Do you like upcoming surrogacy track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus is known for the most known lovely couple Raman and Ishita. The current track is showing about Ishita’s pregnancy news getting positive. The pregnancy gets some complications. While the couple wanted to get blessed with a baby to surprise Ruhi, their hopes get down by Ishita’s reports of her incapability to carry a child for nine months in her womb. Ishita’s reports dishearten Raman and her. Yet they both have hope on the advanced medical treatments possible. Ishita’s doctor Manoj will be suggesting her to opt for surrogacy. Manoj will be shown advising Raman and Ishita to have their own baby by getting a surrogate mother to carry their baby. He should state about Ishita’s fertility being stable and yet having weak womb. Raman and Ishita will be agreeing to this surrogacy step just for Ruhi’s sake. They would realize their love is enough for each other, but Ruhi needs a sibling just like Shravan has.

Manoj would ask Raman and Ishita to meet the woman who may help them in getting their child. Shagun who has turned all good towards Ishita would be the one turning up to help them. Shagun would be offering help to become the surrogate mother of Raman and Ishita. She has been turning very positive as per recent episodes and this surrogacy track will bring a new angle between Shagun and Manoj’s love angle. Manoj gets bowled over by Shagun’s over the limit help and concern towards Ishita and Raman. Manoj realizes their bitter past. He gets glad to see Shagun becoming the surrogate mother of Ishita’s child, who is already a mother to Shagun’s own children Aditya and Ruhi. The sensitive issue of gestational surrogacy will be shown in the show, wherein Raman and Ishita remain the genetic parents of the child and Shagun bears their child for nine months. This can cause more complications in their lives if Shagun turns negative again. Do you like upcoming surrogacy track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion on this upcoming track in comments section below.


  1. siny

    Plzzz aavoid dis surrogacy track. ….If ishita can’t bear n give birth to a child den wats de use of having her own kid??? Ruhi wants ishita to get a baby since all call her ishimaa baanjj..after conceiving also iif ishita can’t give birth to her own kid den der is no need for ddis drama…If shagun is to be de surrogate mothr fr iishita ‘ s baby den still it’s similar to ishita being baanjj. ..

    So plzzz avoid dis surrogacy drama n let ishita deliver her own kid…dat nly makes sense to ishimaa n ruhis happiness

  2. Aa

    No Ekta always try to have Anita in each and every science or story line because they are friends,,,,. Mishima should have her own baby

  3. Fariha

    Rubbish yaar leave this track…ruhi already have a sibling called Adi…nd guyss i personally dont like this kinda stuff she is just a kid and behaves like aunt.. leave her as a kid a little bit smartness is okey… but what she is doing now is not suitable for a kid…

  4. sakshi

    people in india do not understand that sometimes women cannot get pregnant and it is okay to use other methods to have a child
    people in india should watch this track and learn something

  5. ARSHI

    ha pehalae bhi haisa tha ishitha ko maa nahi ben saktha.ab kyun haisa track.ishitha would carry the hai mujhe aur ruhi ko pasanth hai

  6. Kaweesha Nethmi

    Oh..avoid this track. Ishitha must feel the pain. No need a sibling for ruhi as she already has time.

  7. Chichi

    In gestational surrogacy they use IVF to fuse the gametes and once the embryo is formed place it in the surrogate mother’s womb .. but in this track they show that ishita is pregnant so are they gonna remove the embryo and place it in shagun ? How is that possible ?? The embryo once formed get attached to the uterus by a cord and is it possible to remove it after words?? What is the use of showing that ishita is pregnant and then using shagun as the surrogate mother ? We want ishita to b pregnant nt someone else to carry her child! Just because ruhi ask for anthr baby doesnt mean that u have to gt one! U should explain ur child abt what can happen and what cannot happen !! Ruhi is not a sweet child anymore now she’s an aunty ! From the time people got to know abt the surrogacy track trps reduced and yhm was thrown out of top 5 also

  8. SN

    No Surrogate mother please whether that Shagun remain positive Or turn negative we DO NOT WANT… If Ishita cannot conceive let her be like that than humiliating her more through this surrogate track

  9. priya

    noooooooooooooo surogacy please….If you do have anything else to pull the tract then show a happy ending rather than dragging…and getting low TRPs…..

  10. nsb

    NO NEVER PLS..even if shagun is good now, director will change her character negative anytime to drag the serial with more masala n tension for viewers..

