Do you think Zee’s Piya Albela should end?

Zee’s Piya Albela has tried all sorts of family drama twists. Many tracks revolving around the characters from Naren and Pooja’s families were shown. The show picked up initially because of the talented leads and their chemistry. Even the story line looked dramatic in a simple sense, but later it got much repetitive. Naren and Pooja’s unions and separations are often seen. They present a relation of eternal love, which is dealt like a child’s puppet some times. Naren and Pooja lose their love and trust at once when something goes against heart, then again the couple unites and make love vows.

Same goes for the family, who exhibit their extremity. Pooja faces the torments from Naren and his family all the time. She shows a big heart and keeps forgiving them. This time, Naren’s brother Angraj is the one creating a separation between Naren and Pooja. Angraj is Pooja’s obsessed lover. Even Pooja’s brother Anuj gets involved in the fight and gets murdered by Angraj. The show doesn’t seem to strike the right balance of fictional drama. It is rumoured to go off air next month. Do you think Zee’s Piya Albela should end? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Cathy

    A once really special show turned into a nightmare…it’s had it’s time.

  2. I agree with this article, but why berate pooja’s love? Not once has she been selfish in her love for naren, she’s never failed him, lost faith in him, nor has she ever betrayed him….. I agree that naren has been the weakness in their ‘eternal love! ‘ But why criticize pooja’s everything that she’s been towards ‘her’ love ! Whether it be as a dil, sister, or wife!

  3. Yup it Should end!!!! It’s so pathetic now!!!!

  4. Yes, it should go off air rather than torturing the audience. Writer has no other story except separation in one way or the other way. Naren always torture her during separation. Never uses his brain. Dumb character.

  5. This serial is full of negativity. Not doing any justice with the title. It was supposed to be a love story but it became separation, torture story which through various tracks only shows various ways to torture a woman. Women is tortured, still love her husband. Story line should be positive, according to modern times that gives power to women that show power of love despite adverse circumstance to work. It should off air post meghna marriage but now it’s high time to off air it if they don’t have better tracks than forcefully imposing stupid tracks.

  6. This storyline seems like evil dream will not happen to our society. Sometimes it like beast world. Viewers comment to change this stupid inhuman storylines but this mad writer never tried to correct it. But as a viewer of this serial, i appreciate the performance of all the actors and actress in this serial but this story line slip to zero.

  7. The one that needs to end out of all of them is Kumkum.

  8. Long time along with kumkum bhaga absolute nonsense and kundali bhagya getting slowly pritvhi and sherlin are boring. Plus the writer had made Preeta character as dumb as an ox. Stop watching most of serials on zee boring as a bone left out in sun to dry up.

  9. Please end it as a matter of urgency. A person can lose faith in life watching this soapie and kum kum too!!!!!!!

  10. Stupid author writer … waste my time watching this serials… why kill the main character Naren … All Zee tv series have same story line …must die and be reborn…nonsense and stupid

  11. Yes it should end and also how on Earth did they bring back Supriya and harsh son when the say the baby was still born

  12. This time They should show Pooja as strong lady. Even though Pooja will proof that Angraaj is alive still she should not forgive her mother-in-law and Naren so quickly. As they both have always doubted her and never used their brains.

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