Do you think Urmi should agree to Samrat’s unjust demands?

Samrat has got Urmi’s weakness Shaurya in hand, as she is broken up by Shaurya’s cancer disease. Samrat is torturing Urmi and she is obeying him to save Shaurya, as she needs Shaurya’s sibling, from same parents. She needs Samrat’s help and he has taken it in his favor. He is doing everything to break Urmi and Ishaan.

Samrat is making Urmi go through bad phase and humiliating Ishaan and Urmi. Samrat is taking revenge from Urmi and is enjoying every bit to take advantage of her helplessness. He asked her to do Mujra and Urmi has agreed for it. Ishaan has explained Samrat a lot, that its tough for Urmi to compromise for Shaurya.

Urmi does not tell Ishaan about Samrat’s unjust demands, knowing how much Ishaan is compromising for saving Shaurya’s life. Samrat’s evil is not ending and when he told Shaurya about his disease, Urmi’s slap to him was very justified. Samrat asks Urmi to obey her and not go against him in any way, else he can change his mind and not agree for saving Shaurya. Samrat treats Urmi as a servant and asks her to fulfill his needs. He tells her that he is her Lord and she should always serve her. What do you think about this current track of Doli Armanon Ki? Should Urmi agree to bear Samrat’s wickedness and fulfill his unjust wishes for saving Shaurya’s life at the cost of losing her self-dignity? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. bore and foolish track r shown ,what a bull shit is shown in doli i dont want to see the show it disaster

  2. They destroyed my favorites show.the shows of zee are useless.

  3. hatest serial in my lyf…………..

  4. stupid also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No !!! there are other ways to have a baby with samrat without have physical relation !!!!
    Common’ we are in 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. There r other ways to hv a baby not really does Urmi hv to do what Samrat wants.The Director should show some decency in dis serial and devise a means to do away with d dirty episode.I mean is too much for us viewers

  7. Others in tis 21st century use artifical insemenation!!!!
    Zeee ul being showimg immoralatiy eish i nw hate doil….just end. Or khatum karo samrats kisah fffff

  8. This is the most disgusting and immoral track on zeetv right now.The abuse to a woman is very hard to watch.I have stop watching this track because it is so wrong and humiliating to women.

  9. What would have happened if Samrat had been hanged for his crimes six years ago? Urmi and Ishan should look to other options which exist inspite of what two stupid doctors said.

  10. Pity in those who voted for yes..!!! 🙁 🙁

  11. I hope something wil happen right before urmi and samrat get in bed. there must be another way this is the worst thing to happen to urmi.

  12. As mentioned previously it’s disgusting & the of stupidity. However, hopefully the writers come to their senses in the nick of time & perhaps there is a lesson to be learned. ……hopefully.

  13. adenike ogungbe onanubi

    I think urmi is yet to get rid of samrat intimidation
    she as two options either she does it n not get result cos am sure samrat is only lusting for her to humiliate her or she keeps her dignity n leave it on her creator,cos if she try to find a solution hersef .she will loose it all. in other words she should not all her emotions override her reasoning

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  15. Samraat has beaten her black and blue, cheated on her, mentally tortured her, killer her baby, tried to use Shaurya as a pawn against Urmi, burnt the house of the Tiwari and God knows what else….and she has been able to escape all this, built a new life, found a new love….the show is getting her to take a dive into this foul smelling dirt pit again…..

  16. am tired of dis disgusting drama actually u writer ur demoralising da viewer plz change da story line

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  18. How sick is this film…..really they are other alternatives to help cure him. This film is becoming sickening

  19. Very disgusting there are other ways to conceive. Just stop this nonsence it degrading to women. I think urmi deserves happinesss. Scew samrat the pig

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  21. The sick and stoopid writers are sooo in love with Samrat character. It keep on evolving….meaner n crueller.
    Meanwhile Urmi character is kind of gone to me.. unsalvaged.
    Ishaan character too.. how come a damn good lawyer never think about existing development of science n technology?
    Until something good is coming in the show, i’ll only read the written update.
    Or else, i’ll feel that I’m still living in the 70’s they way the story heading.

    (Please writes, come out from the cave, we are not leaving like flinstones anymore!!!!).

  22. I think story writer has no good thought….he is a mentaly sick patient…..shame on u

  23. I saw last night episode. It is obvious that Urmi has already yielded to Samrat. You can make out what will happen next.

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