Do you like the upcoming divorce twist in YRKKH?

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will be soon bringing the saddening divorce twist to ensure Kartik and Naira’s separation. Viewers may take it as a good change. The new twist will end the stagnancy and bring something fresh for the audience. The divorce will just mark a new beginning for Kartik and Naira. They will unite post this twist. It can be taken as a little separation before a forever union. Kartik and Naira are seen facing a tough time because of Suwarna’s hatred for Naira. Kartik has no idea if Suwarna will forgive Naira ever in their lives. Even though, he keeps up duties of a son and tries to fill Shubham’s place and emptiness in Suwarna’s life.

Suwarna’s accident brings major twists. She refuses to meet Kartik, owing to his deceive. This makes Kartik agree to her every demand. Kartik wants to see her happy at any cost. He has been living away from Naira for two years. He gets ready for the forever separation for the sake of his mother’s peace and happiness. He learns about Suwarna’s depression. Kartik finds the divorce the only option to free Naira and let her move on in life, since he doesn’t see any hopes left in their relation. Do you like the upcoming divorce twist in YRKKH? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I didnt like this divorce track

  2. I just love it.. cz this selfish arrogant woman deserves this only!

    1. Mona146

      what will they do if kirti comes back divorced as they forced her marriage to keep up naira’s marriage? Why the hell do every mother in law thinks that her marriage should be intact lekin dusron ki shaadi toot jaye. Iski shaadi pavitra bandhan sirf dusron ka apavitra bandhan. WOW!!!

      1. Mona 146 I agreed with you wholeheartily Suwarna is being very very selfish a real mother would even sacrificed for her son but this Suwarna forgotten how she had sacrificed Shubham for Karthik before!!! Now because of Shubham death which is no fault of Naira she insisted on blaming Naira!! Karthik sacrifices his happiness for her and she pretends not to see his pain!!!
        she expected Karthik to company till her death!!! she expected Karthik to remains by her side n forget Naira!! Today I so so supported Naithik to bring Naira out of their life forever!!!

  3. Fenil

    Track will be sad but jab tak sab ek dusare ke samne nahi aayenge baat kaise banegi its needed for Karthi Naira and Suwarna to face each other ….open up their feelings and opinion !! waiting for it !!

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am fed up of this show… Must end now

    1. Mona146

      fed up of dadi and suwarna and most of the oldies.

    2. Yes agreed end this stupid show now!!!!

  5. TuttiFrutti

    waiting for this track too !!

  6. Vaibhavi Surve

    No…there should not be more seperatio

  7. Yeh suwarna apni dimag kyu use kar rahi hain jo hain he nahi

  8. Fed up with this show. just shut the show and make people happy

  9. i think this should not happen instead there should eb a scene where naira family si forced to break silence and tell what happened to Nair and also claim her innocence in shubbm death and then move on with the story no mom will be so stubborn is wht as a
    mom i can say

    we should gv a situation where suwarna understand nairaa she love her a lot it just a miscomm that she hates her now

  10. Plz end Zis track asap wnt 2 c kaira romance nok jok

  11. even naksh should give divorce to kirthi so that suvarna should learn the lesson

  12. there was a time when there used to be little unrealistic story , but now everything in this show is unrelatable and unrealistic . suwarna was extremely good once , she stupidly gave her son away in the name of bringing up her step son who hated her , really its high time makers bring something realistic .

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