date.
She don’t her happiness is going to end .
Finally she reached his office. By seeing scene,she stumble .Her feet become week.Not able to stand.Somehow she managed to speak.
He become shocked by seeing her.
“Do u wanna clarify what u both are doing.” Swara
“it’s nothing like that swara something went inside her eyes I am only helping her” Sanskar
“Oh,she is sitting on ur lap.Her hand is on ur chest . ur buttons are also open. U r telling me u r helping her.” Swara
“Don’t create scene here we will talk at home.” Sanskar
“I am creating scene. Right now I want to talk u.Come with me” swara
Both come outside the office. Go at cofee shop,…
“Now u can explain me what is going on.What is relation between u two.” Swara
“And don’t dare to fool me.I want truth” swara
“Her name is aditi . she is my pa and my love.” Sanskar
“If u love her then why u marry me.U could tell me before.” Swara(in almost crying voice)
“Does this is reason u don’t come close to me.” Swara
“No swara I started to love her after our marriage.She too loves me.Whenever I tried to come close 2 u I remember ur past that I am not first one to touch u. It always stop me.” Sanskar
“Then why u marry me I don’t force u.” swara
“ that time I thought it will not effect me but I am wrong.I tried accept u. But I don’t able to do it. Sorry” Sanskar
“Now what u want do u want divorce.I will give u . I don’t want burden on u.” Swara
“U r not any burden.U can live with me” Sanskar
“From which right” swara
“ U r my wife.”Sanskar
“wife has some right do u able to give me those right” swara
Sanskar is silent.He don’t know what to speak.

“ I get ur answer I want divorce after divorce u can continue ur romance” swara

Without listening anything she go from there.
After one week she send him divorce paper.
They r finally divorced.
Outside court room.she is in deep thinking.she is remembering her conversation with her mom.How she told her not to reveal anything.No one able accept it.How she opposed her . her conversation with Sanskar. How he accepted her. And last his intimate position.
Only one thought come into her mind.
‘Does my decision was right’
I have read many stories that after knowing truth boy accepted girl. But really everyone does so.Does actually it’s girl fault.she is victim of rape.Does she doesn’t have right to live happy.Our society need change mind and mens need to understand if u r accepting ur partner . u have to accept her with all with past. U r not doing any favour on her.She is also accepting u.She is not at fault she is victim….
If u like it then give ur views
Bye frnds,take care and love u all.

Credit to: sanky fan

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  1. Hi.it is really heartbreak story.swara will start our life with true she is correct at his point.my one question to sanskar its really think he is the first person to touch your pa,because she knows he is married,in the open office romance in the office its the good girl doing so she is not truthfull to him also.but please I want the proper ending .in and divorce sanskar want to suffer a lot about her pa activity, they also had affection with another man also,she only relations with her money only.that afterward only he think swara honest and love and relationship is not based on body.is only related only heart and soul. This type ending is nice to rap victim and this kind of people also ,and this is good message of all kind people and society please give continue and end this type please because this is swasan as they end together.

    1. Anniya

      Tnx JJ for ur comment. I don’t know I will write next part of this os or not. If I write then also I don’t able to frame swasan together in that.Only I can do that showing swara success without him or any men.

  2. Amazing os dear.I said u people will like it.Thanks for taking my advice , u did great work by uploading it.Coming to this os, it is very relastic and awsm.U have very true side of this society.

    1. Aahna

      it’s me only aahna,I don’t know why they r not showing my pic.

    2. Anniya

      Special thanks to u my buddy.Only due to u I have posted it here.I am literally afraid no one will like it.Thanks for motivation.

  3. Jwala

    it is really painful.. but sometimes reality is brutal than fictions.. I loved your os. because in fictions we can write easily these things..that guy accepted her.. but in reality how many rape victims led a happy married life? I don’t know anyone. . our society is not so board minded. . I seriously wish our societies mind should change.. and answer to swara’s questions is not yet defined. . sometimes harmless lie is better than dreadful truth.. only thing we can di is hope.. let swara get a ray of hope in her life and starts a life on her own..
    you are really brave to give a real ending to your os.. hats off to you

    1. Anniya

      Tnx jwala…..may she never able to get her answer.I am glad unlike it.I tried to maintain relastic in it.After reading so many stories ,in that the heroism accepting heroine with past . only one thing come into my mind does it really happen ? I had read some cases regarding that and result is totally unbelievable. They never get deserving life.

