Do you think IKRS lost its charm?

Ishq Ka Rang Safed started on Colors with a sweet and strong social subject on widow marriage. Dhaani, the lead protagonist wins Viplav’s heart by her down to earth and selfless nature. Viplav then makes Dhaani fall in love with him, thus a mutual love story between them starts. To break the peace, the show got enough of negative characters, some rooted in the family itself.

The show then got romantic track between the leads, which made the viewers turn into Vidhani’s fans. With the love union and confessions, now there are many problems posed for the lovers. Viplav’s mother is against Dhaani and does not want to accept her. On the other hand, Tripurari is also against Viplav and Dhaani’s union. With many people trying hard to risk their lives, separate them, play dirty tricks, put pressures, use homely politics and all other hindi serials things, this show became one of the commonly seen serial on tv. The new thing in the show found in initial episodes started to fade. The same concept of saas dislikes her bahu and plays cheap games have started in the show. Do you think IKRS lost his charm? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Plz Make the IKRS best show on Tv.
    Its soo borring seeing Negative characters

  2. Yes yaar unwanted kanak and tripuari I hate them both they are dragging with them pls unite viplav and dhaani soon I mean marriage

  3. I reallly like very much Mishel Raheja’s acting……..he is just superb..i saw him 1st time in Sony’s encounter serial i just Fell in love wid his acting skill………. Then He played negative role in Zee’s Aryan serial………… I dnt have any word in his praise……..uske baad humne uski serial dekhi Lagi tujse lagan jab Rishte par fir se telecast huyi……

    But i really dnt like IKRS…….. There is no use of his talent in dis type of bakwas serial…….

    Kya plot tha aur kya bana diya…….

  4. Vidhaani rivmcks with o without negativity, but I really want all the villains to be removed from their life and I wish they get married fast

  5. Ikrs is based on widow marriage, till now our society cannt accept completely to d widow marriage, so how could d seriel ll move without negative characters,according to d theme as dhani is a widow den many obstacle ll come in der love,derfore dey show a lot of negative charactrtes.every seriels hav up n downs,but dus seriel ll never loose its charm n hope it ll b d best seriel in future.

  6. I thought this would be about negative attitude about people and not evil but this is becoming like all the serial saus bahu story which is irritating

  7. I don’t understand which option to choose as I agree with both… I am still in love with vidhani but so much of negativity is like a torture.. Portrayal of Viplav as a lawyer is also very weak. Till now he has never used his brain except in tulsi case. Mishal Raheja & Eisha singh r amazing actors. They both look too good together but I don’t understand why the cvs r so much in love with the -ve characters. Instead they should focus more in shaping the characters of leads… Ikrs has a lot of potential .u have given us so many power packed episodes. Have some consistency with some prominent logic..& kindly don’t show leads as dumb & villains as the super power. I don’t want the show to b a disaster. I really love Mishal & eisha. Plz plz cvs apne soye huye dimag ko jagao & story ko sahi track pe lao. Its a humble request from all ur fans & don’t break our heart & hope on u!!!

  8. Track Jo bhi ho vidhani always rocks. Their charm will never go.
    I agree with u prachi. Every serial has ups & downs. I hope ikrs to b the best serial in future as it has all the content. Only thing is it should b utilized properly. We r always there to support but take care of our feelings too. I want ikrs run for long period gloriously. All the best to the whole team
    of IKRS!!!!

