Do you wish to see Neil and Ragini’s union in IKNMP?

Neil reaches Ragini’s house and sees Aman cooking. Neil quizzes Aman about Ragini’s favorite things and Aman doesn’t know anything about her. Neil accuses him for lying, when Ragini interrupts. Agitated Neil asks to her stop all the drama and questions her why did she do that. Nivedita is irked to know that Suhani told everything to Neil. Ragini cries while reading a letter and calls Neil to meet her.

Meanwhile, Neil is shocked to know that RK knew about the truth. Neil is convinced to undergo DNA test. Neil narrates everything to Suhani and Pam. They visit Ragini, but she is annoyed with them for lying and accuses both of them for their wrong doings. Arav discloses to Ragini that the girl staying with them is not Kareena but Suhani. Ragini cries and tells Arav that Suhani has been the barrier between Ragini and Neil.

Nivedita brainwashes Pam. Agam and Suhani give DNA report to Ragini. Ragini cries on seeing the report which refers that Suhani’s blood matches with Rajendra and not Neil. Ragini breaks down before Neil and hugs him. Ragini begs for forgiveness. She says she is feeling so peaceful after 15 years and missed a lot of things. He says we both should live together from hereon along with our children. Nivedita tells Pam about Suhani getting her and Neil’s DNA test to prove she is not Neil’s son and unite Ragini and Neil. Pam says she will never let that happen. Pam says she has chosen her for her brother and she will get them married at any cost. Nivedita thinks all her plans are failing and she has to stoop to any level to marry Neil. Do you wish to see Neil and Ragini’s union in IKNMP? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. i really lyk them 2 b united again i think pam and nivedita should marry themselves b’coz they are meddling in others relations, they are made for each other.

  2. I agree 2 u selian

  3. They are one, not two. Do tun ek jaan. Why does Niv want to marry Neil? Visa to USA? Neil does not even talk to her properly, kids hate her. Is she getting married to Pam, ’cause she is the only one who talks to her.

    Pam does not own Neil that she can get him married to anyone. He is not a toy. Why can’t Neil do the same – get Pam married to a boy of his choice?

  4. we love to see neil and ragini be together . fed up with pam and navidita useless people in s

  5. Yes…I would like Neil and Ragini to unite and stay together with all five kids.

  6. I would love to see Neil n Ragni build a new future together with their kids

  7. praveen bhardwaj

    Yes I want to see both together with their children and live happy in their family. Neil is very nice and have strong character and loyal towards his wife so they must togethrr

  8. Neil & Ragini-complete item-they should be together – Pam & Nividetha should should take a chill pill & freeze

  9. What a question!Of course they should unite n be a family.Neil pls tell niv/pam hes not kilonah…he lovez Rags always…eish how can nivi stoop so low chasing. Neil whom does not evem gv her a second look…pls unite RagsNeil

  10. i would like to see them as an unit want to see their romance.

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