  11. Darshika

    No way….. What the hell is this…..! ! !
    Never agree with this….And there are lots of expensive ways to get a baby without surrogate mother.Raman and ishita are not poor. So Why do they choose such a stupid way for a baby……?
    And I have a request for admin of this page….. Please madam/sir, show this comments and votes to yhm crew,If you can….. Please…..
    From sri lanka

  12. Mojisola Bamtefa

    Make Ishita go on complete bed rest then you can develop issues from there. Blood Sugar, high blood pressure, bad food cravings causing complications. Raman getting distracted due to Ishita hormonal changes. Please don’t take the experience of motherhood from her and also Ruhi will be forced to form a relationship of compromise with Shagun. Why do have to make your protagonist suffer unnecessarily. It makes bad viewing. If you have to use the surrogacy story use another character for that.

  13. No never ……..
    We don’t want that stupid shagun
    Back in ishuram life
    Nd the makers are hurting fanzzz
    Very badly abt this news
    Please ..plzzzz… Plzzz…
    It’s a humble request from the fans
    Please stop this surrogate mother track
    Thanks a lot to team for creating poll☺☺☺

  14. jaishri

    If Ishitha can’t bear the child for nine months in her womb, a surrogacy track can be introduced, but why shagun? there are so many other members in that family itself who can help. For eg. Sarika, she can’t have her second child because of Romi’s medical condition. She can be made to bear the child, it can be bought up in their own house without any problems, Or even Rinki, Simmi, Vandu or Mihika can help. Why only Shagun? I heard that because of Ekta’s friendship with her, she was to be shown in the limelight always, whether as bad or good. She is also stated to be the best friend of Karan Patel and very comfortable with her. In that case, in the beginning itself, she should have chosen Anita for the role of Ishita and Divyanka or someone else for the role of Shagun, so that the character could have been dropped long ago. This Shagun surrogacy track would spoil the name the serial had got so far. Hatgs of to Ekta and Karan Patel.

    • Yes u r8
      There are many ppl
      Yyy only shagun???
      I heard that shagun never said no to the
      Ekta mam
      If shagun is best frnd to ekta
      It doesn’t mean they can do anything vit
      Shagun character to increase her value
      In the serial

  15. preeti

    No this track should be avoid
    If ishma can conceive than my not she carry her own baby it’s not gud ishma should carry her own child

  16. nimrit


  17. Harshita

    May be any other female could be involved in the track like mihika or sari ka or vandu or even rinki .. but for god sake not shagun again.

  18. nish

    Obviously when shagun will ask for her kids in return ishj will sacrifice her own child n not giv ruh n adi n then after leap shagun would have turned ishus child all against her n will make her feel pain of being away from ones own children. So predictable story blah blah ridiculous

  19. ishita should enjoy her own preganacy and ishra should have some unforgettable movements by this preganacy in their whole life time so no surrogacy please especially
    shagun if shy may be good also
    why writters shown ruhi like this ruhi is a kid just show her with kid qualities not like this

  20. Sonia

    Please stop the drama .why can’t you end the serial with happy ending .why do you have to stretch the serial like a rubber.just stop torchring public

  21. YHM Fan

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! please please DO NOT make Shagun Ishitas surrogate. I want Ishita to experience the joy of pregnancy and for us fans to wait that long for her to concieve and then to take it away would be so cruel. And anyway throughout Yeh Hai Mohabbatein they always said that Shagun had problems and complications with Ruhi’s pregnancy so how can she be Ishita and Raman’s surrogate? choose someone else like Mihika or ANYONE else.
    But please do not make Ishita lose her baby. She has suffered enough and this baby means so much to her and us fans so please do not make her have a miscarriage or something. and IM AGAINST THIS SURROGACY TRACK. EVERYONE IS SO DO NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN EKTA!!!!!!!
    If this surrogacy track with Shagun ends up happening, then I will stop watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein because it is unfair for everyone-especially Ishita.

  22. mihir

    Please no surrogacy track… If you introduce it now that will be a insult to the faith Ruhi had in Matha Rani… She believe that Matha Rani can do a miracle and she listen to a child’s prayer… so don’t spoil that

  23. payal

    No we dont want sagun in this track coz this may disturb ishra’s relation ishita is very strong she can carry her baby either by taking a complete bed rest also

  24. Rishi

    Surrogacy is fine: BUT Y SHAGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. shree

    How can shagun be a surrogate mother when shagun gave birth to ruhi that time shagun has complication and Raman had to choose one of them. So as per surrogacy no woman can be surrogate if she already has complication…
    So it is totally impracticable and bullshit…

  26. ??

    you guys are forgetting that Shagun has changed! and Ekta and Shagun are friends so what?? the way you guys are saying that etka is doing this to make Shagun more popular? let me remind you if that was the case then instead of Ishita Shagun would have been with Raman

  27. roheemat

    I dont know what is wrong with you people if you dont want shagun for surrogacy thats ok but its not fair to her if her relationship with her children is not good even if she is bad she is still their mother they spent 9 month each in her womb she br*ast fed them then Ishita was not there even if they like Ishita more than her lets all be realistic in real life they will know deep down that she is their mom even if not now later they will treat her like one even God told us to respect our birth mother even if she is mad,selfish or bad so whether anybody like it or not she is their mother

    • Mihir

      Shagun liked money and rich men like Ashok more than her own kids… That’s why she left Ruhi and run away with Ashok..