  4. Deeksha

    Well dear.. It is true…… People cannot accept them so easily…… There are very few people who have such great heart to accept… And believe me they are not even 1%in the world…….. Don’t know when this society changes……… Anyway dear…. A nice one…. Keep writing… Lots of love ?????

    1. Anniya

      Tnx deeksha for ur comment.May be someday or never society change…

  5. Sathya

    It’s a pure reality story. It’s just my opinion… Men can easily tell about their past and is asking the wife to accept him with his past and he expects so feel should be…. But wife is not granted permission to tell about her past if she has… If she tells him her past like either she had a relationship or she was forced by someone… The guys cannot accept her with full heart… And this is the blo*dy reality…. We have accept it… Now the ladies whom r married and living happily definitely have the past but they hidden it and lead their life happily… The only word I can say is… Don’t put ur past in ur future life… It will sink u badly unless u get a perfect Mahan…. Just forget everything and move on….

    1. Anniya

      Tnx for commenting. I am fully agree with u.This society and men never change.

  6. Mica

    yess swara decision was rite, she want everything clearly, but how rude sanskar, why didn’t tell the truth to swara instead of cheating on her ? swara doesn’t deserve that such coward on her life,
    men always demand his wife’s purity without ever think do they even pure ? grrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Anniya

      Tnx 4 ur comment mica . men’s always want pure women .They don’t know about themselves. But they want perfect girl.

  7. Nice one dear… N it’s true I think no one in the society accept the rape victim…. The society has became selfish at some point of view… N coming to ur OS it was just perfect Bt the end should be lil different Bt it was reality….. Keep writing dear… Loved it…. ??????

    1. Anniya

      THANKS DEAR,…..

  8. First time I read a real story is really nice

    1. Anniya

      thanks, its my os…

  9. awesome… swara is right….

    1. Anniya

      tnx anu….

  10. AnuAnn

    What u try to portray through this story was absolutely correct and was the reality.. Hats off to you yaar

    1. Anniya

      tnx, its just random thought…

  11. Divyanshri

    Mind blowing story….. Reality….. in fiction….. awsome…. True color of men….. our cheap society will always blame girls….. if the fault is of man also they dnt have to bear the taunt Becz they r man…. ….Nearly 80-90% r**e victims will never get justice cz they think that they will have to bear the taunts n the remaining ones will compromise with there life…..

    1. Anniya

      tnx divyanshri…..ya it’s reality of our socitey.they have to face so much without their faults.

  12. the story is really true today also the mentality of society not change they think r**e victim girls as impure and only few people will accept them sanskar don’t deserve swara and there is not any fault of a girl in it she is also a victim but people don’t change their thinking even they tell that the girl is herself responsible for all this the ending is justible but plz make swara a succesfull women and live her life happily and sanskar get to know her importance andhave to suffer plz its a request plz make one more part plz u show real face of society and u r right at many point its real story of many girls

    1. Anniya

      tnx radhika i will try to write next part….

  13. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Its w right …..
    Btw os was awesome ….

    1. Anniya

      tnx sanjana…..

  14. heart touching

    1. Anniya

      tnx tani….

  15. It’s right dear. Awesome
    Best os

    1. Anniya

      tnx juan…

  16. awesome!! What you said is correct..!!! In stories… there may be people there may be true endings… but in reality.. society never accepts..!!

    1. Anniya

      Tnx chandu.

  17. Sumeeta

    This os show us one of the cruel nd real side of our society.

    1. Anniya

      Tnx sumeeta

  18. Superb
    Heart touching

    1. Anniya

      Tnx aanya

  19. awsm yr nd ths is reality our socity

    1. Anniya

      Tnx sis…
      Finally u read it .

  20. Its rlly fantastic..fabulous story..nd ya u said is absolutely crct..without a girls fault c has to bear so much..in our society mny girls are victim…but our crule society never eccepts…rlly ur os was superb

    1. Anniya

      Thanks dear….

  21. Dharani

    very nice u really showed the reality of the society

    1. Anniya


  22. RUPA


    1. Anniya


  23. Arunika

    It is really painful to knw that the society says that they are very open minded but when it comes to situations like this they become the most conservative people in the world…..btw ur os was awesome….feeling bad for Swara!!!!

  24. Anniya

    Just try to show some reliaty…

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