Do you like to see Ishita in Shagun’s style?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has brought the new horror twist. Shagun was shown committing suicide in a jiffy. It looked like a cakewalk suicide for Shagun, when everyone had to stop and get easily convinced by Ishita. Ishita went to talk to Shagun in private when Shagun jumped off the terrace. Abhishek too did not let anyone come alone when Shagun’s body was taken away. It is rumored that Abhishek and Ishita are planning to expose Sarika with Shagun’s help. The show may have any new twist soon. A leap again is possible to be seen. Shagun’s soul possessing Ishita was not shown clearly.

Ishita is just seen enacting like Shagun. Wearing clothes or talking in her manner does not prove Ishita is possessed. Ishita is currently donning Shagun’s role. She is seen flirting with Ashok Khanna. Shagun’s work to give shocks to Raman is done by Ishita these days. Romi and Sarika’s married life is facing jitters. The show may change the track to show Shagun alive and helpful to Bhallas. It may also be Shagun possessing Ishita. With many speculations around the show’s current track, we would like to know whether you enjoy watching YHM’s horror track? Ishita’s new look like Shagun is a good change in the show. Ishita will be seen donning designer sarees and elegant hair styling. Do you like to see Ishita in Shagun’s style? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.


  1. Dais

    At first I thought what the hell is this ??!!
    But now I am enjoying this track ishita is doing great but still a finishing touch is missing in her acting in portraying shagun.
    But I am really excited for upcoming episodes fingers crossed

  2. Twinkle

    It is amazing and ishita looks amazing In designer dresses. So love it and keep it up. But ekta mind u spoil this serial.

  3. sselluv

    Gosh shut up about leaps already!! U guys have been talking about possible leaps since the last two months! Face it, its not gonna happen!! -.-

  4. I love those scenes when Ishita is acting like Shagun but I get irritated by watching and reading that Ishita doesn’t pin ups her hair when she is acting like Shagun.

  5. Moni

    WTF all the time star plus do same story dead people come back in double role ya people change by their face story goes in good ways before so why u gonna spoil it. Now I don’t like to see the yhm. Ya but ishita looking gorgeous.

  6. Reshma

    I will stop watching yhm if it continue this over dramatic things. It’s true that it has lost its charm.

  7. Ishitha in her original kind and thoughtful form was beautiful.

    Please don’t make Ishitha look bad she plays a fantastic character as being herself and don’t spoil the show please.

    Shagun was a b*t*h and bitter – let her rest in peace – don’t bring her back to life ever again.

  8. I like the show from the core of my heart but going track is not much interesting.Its a horror track which many much of us dont like and if we see it take our ishra far & all this will happen bcaz of shagun.She is not leaving our couple ishra after her death too.What happened if ishita go to Ashok like Shagun did before?
    Its too dragging and also trying so much thing.Bt they forget that we like our old mohabbatein which is unique not the new one which is boring.
    And did the promo shown this time is true or not?

  9. Mukta

    Love ishita in designer sarees nd the elegant look. But nature wise the old ishita was good. Use to love her charm nd humble nature.

    Horror track is interesting at least in comparison to the older misunderstanding that was building between ishra. I was fearful that ishra would get separated nd then the leap wd happen but this new track is smthng I never expected.

    Frankly, I’d love to see what happens next.

  10. Venkat

    You have spoiled the show by killing shagun who was good in positive role,and now you made ishita a negative women to make shagun die due to bad mouth by ishita & isitha’s family, now shagun atma in ishita is something different from the yeh hai mohabatien track, seriel lost the essence of the interest in watching the serial



  12. Vyshu

    If ishita continues like shagun….then every one stops seeing yhm….seriously… Just reveal the story soon and plzz get back our ishita back

  13. yhm hater now

    divyank acting is nice but so s*xy or bad dresse,s.Please dress properly.As a tamilian character don’t do such things

  14. hehe

    now ishita’s acting is soo forcible.. she z not living in charater lyk prevoius.. anita is nly apt for doing dat.. she z perfect.. but divyanka!! …

  15. sneha

    I just want to say don’t drag I much but ya I love ishita’s new look.and If everything comes in right track expose sarika

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.