Do you think low TRP shows could air on weekends than shutting down?


Low TRP shows have been shutting quickly even when the shows are making place in everyone’s tv sets. The leading channels are competing in TRP race. Only the best can survive to continue airing on the channel. Many concepts are often repeated or just promise to be new. The promos of new shows are seen promising something unique, but falls flat after few initial episodes. When the existing shows are doing better as per viewer’s choice, the shows are still pulled off by low TRPs. Many good shows like Manmarzian, Humsafars, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali, Badtameez Dil, Beintehaa, among others were pulled off air when the leads were much famous.

Colors shuts shows to give slots to Bigg Boss or trying out new concepts. Unlike Sony and Life Ok, who are airing finite shows nowadays. Star Plus is pulling shows off air by low TRPs. Latest in this trend is Badtameez Dil, which went on to give its slot to Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan. There could be possibility to air low TRP shows on weekend slots rather than prime slots on weekdays. If a show does not work well on prime time, it could be shifted on Sundays. Would it be better move than airing Maha episodes on Sundays or airing shows on online channel portals? Does reality shows or dance talent shows occupy the weekend well? We would like to know if you would like to see your favorite show continuing on weekends rather than shutting. Do you think low TRP shows could air on weekends than shutting down? Let us know in this poll and leave comment as well.

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  1. yes, instd of showing maha episodes, they could show such shows which can not garner good trps. but reality shows shud nt b replaced ,bcoz they make week ends intrstng. miss mmz, humsafars vry much.

  2. Yes. When you start to get used to a show, it goes off air because it doesn’t go according to what the channel wants in terms of trps. If all shows were finite shows it would be better because they have a set goal instead of trying to change to keep the audience interested.

  3. I agree, my favourite show on Zee was cancelled I think because of low TRP Doli Armaano Ki….I also liked Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya and to be honest neither of the shows they were replaced it with doesn’t even interest me. I ended by ZeeFamily subscription since I don’t think there was anything to really pay for separately again.

  4. Yes, I feel it should go on weekend rather than shows Monday to Sundays. Why stupid shows like saathiya and Diya aur baati still ongoing?? Does Indian audience still prefer Saas bahu serials over realistic programmes?

  5. i agree too..nowadays even when the show stars are much loved..owing to low TRP’s they are shutting down..really gone the time,. used to remember seeing the reality shows or movies which makes us think its a weekend…5-2 then 6-1 now its 7-0(means the days of the week given as serial days)….doesn’t mean airing the maha episode will gain more TRP’s and shutting the favourite shows due to lower TRP’s is right..

  6. well maha episodes r simply for commercial interests – no1 uses that extra 40 – 45 minutes to push forward d story ; for shifting to weekends – it really depends on d patience & mindset of d producers & channel owners ; there r many proxy channels which simply telecast repeat versions – they can also b used.

    but d main concern is tv is mainly a one way interaction so they r mostly hurtful 2 d real persons [ viewers ] affected by their brisk [ knee jerk ] reaction to commercially manipulated trps,

    hopefully d websites of such tv channels can turn themselves into hotspots of interactions – but as of now d every website is inadequate asking for much all around improvements

  7. well for finite series – v Indians love to make a attachment to our beloved tv stars & that needs some incubation / interaction period

    simply this r contradictions – stretching to sundays & shutting to finite 1s

    would only suggest a new channel to infuse d finite concept but mind u d limitation will force u more mindless twist to hold on d viewers

    yaar ! India is moving forward – build upon d strength of positiveness then relaying on hatred – remember d public is more then ever stressful , can u b reason to smile for them

    Ganga – decent example of clashing of dreams with reality with somewhat a practical sense – but d dadi is simply a liar , manipulative & opportunist , a ethically challenged person losing out her respect at every new point


  8. is there anyone who can tell me how much trp does qubool hai have?? o god…….it s just lyk hell bt still on air and i think star plus is in extreme hurry in shutting down show who give us a variety content……..manmarzian, NAUC, badtameez dil……these r the examples……..on the other side…..basic concept of tu mera hero is no more in the show bt still… waste time slot of 8 pm

  9. Yes I agree too…. Nd y stupid show are still continue like sathiya nd diya aur bati hum……??? Ne ofcrse ye rista kya kehlata hai….!!! It also shld be shut down….

  10. I think these low trp shows given a slot at day time in weak day from 1pm-4:30.
    instead of showing Reapet telecast of serial 3 or more times they shows these serials.

  11. i dnt think airing low trp shows on weekend is a good idea .im saying this as im thinking about the cast and crew of the serial,how difficult it wil be to manage their finances n payups for cast n crew just to air show twic eor once a weekend which will serve less viewership and they would be in a loss too by meeatingup our demands

  12. Manmarziyan ,nisha aur uske cousins, badtameez dil , humsafars all my favorite shows but shut down due to low trps hell they only care bout trps only n then end their shows abruptly. This weekend idea is good though.

  13. Not all shows but like Qubool Hai i would definitly vote for shutting down that damn serial.Useless show!

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