Do you think Kaleerein is losing its charm?

Zee’s Kaleerein is getting a separation track for Vivaan and Meera. Many misunderstandings grow between them. Meera breaks down when Vivaan decides to part ways with her. Vivaan looks after his sister. Meera knows Vivaan is in much pain. She feels miserable that she can’t lessen his pain. Meera gets more grief-stricken. Vivaan feels Meera was at fault in Pammi’s incident. He doesn’t want to have any relation with Meera. He promises her that he will make her life hell. Meera knows what he is going through, since he has lost his mother.

Meera understands Vivaan completely. She lends him support as a friend. Their divorce proceedings begin. Meera does her duties till their relation holds a chance. Meera and Vivaan are asked to share the same roof for the mandatory waiting period of six months before their divorce gets granted. Vivaan feels more agonized having Meera in his house. The separation track is getting stretched since long. Roma’s entry had hyped the drama, but somewhere turned the show boring. Do you think Kaleerein is losing its charm? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Definitely

  2. It is not losing its charm, it has lost its charm.

  3. Who is writing these shows for Zee the level of Violence against women and the women accepting it is so wrong..what is wrong in showing a strong woman with values and self respect? and the male actors shame on you for accepting these roles.

  4. It is very sad for kaleerein lovers to hear that the show is losing its charm.We love to see Meera Vivaan together. But its separation for a long time is very painful for us. Both Arjit and Aditi are very good actors & we would like to see some change in the track to bring meervan together.

  5. The writers should bring them together. I love this show but I don’t like the Vivaan hatred towards Meera. How can love turn this bitter?

  6. ChandaMaya

    Like all serials, started great and then the writers take the audience to a dark, violent place . . .no intrigue. Baseless drama. Waste of good human time looking at Rakshas behaviour.😊

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