  9. Show has lost charm that’s true but not entirely still some charm is left. Show lost it’s charm reason is not negative track but is dragging , I know makers are doing all these for trps but doesn’t make sense as IKRS when only Vidhaani love story and romance was shown trp was 2 and when this dragging started trp dropped to 1.6 and then 1.3 so it’s a lame reason that makers r doing this for trp as dragging doesn’t works for all shows which is what happend in IKRS case they should make the story move slightly faster okay I understand the negative characterslike Kanak may have negative attitude towards widow remarriage but so negative that she will kill her father -in-law doesn’t make sense

  10. Yes IKRS really lost its charm. I don’t want to hurt IKRS fans but frankly says its lost charm and they ruined the whole concept. The captain of the ship(story writers and director) they are done a great job at first some episode and shaped the story very well, but now they are stuck into the name unknown island and they really don’t know how to get back from there. They always show negatives, the – ve only dominating the full show, they create some problems but that problems never rectify and again they jumped to the next one, i mean problems are loading but there was no solution. some characters are come and go, piya and her family, tanyia and her father its all ??? mysterious. And main thing is they show both leads as dumb, all negative characters show as smart. There is no space for both leads, all negativity filling the show. They want to show some social awareness, but they only show how to kill and how to take revenge , how to create misunderstanding between the leads. Most wonderful things is showing mother character kanak as a devil, without love her children and family.
    There is no space for love, if we thing about ikrs story lot of ???? will arise. dhaani confession was so fast i couldn’t feel her feeling for viplav. AND viplav easily get love from the dhaani, their romancing sequence was something missing. what i want to say mean lot of ?????? i can’t understand the story what they want to say
    + thing is
    IKRS cast selection was good they perfectly fit their character, both leads done a good job, mishal acting is so good. mishal & eisha pair is too good.
    Its my opinion only. I wish IKRS try to do something to get back its charm all the best for upcoming episodes to full ikrs crew.

  11. Priyadarsi Biswal

    Nice serial. i love Dhani. some twist is required in story. Give emphasis to Dasrath tripsthy. All are playing excellent.

  12. What to say,i don’t know.but i am 100% sure that vidhani still rocks because after both of them confessed each others love there is no dragging based on misunderstanding track.many situations came there which were enough for a mu track but writers showed a pure love with understanding& the same time its a fact that there is some negativity and how can a series continue without any negativity.comparing to other shows it is far far better in case of negativity.even without much promos IKRS managed to rise as an excellent serial and it is only bcz of its novel theme,mishal’s life like acting,mishal&eisha’s onscreen chemistry and its songs and BG music.for me East or West IKRS is the Best.

  13. well,IKRS lost its charm when dhaani confesses her love to viplav and his/her respective faamilies agreed to their marriage..I mean really..!!
    I have been in Banaras twice,I ovserved widows there also helped them with cloths..their life is very tough..simply a man can’t enter or stay inside a widow home..If the makers intended to show those widows remorseful life than they actually could show how viplav fight against the society,not against his grandpa or he fights all supersttitions of society…yes they showed some sequences but those r not enough..a widow of Banaras is so much terrified and dissapoint in life one just can’t imagine..
    and now the show Bish turning into Saas bahu saga..!!

  14. Does anyone realise that the story has hardly moved from its original plot? .Nothing has happened from the time Viplav loves Dhani .It is just going round in circles .How can this ever be no. 1

  15. This drama was with a social message about how widows are treated and their remarraige.
    And now it has become a typical saas bahu drama and is tangled with family politics. I expected that IKRS should focus on vidhaani as a married couple facing the society together. Because getting married is no big problem but facing the consequences of such uncoventional marriage is a real real challenge. In addition, viplav should act as somebody who has studied law. Not as not suspecting anything at all. Here all evil is winning. like this IKRS can go forever. Kanak dadaji trip making plots, dhanni to modest to speak and viplav so innocent not to know anything.

  16. I had started watching this serial owing to its novel concept which alas has got lost now and it has become a typical saas bahu saga…Initially I used to watch all episodes religiously however, have lost interest nowadays…Please get the initial flavor back…

  17. Initially I never missed a single episode…but I stopped watching it completely after Kanak became widow. And I don’t think I will ever want to watch this serial again, eventually before the serial Vidhani will unite. But in the meanwhile watching these negative characters is way too much to digest and IKRS has become another saas bahu saga which I am totally not interested in anyways. So good bye IKRS. But I still love Vidhani but just cannot watch the entire episode of negativity with 1 or 2 Vidhani scenes

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