      All of a sudden she got the feeling for her kids not because of pure love, but to take revenge from Ishita.. She doesn’t like to see Ishita is so closed to her kids

  28. angel

    Please no surrogacy .
    we want to see ishita giving birth to child feeling the emotions of a pregnant woman and yes irritating raman with her tantrums

  29. no need for surrogacy that also shagun if need surrogacy means some one like vandu,mihika etc. other wise ishra do not want chile adi and ruhi enough for them.
    ishra should convince ruhi for which is not possible
    Also makers should think a kid is always kid parents and elders should teach them
    some thing is not possible means they have take it easily and lead the life not like in this serial

  30. bhagi

    like tho bahuth door ki baath we just hate to listen the word surrogacy in yhm agar makers ke paas dhimaak bachi hai tho tjey should back off frm this thought how mean their thoughts……

  31. No way to put surrogacy track in the show. Shagun has already two kids but what. Let ishra have their own kids and let’s ishita has her own baby. Let her enjoy her pregnancy and hard delivery.

  32. yeshdiks

    wat the hell is this shagun will b the surrogate mother..when shagun was pregnant for ruhi she got some complications which later raman decided to save shagun but not ruhi… plz let ishita experience is pregnancy….and one more thing ruhi should not leave the show and there should not be any separation of raman ruhi and ishita…this should not be taken into a lesap path……plz if this continues like this then its better to end the show…furthermeore this show should not end in a sad way but in a happy way plzzzzzz………ekta pay attention to our request……………….

  33. rose

    pls avoid this.. we just want to c ishta carryng her baby.. n those lovely moments.. if ishtha cant carry a baby then what’s the use..pls avoid this.. let ishtha experinc the happiness of carryng a baby

  34. Alisha

    No, not surrogacy you should be showing Ishita becoming a mother herself. Surrogacy twist especially with Shagun is a no no as Ishita still won’t get to feel what it’s like being pregnant.

  35. sharmi

    It’s not about carrying a baby that makes a mother. There are so many women in this world who had the feeling of a baby for nine months then do awful things after. It’s about the love and care for a child that makes you a mother…surrogacy is part of human life these days, why can’t it be part of the show. The baby will have Ishita’s and Raman’s DNA not Shagun’s. Shagun will just be the vessel to keep it safe.

    I applaud this show for delving into such a sensitive subject. Let’s hope the story takes on the real life issues people faces everyday.

  36. jhanvi

    Nooooooooo neverrrrrrrrr

    Nooooooo surrogacy plsssssssss plssssssssss…

    Let ishra be happy.. Plssssssss no surrogacy and noooooo shagun to ishra’s life plsssssss makers….

    Don’t spoil our favorite show…
    Ishita already have 2 children if she is not able to continue pregnancy no need for d baby and never from shagun she is d only in d world..??????? For surrogacy ..

    How can makers do dis…plsssss makers noooooo surrogacy…

  37. Mihir

    Ekta Mam is so unfair if she tries to give importance to Shagun, just b’coz she is her best pal… whatever it is, we do not want Surrogacy , however shagun’s character turns to be positive, she looks elegant or become the best social work of the entire universe, still we do not like to see her in Ishita’s life !

  38. pooja

    But what’s the point of surrogacy. Its ishita who wants to experience motherhood, how is she going to experience motherhood if shagun will be the one carrying a baby.

  39. Aa

    Exactly Ekta just wants her friend to have important part in every corner of this serial,,,,Shagun (Anita) is her lover

  40. haya

    No need of surrogacy….
    I think to extend the story they are doing so…. Shagun will ask for her children in return of ishra s child…. They won’t give ruhi and Adi and the baby will remain with shagun… Then there will be a leap or something….

    Baaki sare issues teak hogaye tho they are finding stories for a new track….

    Trp serialsss…..
    I miss manmarziyaa badly..

  41. plz yhm ek modern serial hai.not that too typical saas bahu types .so plz makers dont bring surrogacy and that too through shagun . pehle hi ruhi aur adi ko lekar kitnii baar custody ke liye court gayi hai ab ishitha ke baache ke saath bhi wahi karegi. modern serial hai toh nayi technologies dikhayiye par surrogacy nahi.

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