Do you like Vivaan-Meera’s love track in Kaleerein?

Zee’s Kaleerein is getting an intense love and hate drama. Vivaan and Meera’s love story is forming up because of Roma’s hatred for Meera. Vivaan believes Meera is a nice and good-hearted girl. He wanted to free her from the marriage, assuming Meera is just keeping the relation for the sake of the society. Vivaan then changes his mind on finding Meera happy and bonding with his family. Roma plots to instigate Vivaan against Meera. Vivaan gets hugely disappointed with Meera when he learns that she had been hiding crucial information about his real mother Pammi.

He confronts Meera for hiding the matter from her, as he is the one who deserves the first most rights to know about Pammi. Vivaan decides to divorce Meera without any second thought. Meera’s pregnancy surprises all. Vivaan can’t believe Meera’s pregnancy news. Roma falls in Meera’s trap. She attempts to kill Meera’s child, so that Vivaan doesn’t get his heir. Roma’s evil tricks make Vivaan and Meera come close. Vivaan turns into Meera’s savior every time when Roma puts Meera in trouble. Vivaan and Meera’s love story begins. Their romance will be seen in the coming episodes. Do you like Vivaan-Meera’s love track in Kaleerein? Let us know your opinion.

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