Do you like the marriage track in Meri Durga?

Star Plus’ Meri Durga recently got the leads’ marriage track. Sanjay Prince marries Durga by convincing her of her family’s safety. He assures her that his parents who are raging for revenge will just spare her family if she marries him. Durga really thinks her family will get saved if she gets related to the rich and cruel Ahlawat family. Durga has exposed their truth and got them humiliated in the society. She has earned respect and good name by proving her innocence, post the press conference unveiling Ahlawat’s truth. Sanjay gets revenge on mind after his mother attempts suicide. In no time, Sanjay’s parents manage to produce fake evidence to put Durga in bad light. Sanjay starts believing that Durga has ruined his family respect to clear her name from the drugs case.

Sanjay begins to hate Durga. He promises his family that he will end Durga’s budding career and also ruin her life. Sanjay fools Durga of love, just to marry her. Post marriage happening under pressure, Durga gets hopeful that Sanjay will keep the marriage vows and also help her secure her dreams from his evil parents. Her dreams shatter when Sanjay shows his true colors. Sanjay reveals his revenge motives behind the marriage, that breaks her heart. The show has moved off from the main concept of an athlete’s journey. Meri Durga will now bring a love-hate story along with the in-laws troubles for Durga. Do you like the marriage track in Meri Durga? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Fenil

    Didn’t expect this twist …this is common now days in serials…Negative shades of prince !!

  2. boring serial band karo band kar.. go off air…

  3. band karo boring serial band karo band kar.. go off air…

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